If there is something – that gets right on my tits it is the delicate flowers who report on the independence debate and seem to have a problem with strong words. I mean come on, even the late great Robin Williams pointed out that Scots used bad language as part of its everyday language, it upset very few, and was liberating in many ways while not being everyone’s cup of tea. Mandy Rhodes appears to be very worried that Nicola Sturgeon has used some truthful words for a change. Sturgeons’ crime according to Rhodes is that she has set this new tone describing Scotland as being held prisoner – an unwilling partner in a Union holding it captive.  It is the truth isn’t it, what is the exact problem that Rhodes has here FFS. Well apparently,

Douglas Ross, the leader of the Scottish Conservatives, was berated by independence supporters at last week’s rally outside Holyrood in response to the judgement, for having the temerity to be outside the parliament he was democratically elected to, was telling.

Democracy isn’t just one party’s preserve and if ramping up divisive, intemperate language on the basis of a catchy but basically meaningless slogan of “democracy denial” is unconscionable, seeing people being urged to burn copies of the judgement is, frankly, scary. (Mandy Rhodes)

Give me a fucking break!

Just look at the words that Rhodes is using, right out of the unionist play book, and you know what Douglas Ross should be berated for the policies he supports from his London masters in the scumbag Tory Party that are resulting in hungry and cold millions of people in the UK, the scumbag Tories are democracy deniers, proroguing Parliament anyone. The behaviour of the Tory Government since 2010 is unconscionable, there has been nothing right or reasonable about this Tory nightmare we are all having to endure so what is Rhodes problem.

Rhodes then descends into real bullshit when she writes ” for a party that has won favour with Scots by talking up the idea of a kinder, civic, inclusive nationalism, to now resort to a more torrid lexicon that talks of Scotland being trapped, shackled, and held against its will, is deliberately whipping up a particular faction into a frenzy of near insurrection. What a lot of shit, if she wants to accuse anyone of whipping people into a frenzy, she need look no further than the English Supreme Court who as good as ensured that Scotland, under the law, remain the colony most of us know it is with little room for escape.

She then goes on to say that this language is “surely the modus operandi of a Donald Trump“, and that “the SNP will go into a General Election with a one-line manifesto, independence. It will be up against a Labour party on the rise which will also be essentially campaigning on one issue but one with a clearer outcome and one only it can deliver. “Vote Labour, to oust the Tories”. That’s a persuasive argument that will be difficult for Sturgeon to counter no matter the nature of the words she chooses to use.

I have read some delusional pish (oh dear harsh words) in my time but this is just nonsense. Most of the very worst things I have read has come from unionists, just think about some of the language used by Tory Ministers over the years to describe the elderly, the poor, the unemployed, immigrants, refugees, the list goes on. If Rhodes can’t handle a harsh word here and there, then she needs to give it up now and retire to her garden or wherever because this blog for example hasn’t even got started yet with harsh words.

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19 Responses to FFS

  1. Cubby says:

    Is that comic still being printed. Rhodes is just another House Jock. Far to many of them in Scotland. Subjugation and subservience is their stock in trade. Their master is England and they are happy to live in a colony. If people still buy this comic then it is evidence that education in Scotland most definitely needs improving.

    • Cubby

      It is all just virtual signalling isn’t it. I actually rarely swear all that much, I am just using the language in the blog to highlight the point I want to make. They are all so bloody broken by their colonisation they can’t even see it can they. If they are upset by words what hope does Scotland have, is it even worth saving if these people are the ones we hope can build a new better Scotland. I will never give up the fight for independence but between the hangers on and the SNP we might as well be back in 1707 and those people who rioted all over Scotland when their country was sold out from under them by basically what might as well be the decedents of the traitors then and the ones we have now because they are not fighting for Scotland in any shape or form. The SNP are a joke, Sturgeon is a failure who can present, and the likes of Rhodes, they just don’t get it.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • Cubby says:

        It was set up as a prison from day one. England 593 MPs Scotland 59 MPs as of today soon to increase England’s MPs by 10 and reduce Scotlands by 2.
        England will always get what it wants. Scotland no chance. That is not democracy for Scotland that is a prison/colony. Always has been. More people starting to wake up to the reality but its very very slow. Tossers like McDonald want us to be nice to Tories etc. What are people like McDonald doing in the SNP – parasites.

        • Cubby

          The SNP pretty much make me sick now, they are not an independence party but a financial independence for themselves party now. What England wants Britain gets and as you say that will never change. I do wonder what it will take though, I always thought hunger would be one but obviously not as many are hungry now, cold would be one but no millions are cold now. I guess it will take their grannies dying of hunger and cold as maybe being the only thing that will get some people to even consider a yes vote, it is so sad how broken many of our Northern Englanders have become.

          Thanks for commenting.

