In the News Monday 28th November 2022

More unionist rubbish – what is it with unionists that they are so determined to make life as difficult as they can for Scotland, I was tempted to say their country, but Scotland is just not their country is it. So called journalist Paul Hutcheon, Political Editor, Daily Record, has come up with the crap below 

The obvious solution to this political impasse would be a joint agreement between the UK and Scottish Governments which laid out the conditions for indyref2 to be staged.

A pro-independence majority at Holyrood would likely be one criterion. A sustained shift in favour of independence – say, 60 per cent support over two years – would be another trigger.

Deciding whether the conditions had been met could be determined by an independent commission, which would take Scotland off the tedious rollercoaster of phantom referendum dates.

It would mean the pro-UK side, in advance, unequivocally accepting a Yes vote would result in Scotland becoming independent.

On the pro-independence side, it could involve Westminster and Holyrood having to pass a law accepting that a No vote would result in no further referenda for at least 30 years.

Talk about bought and sold, it really is heart-breaking sometimes to realise how colonised some of our fellow Scots are, and how little faith they have in Scotland. No matter how bad the UK gets, no matter how many Tory Governments we never elected but have to endure are forced on us by our English masters (the voters), no matter how many children live in poverty, how many go hungry and cold, they would rather that than democracy, I just really can’t get my head around that.

What is it with the bought and sold – Now as most of you who have read this blog know I have never been convinced by Mhairi Black. I know a lot of people like her, call her a fire brand etc but she never did it for me in any way. Her antics when she first went to Westminster when she allegedly took her pals out on a booze up just didn’t sit well with me at all and all the talk of hating Westminster while playing the same game as those in her party who have settled in all too well tells its own story. Anyway, she has joined the language bandwagon it would appear

the Paisley and Renfrewshire MP has admitted there are “zoomers” in the Scexit movement, and many of them have come to the surface in the past week.

Ms Black said she agreed with Mr McDonald. She added: “I think to be using language like ‘colonies’ and ‘imprison’ and stuff, that does a disservice to the fact that Scotland was a massive part in colonising other countries that genuinely did suffer massive abuses.

“That’s not to say there aren’t abuses in Scotland’s history but the dynamic is just not comparable in any sense. 

While she at least acknowledges that historically Scotland suffered, the simple fact is Scotland still suffers today and she and her party are doing very little to alleviate our situation. Abuse is abuse no matter the form it takes, and Scotland is being abused wither she likes the language or not. Many of us are embarrassed by some of our fellow Scots who took advantage of the colonisation of other nations to enrich themselves, took the English pound of the times, as many of the ethnic people in colonised countries did also, but that does not take away from the simple fact that Black is a part of the problem and not the solution. She has settled in Westminster in my opinion and is taking that same English pound today that those same people did in the past who sold us out.

It appears we can’t upset the unionists, or the SNP, with our harsh words that speak the truth like trapped, colonised, imprisoned. We are going to lose any vote in future, and it is down to the SNP and their delicate flowers.

If it happens it is their own fault – If the SNP lose seats to Scottish Labour in Glasgow then the blame does not lay with the idea of a referendum but the lack of strategy, and the poor governance of Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP, and Glasgow Council. Throw in the apathy caused by 8 years of inaction, the current state of the UK, and you have the perfect storm. Allegedly this potential seat loss is due to a Scottish Labour revival, with the party expected to make massive gains in Scotland, mostly at the expense of the flagging SNP. Disgraced SNP MP Patrick Grady is expected to lose his Glasgow North seat, with veteran David Linden (Glasgow East), Anne McLaughlin (Glasgow Northwest) and Chris Stephens (Glasgow Southwest) all being knocked from their spots by Scottish Labour.

Now would anyone say that they would be a big loss, I wouldn’t personally as they have all settled in far too well to the London life. The only sad thing about this story is that they also predict that the only 2 MPs we have actually fighting for independence in the English Parliament, Alba Party MPs Neale Hanvey and Kenny MacAskill, would lose their seats and that for me would sum up Scotland perfectly, 90 minute patriots and cowards.

They don’t f get it do they – What is it with the Tories, they really do want people to just die don’t they. The World Health Organisation recommend a minimum temperature of 64.4c for your home, anything less risks death for some groups of people. Government advice is to tell us that we can reduce the temperature a boiler heats water to before it is sent to radiators – known as the boiler flow temperature – from 75C to 60C. The WHO indicate that for the sick, disabled, very old or very young, a minimum of 20C (68F) is required as a minimum temperature. The scumbag Tories are going to provide 18 million pounds to promote this, I suppose they must expect to save that back and more through premature deaths due to their freeze to death advice. You can’t make up how much a basket case this shit hole of an island is.

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7 Responses to In the News Monday 28th November 2022

  1. lorncal says:

    Where did Mhairi get the idea that Scotland’s abuses at the hands of the Auld Enemy were not comparable to others’? Does she know that Edward I committed genocide – not the wholly heid-driven kind favoured by the ‘trans’ warriors, but the real kind. Berwick and for miles around it was denuded of people and animals, both domestic and farm. They were slaughtered to the last man, woman, child, dog, cat , cow, etc. What had they done to deserve it? They existed as Scots and they would not bend the knee to English suzerainty. That is just one example of the actions of one man and his predecessors and successors in Scotland’s history that equates very well to other atrocities elsewhere. Yes, it was a long time ago, but human nature does not allow us to forget the terrible ills perpetrated against our ancestors. The English still talk of Boudicca. Should we not talk about what the Romans did to her people when they invaded. No one invited the Romans over, just as no one invited Edward in. We all need our heroes and heroines, and language is a necessary instrument to explain in words that everyone can understand just who, what and why we are. She was a precocious, up-hersel, wee madam and ‘trans’ warrior who actually had the gall and idiocy to say that independence was not a priority for her. No, but self-ID and the destruction of female rights, are, apparently. So why is she taking the money and occupying a seat that someone for whom independence is a priority could occupy instead?

    • Lorncal

      Not a fan and never have been, I have always thought she was full of it. Yes, she can talk well, she can be sarcastic and funny at times, but actions speak louder than words. She appears to like the very place she says she hates a bit too much, I bet they all like the financial payment they get as the Northern Britan’s they all are now. I can’t even bring myself to think of Scotland as a country anymore because we don’t act like we have a country, 90-minute patriots at best. However, when the language us ignorant common folk use upsets them then we have already lost and might as well give up.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. duncanio says:


    If he’s a journalist, then I’m a banana.


    If she’s the answer, then the wrong question is being asked.


    They recognise imposters when they seem them.

    • Duncanio

      Everywhere we turn we are surrounded by unionists or the bought and sold, you can’t make it up can you. The 60% bullshit again, the 30 years bullshit again, just going round in circles and the SNP in the lead, it just depresses me to be honest. I know many who feel trapped now and frustrated by the SNP, I suspect it can go either way. The next year will see if we are brave enough to fight or just accept our colonial status.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Hi Bruce, another interesting and thought provoking article. If I can correct you, you constantly use the word “wither” when what you mean is “whether”. Are you aware of an excellent app called Grammarly which works in the background as you type to makes suggestions for both grammar and spelling. It’s not always correct but I find it very useful. I use the free version.

    • Dave

      Thanks, I just use wither it is how I have always used it in Dundee lol. You’re correct though I need to not do that as it’s lazy and not a correct use of the word.

      Thanks for commenting.

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