Odds and Ends Monday 12th December 2022

It won’t be enough but it is better than nothing – No doubt this, if true, will get hammered by the right-wing media in Scotland, and no doubt the usual greedy bastards that always crop up on BBC/STV to decry paying a fiver more in tax. Social Justice Secretary Shona Robison said yesterday the Scottish Government’s tax decisions will continue to follow a “progressive” model, adding “ those with the broader shoulders should pay more”.

I actually agree, not totally unusual I suppose given it is the SNP. Paying tax is shit, no way around that, we all pay it, and sometimes we can argue we pay far too much of it. I was thinking that the other week but it is more down to the fact the politicians waste far too much of it, the Tories give it away to their pals while we sit and do nothing, and tax is just not progressive enough. We need a fair system, especially around council tax, I even accept that many now feeling the cost of living crisis will be in the Scottish highest bands, but you know what, while I am sorry that anyone is making the difficult choices we all are right now there are many in Scotland who now know what it is like for the majority, that is not a bad thing if it wakes them up. Either way progressive will just mean freezing the bands at there current level, it won’t be ground breaking.

I agree but – I don’t often agree with anything that comes out of the mouths of the Scottish Greens anymore but I do with this idea, however there is a problem. I have made the shift to being virtually 90% vegetarian now in my diet, mainly down to my daughter who is vegan and whom I eat with some weekends. I actually enjoy most of it, some of it is crap but the problem is most of it is way over priced. The UK, and Scotland, has a weight problem, not just fat MPs gorging themselves at our expense as Wings points out today but we have a real obesity pandemic and have done for years. I was of those people not that long ago and know how difficult it is to shift the weight. You have to have a reason to change, for me it was a health scare, but it has made a difference to me in that my self-esteem is better, my health I think is better, but my shopping bill sadly not and that was before the big ripoff started. We need to encourage people to change but they can’t if they can’t afford it and plant based food is expensive, tackle that issue first, then we can maybe put more focus on the environment.

I can’t stand Braveheart the movie – but I love that it winds up unionists no end, they really do froth at the mouth at the mere mention of the movie lol.

But what all foreign critics failed to predict was the orgy of complaint that would engulf Scotia itself. Much of this, from the sort of people who watched latitude-indulging British war films without a word of complaint, focused on accuracy or its lack.

There were serious allegations about the belted plaids being incorrect. The love interest was panned, as French kissing was not invented till many centuries later. Critics in the anglo-supremacist Guardian newspaper and suchlike complained that it had not shown the English as heroic liberators. ( Robert McNeil)

Maybe we should have a national Braveheart the Movie Day just to piss them off even more, show it in all the schools, invite Mel Gibson to do talks to school kids, if it is ok for drag queens then what is another fictional character going to do. Absolute crap film but watch the majority of the WW2 crap we are forced to endure every 3 months on the BBC and you can see how much the unionists are detached from reality.

This clown might just lose the next election – I heard Starmer on LBC this morning and I honestly think this clown could actually lose the next election to the scumbag Tories. People hated Corbyn, I wasn’t a fan of the man as he was shambolic, but Starmer is a total joke and I really can see English voters rubbering him and imposing never ending Tory Government on Scotland. Starmer is getting in his excuses now though.

A radio caller, named Ricky, rang up from Leeds to ask if the former lawyer would rather do a deal with Sturgeon’s party to get into power at Westminster or accept another five years of Tory rule. “We are not doing a deal with the SNP, I’ll say that in capitals, I’ll say it bold,” Starmer told listeners. “We’re not borrowing seats from the SNP and getting it over the line, no deal.” Tory Starmer then rolled out the 1979 mantra, “If they want to bring down an incoming Labour government and prop up a Tory government then that’s their choice and that’s what they’ll have to sell back in Scotland – good luck with that one.”

He doesn’t get it does he, Scottish Labour and Labour, are pretty much viewed as Tories, they are Tories, poor mans Tories true enough but Tories all the same and all the way, most voters in Scotland wouldn’t piss on Labour if they were on fire and rightly so. I don’t vote SNP but would not want them to do any deal with this clown or his Tory wanna bee’s.

Government to ignore nurses’ offer to ‘press pause’ on strikes –  This is about the privatisation of the NHS in England which will have huge implications for the Scottish NHS as budges get cut under our colonial pocket money. Over 7 million are on the waiting lists in England, the Tories are doing nothing to reduce this because they don’t want to. What they want to do is get English patients/voters so pissed off that they can then privatise the whole thing, sell it off to American Health Insurance Companies that they will of course all have shares in, or their kids will in some tax haven, and f the rest of us. I know I am banging a drum here but this is about class war, this is about breaking the unions, this is about poverty pay, this is about finishing the job Thatcher started. This is a robbery on the grandest scale.

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7 Responses to Odds and Ends Monday 12th December 2022

  1. panda paws says:

    “Absolute crap film”

    Oh you’ve taken that too FAR! 🙂 It’s not historically accurate but it is, to me anyway, an entertaining film and I’d rather watch inaccurate films about Scottish history than inaccurate ones about WW2

    • PP

      I can see what you mean, I just can’t stand it. It wasn’t just the flawed history or poetic license I just didn’t think it was a good movie. It did wake up some people though I guess and that wasn’t a bad thing. I have never watched the follow that McFadyn made but I might get around to it someday. The WW2 movies are pretty much the same crap, history is written by the victors as they say.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Black Rab says:

    C’mon Grumpy, Braveheart is a Great movie. In Hollywoodland, history is written by the entertainment industry as that’s what films are mostly, entertainment, and not historical document. It could’ve been worse, it could have been an english movie with Michael Gove cast as Wallace and Michelle Mone cast as his treacherous wife who sells him out to the english fur 2 bob and a shag at Longshanks pleasure dome.

  3. Black Rab says:

    I would have Braveheart playing 24/7 with full audio and subtitles projected on a suitable building in Freedom Square come the great day. That would ruffle the sparra’s amongst us feathers.

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