  2. theflyinscotsman says:

    A General Election is not the place to be looking at a Plebiscite.
    A one line Manifesto. For what? To pressure WM into an S30?
    Gizza brek min. NS is only after another 5yrs.
    She wants to have a one line Holyrood Election and to include all Independence parties votes.
    Don’t think for a minute she has a secret plan up her sleeve.
    She’s playing the game, the unionist game. This woman needs to resign and take her mafia with her.
    You can’t say for a minute that SG was going to have a result in their favour where the SC & WM was concerned.

    • theflyingscotsman

      I don’t disagree with you at all. Sturgeon has been a disaster since she took over and has all but destroyed the SNP. I gave up on them a long time ago, they are just not worth it anymore and have set us back years. What can we do other than keep on going though as best we can, hopefully Stuart Campbell will hang around long enough to keep really holding the SNP to account and that might just get some people off the addictive carrots long enough for us to come up with a new harder approach to the debate. That will upset the likes of Rhodes who don’t like harsh words, well they can take their colonisation and shove it if that is what bothers them and not the starving millions, the freezing pensioners, people dying on waiting lists, they deserve nothing but our contempt.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Brian says:

    Well said Bruce. They’ll be calling it “hate speech” next.

    • Brian

      Yeah, that might be what is coming next. You can’t make up these people anymore, if harsh words bother them then we are really in trouble. Pensioners starving, that’s fine. Hungry children, ok, failing public services, yeah so what, cost of living, an inconvenience. I don’t know much about Rhodes, but the article just read like the same old establishment unionist crap that we have had to put up with for years. It is all just virtual signalling and while the article names Sturgeon it really is about the wider movement and all so sad and predictable.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • GM says:

        Mandy Rhodes writing to order for the Sunday post. The Sunday fucking post!

        Maybe she actually believes that shite? The faction.

        Rhodes knows that Sturgeon does not have the slightest interest in Scottish Independence. I have heard her half say it like she half says a lot of things in her regular articles in the Holyrood magazine. Yet, ‘Sturgeon must control those in Scotland who are still in possession of a Scottish identity. they might start demanding things!’

        Heaven forfend that the great unwashed ‘faction’ was moved to seriously challenge the current order.

        • GM

          How dare us ignorant common folks have an opinion and use the everyday language that some of us may or may not use. Rhodes is just like the Champayne socialists of the Scottish Labour movement, can hold certain views because they can afford to, and Sturgeon. Wealthy beyond probably her own expectations, the British system in Northern England making them all very comfortable indeed while the rest of us see our daily grind get harder and harder. None of them will challenge our current state as a colony at worst and region of England at best. I find it hard to even call Scotland a country anymore, not because of the Supreme Court, but because of the cowardice of my fellow Northern Britans.

          Thanks for commenting.

  4. ngataki5 says:

    Well, fuck you very much Rhodes. As for Queen Cnut trying to hold back the tide, and getting her toes wet, she’s now taking flak from her msm mates. Quite amusing.
    But the grass roots are getting restless and cracks are appearing in the following of thenicophantic cult.

    • ngataki15

      I’m not sure of cracks starting to appear but certainly scratches and with the return of Wings, hopefully longer term, holding the SNP to a more forensic account than new media had the resources to do then cracks will start to appear. We need a new approach and while I can see the logic of some like Pete Bell who think we shouldn’t want Sturgeon to go I just don’t agree any more with that view. She needs to go and go soon as she has set us back years, maybe even the unionist favoured generation. The likes of Rhodes are just not worth it anymore, they are so colonised they can’t see it for what it is.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. duncanio says:

    I agree with Mandy Rhodes that we should stop labelling pur opponents variously as ‘Democracy Deniers’, ‘Scumbag Tories’, ‘Colonists’, ‘Imperialists’, ‘Thieves’, ‘Robbers’,’ Rip-off Merchants’, ‘Fraudsters’ etc.

    Let’s just call them ‘The British’. For that is what they are. And it encapsulates all the other adjectives in a single descriptor.

    • Duncanio

      Calling them British would maybe go over them, their ignorance knows no bounds does it. Sometimes crude is all we have but for some people even that won’t be enough will it. It is heart breaking some days it really is. We are such a broken and lost former country.

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. Black Rab says:

    The reigning deceptions of our enemy make us forget that in the lair of our enemy the lie must reign. Their deception doesn’t fool me. Let us use our own language. In the sphere of the so called union, their lies are supreme. We have to step outside of them. I think that is beginning to happen now.

    • Black Rab

      I don’t swear all that much and don’t get upset when others do all that much apart from a few words here and there that I would never use. They are just virtual signalling, all designed to suck any passion out of some in the yes community if they can. It is what they do, everyone else is the problem, everyone else is nasty and wrong, while they play the British (English) for all it’s worth. They are no better than those in 1707 for me, they put themselves first and sold their country, they deserve nothing but our contempt.

      Thanks for commenting.

  7. Black Rab says:

    …………………we are also doing it deliberately hahahahahaha!!!

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