Do we even have the right to call Scotland our country anymore?

Do we even have the right to call Scotland our country anymore – That is a question that I have been asking myself a lot the last few months.  According to the criteria of sovereignty, no other country should have authority over the particular nation’s territory. The United Kingdom maintains authority over the territory of Scotland, but what we now have confirmed by the English Supreme Court is that for United Kingdom replace with England, that is the simple truth wither you like it or not. England, as in any Government elected by voters in England, not Scotland, maintains authority over what was once a country called Scotland.

Kilts, short bread, 90-minute patriots, and lamenting our lost nation every 30th November – That is all we are now pretty much, we are a parody of a dead nation that doesn’t even know its own history anymore. The Kingdom of Scotland ( Scottish Gaelic: Rìoghachd na h-Alba; Scots: Kinrick o Scotland, Norn: Kongungdum Skotland) was a sovereign state in northwest Europe traditionally said to have been founded in 843. The Kingdom of England was a sovereign state on the island of Great Britain from 12 July 927, Scotland predates England but in 1707 we allowed ourselves to become Northern England at best.

We are a curiosity to the rest of the world but an embarrassment to ourselves – The world sees golf, brave hairy Australians, lovely red headed animations of highland lassies, but the reality is as Northern Britan’s we are unhealthy, we die younger, we have poor outcomes, we have major addiction problems, poverty on a scale that is frightening, and now hunger and cold, all accepted without much fight from a Tory Government that are elected by voters in England who see it as their right to impose this state of affairs on us dirty former Scots.

We keep electing politicians who fail us – The politicians we sent to the English capital to reclaim our country have been bought and sold by the English Establishment Pound and yet we keep sending them down there, but when you keep voting for Northern Britons then what you get is Northern Britons acting like Northern Britons at the beck and call of the English Parliament.

WHAT makes Scotland a nation?  I wish someone would convince me that Scotland is actually a country anymore, without sovereignty we are nothing more than Northern England. Devolution is not sovereignty; it is a glorified council on a large scale centralised and still controlled via the English Government with the assistance of the Scottish used to be National Party. Salvo might believe Scotland is a territorial sovereign nation, but it has been hidden, but are we?

This blog may not please a lot of people, well it might please the unionists, or the colonised as they should be known, but right now I just can’t bring myself to see Scotland as the country it once was, as the proud nation it once was. I have never flown the Saltire, I don’t celebrate St. Andrews Night, I have only worn a kilt once, but I do like short bread while hardly ever eating it. Other than that, right now I am a man with no nation branded British through no fault of my own, colonised at birth like so many before me, regaled by stories of a country that no longer exists.

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6 Responses to Do we even have the right to call Scotland our country anymore?

  1. says:

    Giving the state of the UK you would think folk would have more pride , courage and determination to fight for their Country . That only seems to happen when it comes to the world Cup though . We are homeless in Britain we will always be second class against the more dominant country (England) unless we take our Independence. The Unionists facilitate that 2nd class attitude towards Scotland , why ? Regardless of their wealth , politics or hatred towards their own Country and people , they will also be regarded as 2nd class citizens from the Westminster Establishment . Doesn’t make sense to me . We see , we hear and we feel the dominace and attitude towards us on a daily basis .
    The Unionists must think they’re a better people as they attack their own with insults , such as calling us Snats , thick , poor , unemployed scroungers etc . They facilitate the hatred of Scotland giving free reign for the English and their Westminster Government to follow suit .
    I doubt l will ever see Scotland Independent in my lifetime . Even my hope has gone .

