In the News Sunday 4th December 2022

The stain on our history – No surprises here that the report by James Hamilton into Nicola Sturgeon’s role in the Alex Salmond harassment inquiry will remain confidential and heavily redacted,

The independent report into Nicola Sturgeon’s conduct around the handling of harassment complaints against Alex Salmond will remain heavily redacted following a transparency probe.

Hamilton said at the time “A redacted report that effectively erases the role of any such individual in the matters investigated in the report cannot be properly understood by those reading it, and presents an incomplete and even at times misleading version of what happened. In earlier drafts of the report, I attempted to anonymize certain individuals in such cases, but these attempts were not successful.”

Many of us live in hope that someday the truth will come out about all aspects of this case. Alex Salmond was found innocent of all charges made against him yet has had to suffer the accusations of guilt by certain people on social media, he has had to face the anonymous accusers being able to use state-funded charities to continue what many feel was a witch hunt against an innocent man when they made statements via a certain charity. This case will always be a stain on Scotland, this case showed how broken our legal system is and how much many of us no longer trust it. The Scottish Government has a lot to answer around this case, until the truth comes out there will always be a feeling of a cover-up.

Same shit, different decade – This ground-breaking review will recommend the abolition of the House of the Dead as previously announced, and wait for it, it will recommend a review of Scotland’s borrowing powers. Starmer will allegedly inform us that “Scotland already has considerable tax-raising powers and will propose cutting procedural barriers to their use”. You just can’t make this shit up, can you. Devolution is power retained as we know and if this is what is to be released this week after how many years Gordon Brown has been working on this it will be just the next phase of never-ending pish from the Labour Party. The other ground-breaking reforms will be MPs not being allowed second jobs and the electoral commission being able to hand out bigger fines. Can anyone tell me what the point of Labour is, they have got to be the most useless bunch of idiots in the history of idiots in the English parliament.

The nasty party – It seems the NuSNP, have joined the Tories and Scottish Labour in the nasty party stakes, but again we already knew that as well. Blackford accused a group of MPs dubbed “The Tuesday Club” of doing everything to get rid of him; claimed they want more independence from the Scottish Parliament and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon”. He goes on to claim that “there were rifts in the SNP at Westminster, with some furious by perceived meddling from the FM and her cabinet colleagues in Holyrood”. Again, no surprises there given that the rumours are that Sturgeon is a control freak, is this the beginning of the end of Nicola Sturgeon, or at least her weird control over the SNP? While I don’t really care all that much anymore about the SNP, I am sure many will take encouragement if this story has any truth to it.

t’s not the apathy of the English putting the union at risk, it’s the apathy of Scots which is saving it – Arlene Foster the former DUP leader, who is now a GB News presenter, told The Telegraph of her frustrations with the “if Scotland wants to go, let them go” narrative among some living south of the Border.

“It’s not just Scotland that will lose out if they go,” Foster said. “The rest of us will all lose out as well … we need to have a wider conversation about that, particularly in England.”

I really don’t think she has anything to worry about given the apathy of Scots to do anything about their colonial status anytime soon. England will vote for its own independence before enough Scots grow a pair.

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3 Responses to In the News Sunday 4th December 2022

  1. Black Rab says:

    English independence, my political wet dream – I’d be alcoholic within a week due to the sheer delight of that reality…….’England’ dumps ‘Orange Order’ and ‘Scottish’ ‘Union’ dreamers coz the spongin Jocks are usin up the UK oil revenue’s tae spend oan fags n Tinnint’s lager, free tuition fees n prescriptions………….help ma fuckin Robert in Sidcup!!!

    I wonder, what the psychological impact would be on that reality, on the imbecilic colonial mind, if that were to happen!?

    I think your right Grumpy. England will make that change before we do, long before we even plant fur a set o’tatties!

    • Black Rab

      At the slow rate of change in Scotland England will have robbed us blind and be on their way before Scots demand control over toilet roll production. Our cowardice as a nation belies the history that many pretend to be proud of, I struggle to even see us as a country anymore. We aren’t helped of course by the most inept bunch of politicians in my lifetime certainly.

      Thanks for commenting.

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