In the News Saturday 26th November 2022

I don’t often agree with Nicola Sturgeon but –  I think she is right in a lot of ways when she says

The myth that the United Kingdom is a voluntary union of nations has been comprehensively – and permanently – shattered because of the behaviour of the Westminster parties. The so-called partnership of equals is anything but.

Tory, Labour, Lib Dem — they’re all joined at the hip. They now have to defend the indefensible. If they thought that this outcome would be helpful to them, they have made a catastrophic miscalculation.”


While the yoons have been all over social media how many unionist politicians are smiling, apart from that clown Jardine in the Liberal Democrats, not many of them. The Tories in the three Tory Parties wanted the case thrown out, it wasn’t, and the British Judges went even further to declare that Scotland isn’t a colony while declaring that under Westminster Government only the English MPs will really decide for Scotland no matter what Scotland wants. Colony all the way, the last thing the unionist politicians wanted. They now have to face up to defending their union, but also trying to explain why Scotland isn’t a colony under the present system. Doesn’t matter what the bought and sold judges think, it really doesn’t, they just demonstrated why people like me have no trust in a British, or a Scottish, Court.

Scottish voters now face a binary choice, we are either a country or we are a region of England, there is no hiding now and that in the medium term is a good thing. While many in the yes movement were disappointed on Wednesday the English Supreme Court just put another potential nail in the United Kingdom, it is not the end of the world the more I reflect, it is the beginning of the end game.

Smells like betrayal – If there is any truth to this story then it stinks of more betrayal and if that is what happens then the SNP need to be wiped from our history.

A section 30 order granted after a pro-independence win in a de facto referendum would “honour democracy”, the convener of the SNP’s policy group has said.

Giugliano goes on to say, “There are some who see the de facto referendum as ‘oh well, that will mean that we achieve independence there and then’,” he said. “The de facto referendum in many ways is a tactic for us to be able to pursue independence, to keep it on the agenda, and to, at the very best, begin negotiations with the UK Government.”

Let’s be very very clear here, if this is the true strategy of the SNP then Sturgeon has betrayed us all again and is lying through her teeth. If this is the case, then voters and members need to abandon the SNP now. It is bad enough that Sturgeon has arsed up the last 6 years of strategy with poor governance but a betrayal this bad would put her on equal terms with those who sold their country to the English in 1707 and would be unforgivable.

McDonald does need to zip it – I saw McDonalds comments yesterday when he said that “THE Yes campaign should shun phrases like “imprisoned or shackled” following the Supreme Court ruling”.

McDonald, a total plank in every way, a total non-entity. The supporter of NATO, War, and having a go at Yes supporters also said yesterday that “Scotland is not a colony, and our people are not oppressed. We didn’t need the court to tell us this”. The man is a prick end of if he can’t see that the English Court confirmed that Scotland is in fact a colony in all but name, and if freezing and starving due to the actions of his fellow Tories is not oppression, I don’t know what is.

But anyway, I agree with the letter writer in the SNP Fanzine who says “Mr McDonald, YOU and your ilk are the problem. We’ve allowed you to assume leadership, but you’ve proved that you and the SNP are not up to it. Yet again the SNP leadership have undertaken a gambit with no prepared follow-up to drive the campaign seamlessly forward”. “Mr McDonald, you are not on. Move aside and let real passionate Scots who really care about Scotland and Scots pick up the baton. You’ve failed. Pandora’s box has been opened”.

Totally agree, McDonald get to F.

Something a little different – As some of you know I wasn’t in the best place this time last year, and I remain thankful for the support and encouragement many of you provided me via the blog, I will never forget that kindness. This year, while cost of living will result in spending a lot less, I am looking forward to Christmas this year and got a new tree. My daughter has taken our 25-year-old tree for her flat as it is still good, and I got a pencil tree. Given I totally re-did my house, well apart from still needing to get 15-year-old new furniture for his room, I de cluttered and just did not want the big tree up this year and went for this one. I think it looks fine, and I am actually looking forward to Christmas and spending time with my children, my Mum, brothers and special friends this year.

Today when giving the house a wee tidy I listened to 2 excellent live albums.

Deep Purple Made in Europe – With David Coverdale on vocals, a really excellent live album. Blackmore is amazing as always with pretty much all the tracks stand outs and Coverdale is an excellent singer. You Fool No One is ace.

Rush Exit Stage Left –  Another excellent double album with the stand outs being The Spirit of Radio, A Passage to Bangkok, Closer to the Heart, and Tom Sawyer. Brilliant Saturday listening.

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9 Responses to In the News Saturday 26th November 2022

  1. Exit Stage Left….wifey and I are on that album 🙂

  2. benmadigan says:

    Like your minimalist pencil tree – glad to hear you find yourself in a better place this year than last!
    Would that Scotland could say the same.
    Was appalled that Nicola’s “plebiscite election”, when she gets round to organising a meeting about it “sometime in the New Year”, will be just another mandate to ask for a Sec 30.
    Won’t be a “Get out of Westminster Jail” card
    What planet are the SNP living on?

    • Ben

      I do think the court have made a mistake medium term if Scots take enough notice. I am more worried that Sturgeon is planning another betrayal. It wouldn’t surprise me, and I would be happy to see the SNP gone but we can’t afford to take years back as we are running out of time to save ourselves. Plebiscite is a mistake in the form it will take, it will fail but if people want indy enough then nothing can stop it, but we need politicians who are willing to do whatever it takes and that includes us as well now.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. capnandy2 says:

    Good Morning Bruce.
    I’ve never been a fan of the term Colony, but Peter A Bell sums it up in his latest post. ‘Annexed Territory’ is the term he uses. Absolutely sums it up and it’ll be the phrase I use from now on.

    • CapNAndy

      I get that, I have always saw us a colony since I was about 14 and understood what it meant. I haven’t read Pete latest and will today so thanks for the heads up. If Sturgeon betrays us though with the detail in the so-called plebiscite election, then she has to be forced out as that will make her no better than those who sold their country in 1707.

      Thanks for commenting.

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