    • Pauline

      I don’t think I will see independence in my lifetime at all, the colonisation runs too deep now, I think. I struggle to even see Scotland as a country anymore, it is just the place where I live. I have never been a flag waving patriot, went in for all the Burns stuff, or even national sport. I always wanted independence for democracy and that will never change, Scotland sadly is happy to be treated like shit and allow others to make all the big decisions for them, it is an embarrassment to be honest and it shames me. The English won with the help of the traitors of old and the traitors of now, sad but true. I applaud those who keep fighting, Salvo for thinking out the box but the reality is Scots are broken and have little fight left. If we had any heroes and real patriots, they died a long time ago. Scotland is just a region of the UK and too many are happy to sit in their poverty and ill-health now to do anything about it. Me, I think I am getting to the point now where I will always support independence but can’t see the way ahead. I will keep going but for how much longer who knows.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. panda paws says:

    Scotland has been annexed whilst those who did the annexation pretended it was a union and a voluntary one at that. The real question is – are we happy with that? Brit Nat/Unionists can no longer say we are a country in a voluntary union. They can no longer claim to be both Scottish and British. If they continue their unionism then they de facto accept they are North Britons, just like Gordon Broon.

    • PP

      I have all but given up considering Scotland a country anymore, the colonisation runs too deep, as does the greed and the willingness to sell out their own. I appreciate the work that Salvo etc do, but I just don’t see any court anywhere supporting Scotland’s claim and to be honest the people are happy to sit in their poverty and ill-health, have a good moan, then do nothing about it while being led like donkeys by their colonial masters who were bought a long time ago. Thursday will see the fake Scots celebrate their past Scottishness for one night, the 90-minute patriots, I can’t stand them and want no part of it anymore. I won’t live to see independence, I’ll never give up believing in democracy as it is why I do believe but Scots, or too many of them, don’t even understand what that means and are trapped inside their shame. Scotland could be called Liverpool, or Bradford, it makes no difference, but a country, no we stopped being that a long time ago.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. nacnud6452 says:

    Sadly I think you are 100% right Grumpy. Like you I’ve never been a kilt wearing, Flower of Scotland singing, Burns Supper (though I do love haggis and neeps🤤) SNP supporting nationalist, I class myself as a socialist whose nationalism is based on the right of the Scottish people to choose how they want to be governed and not have a foreign government imposed on us. However I remember arguing with guys at our 5 a side who were those types of Scots who were going to vote No, they had been brainwashed so much their nationalism manifested itself at Scotland matches after which they reverted back to believing the propaganda that is spewed daily directly into their homes by the MSM.
    I read a lot of the pro independence blogs and, in my opinion, they mistakenly presume that the majority of Scots have the same focus and enthusiasm for independence as they do. Interestingly it appears that the majority of them (you appear as the exception) are a bit removed from the daily grind and like to endlessly discuss the intricacies of how we get independence. It’s sad to say that most ordinary people don’t. They have other things to worry about (just like ordinary people down south) like how to heat their homes, feed their kids and survive on a day to day basis. They naturally fear for the future and have been scared shitless by the establishment propaganda that an independent Scotland would be a basket case. The corrupt political establishment thrives on this, it’s easier to use fear and uncertainty to keep people in their place rather than to give them hope – blame immigrants, feckless poor, basket case Scotland etc -take your pick from the capitalist checklist.
    There is no political party at the moment who is giving people hope that things could be different in an independent Scotland (or in the UK). They are all steeped in this neo liberal/fascist ideology and things aren’t going to change soon. It’s depressing to say but, like you, I don’t think I will ever see an independent Scotland (or a more caring England) in my lifetime 😡😢

    • nacnud6452

      You are spot on, I am a nationalist I suppose and a socialist with social liberal tendencies, I guess. We need capitalism but it needs to be strictly controlled by the state, they can both exist to benefit most if we can eradicate greed but that will probably never ever happen other than in an episode of Star Trek. Most people don’t think about independence, it takes all of their energy to just get through the day in most cases. I do what little I can in the blog to share my opinion, that is all it is, just my opinion written in a way that people can read and have a wee think about, maybe even look for their own truth as they understand it to be. How we get people to turn away from the rubbish they read in the papers or hear on the news I have no idea. People are ignorant and lazy in far too many cases because they can’t see beyond their grind and don’t put enough thought into why things are like they are. I hate the poverty that we endure in a very rich part of the UK, it is a choice made by politicians on our behalf and we sit back and accept it for all of the reasons we both allude to. Those like Salvo I admire, they are engrossed in the detail, the law, and while both are important, they will not restore Scotland as a country, only anger and desperation will do that, and we are not there yet in any shape or form.

      Thanks for commenting and taking time to read the blog.

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