Odds and Ends Tuesday 13th December 2022

Has there ever been a more corrupt Government – The scumbag Tories have got to be the most corrupt bunch of scumbag Tories that we have ever been colonially governed by. You just can’t make up the levels of corruption that this Government has carried out since it came to power, not just on PPE, but on everything. Corruption is the pandemic that never ends with the Tories. As was revealed by The Canary back in November 21 we have had cash for peerages, expenses again, second jobs, and Russian money, the Tory Party is utterly corrupt and morally bankrupt. Why people aren’t on the streets is beyond me to tell you the truth.

Scrapping the barrel –  SPECULATION is mounting that former Labour cabinet minister Douglas Alexander is interested in standing as the party’s candidate in East Lothian at the next general election. (The Herald) Oh please let this be true, you can’t have too many Tories standing for Scottish Labour to remind everyone with half a brain how far this party is removed from being the party of the working class. This is definitely about hoping that Kenny Macaskill (Alba MP) will be voted out due to defecting to Alba, he may well do sadly, but if the choice is the likes of Alexander surely voters would have the sense to put aside stupid SNP loyalty or anger towards Alba to ensure that they don’t vote in a Tory like Alexander. Just another leach on the taxpayer with nothing to offer, not even yesterday’s Tory.

Have Scottish Voters grown a big hairy pair or – is this just a typical false dawn that we have become all so used to since 2014. According to YouGov, 47% of people would vote yes to independence, and 42% would vote no (some people are just pretty much colonized and/or thick as shit) to remain colonized and under the Tory jackboot.  However as is the case with Scottish voters, and you can’t make it up, 52 percent of those polled said they did not think that pro-independence parties securing a majority of the vote constituted a mandate to break up the Union. 23 percent of SNP supporters did also not agree that victory in a de facto referendum gave Scotland the right to seek independence. Thirty-nine percent of people said such a result would be enough to leave the UK.

James Kelly at Scot Goes Pop has his usual excellent take on the poll and is worth a read as always. I am never sure about polls at all although I really do hope this is the start of something that can build some momentum, however, my unease comes from people like SNP MP  Tommy Sheppard in his newsletter saying: ‘ We should certainly see the next election as a step in the journey rather than concluding the debate. And all of this will require reflective, thoughtful discussion between all of us who support Scotland becoming a normal self-governing country.’

I just don’t trust the SNP in the independence debate at all, I just don’t really believe they are serious in finding Scotland’s way out and the more polls that show a yes majority in the longer term will double down the colonizer’s determination to keep a hold of Scotland’s resources to continue the asset stripping until there is nothing left to steal.

Not often I agree with Neil MacKay –  but I do with his assessment of our current situation when he says ” Scotland, and the rest of Britain, is reeling economically. We’re in the midst of New Dickensianism, fashioned mostly by the failures of consecutive Tory governments. Austerity pole-axed Britain, thrusting millions into poverty. Public services were put on a starvation diet. Wages were suppressed for years. Money has been sucked out of the country – and the pockets of the people – by unfettered, suicidal capitalism”. (Neil MacKay)

We are all facing the cost of living crisis in our way, some of us are coping as best we can, while others are sinking in the mire. Anyone who has read this blog knows I have been totally pissed off with the absolute crap level of governance of the Scottish Government since Sturgeon became First Minister and MacKay is also not wrong when he says ” SNP has told a story of itself that presents the party as a mirror image of the Conservatives. In the story, the SNP is compassionate and progressive.

His article is well worth a read where I don’t agree with Neil in any shape or form is when he lets a fine article down by saying “Little wonder that many, even in the Yes movement, now believe that the SNP is so dangerously, obsessively, blindly fixated on its lead policy, independence, that it would allow fellow citizens to suffer rather than do anything that might alienate potential Yes voters in the middle classes”.

I agree the SNP panders to the middle class in Scotland but focussed on independence if only that were true.

This morning’s walk and traditional calendar – I went out for my walk this morning at 6am, seriously thought about not going but as I have only missed like 3 days in the last 17 months I did it anyway but it was fecking baltic, I was cursing myself the whole four and a half miles, I couldn’t feel my hands but as always by the time I got home an hour and 15 mins later I was glad I did it. It is good for my mental health and I really do believe that those walks in all weather keep me sane. On top of that my traditional calendar had a picture today that just made me smile.

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7 Responses to Odds and Ends Tuesday 13th December 2022

  1. Dave says:

    “We should certainly see the next election as a step in the journey rather than concluding the debate.”

    What the actual fck? New Bought & Sold SNP are completely and utterly ripping the total p*sh out of us! So what’ll that step in the journey be then? We’ll say, “Please give us a Section 30.” And then the next election it’ll be “Pretty please give us one.” And the one after it’ll be “Pretty please with sugary, sprinkly things on top.”

    Damn these trough-slurping bstrds of the SNP to hell. And the morons that are going to keep voting for them too. Get their overfed arses hunted.

    • Dave

      They have been doing that since Sturgeon, (Her) husband, and the hangers-on got control of the party. I don’t vote for them and haven’t since 2017, I would be embarrassed to be a member of that party now, they might as well just declare themselves unionists for all the use they are. Read the WoS story today about the finances and you can see there is something rotten at the heart of the leadership of the party, I will never vote for them again that is for sure. I will vote for Alba as long as they remain true to the cause, if they let me down then I just move on to something else. But like you I expect more carrots to be dangled in the next couple of years, those carrots are strong, I just hope that the hunger for them not so much.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. George Dale says:

    Why is Russian money bad and US money good.? I would have thought that any foreign money in UK elections would be bad . What about “Thatcher’s American Backers” (Ted Heath’s obituary).

    • George

      I would say both are bad but Russian money has been shown to have been used by the Tories in elections and during Brexit, no doubt American money is around, especially so called think tanks but I don’t have any links to stories about that. Will have a skiffy though.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Black Rab says:

    Have Scottish Voters Grown A Big Hairy Pair: I’ve never been happy with the idea of being courageous that you need to have testosterone or a set of hairy balls. Women don’t have that, but have demonstrated through the ages that women display great courage and courageous that we are all equally brave sexually when it comes to the wire. Sturgeon isn’t in that grouping. Neither is Cherry.

    Grumpy……..Tommy Sheppard is another careerist. He looks tough, but is nothing other then a wet fart. The less said about him and his ilk the better.

    Angus Macneil looks to be a loose canon within the Scottish Nose Pickers, why is Sturgeon not reeling him in?

    • BR

      Take your point, just a figure of speech. Women are probably stronger than men in the main I would think. Sturgeon is all fake for me and I don’t put much stock in Cherry anymore as it comes across as mostly talk when at the end of the day she doesn’t have the enthusiasm to take on the SNP leadership or so it seems. Tommy Shepherd I don’t know much about, he is a good speaker but I agree just another carrot eater. Angus is like Cherry for me but at least he does speak his mind to a degree but again remains a member of a party that is beyond saving anymore, they could have made a real statement when Sturgeon repeatedly let us all down. I am assuming their voters vote on the basis of indy more than the SNP as many do so they took the easy option by staying in the SNP.

      Thanks for commenting.

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