Let’s Face It, we are all English now

Here I am waking up this morning to the realisation that everyone born in Scotland after 1707 is English, there is no Scotland. Scotland died in 1707, it ceased to exist, it is no more. Yeah, we wear Kilts to the football, to weddings, to burns night when we lament our country that no longer exists. We are no more distinct than a York Shireman or a Morris dancer, we are a people that lost its nationality when it was sold out by the same kind of people who are growing the carrots in the SNP today.

We need to just accept that Scotland is dead, Wales has been dead even longer, we need to accept that there is no Great Britain and Northern Ireland, there is only England and Northern Ireland, and the Northern Ireland part won’t be around much longer as they actually have balls and have never given up or embraced their colonisation.

There are benefits though to my new Englishness. I have a King Charles that I can bow down to, I can now go abroad, if I don’t freeze to death first, and show my English entitlement to a sun bed and a beer at any time of the day. I can now breath that sigh of relief as those shite public services get sold off one by one to my betters and I should be thankful that they are letting me stay in Northern England and not selling the lands where my social housing sits for raising grouse and then shooting it.

I can now embrace the special relationship with my other masters the USA, encourage my kids to join up and go fight to expand American economic interests so that my betters can keep thinking they are important and get paid very well for it. I will only buy things in the shops that have the St. Georges Cross on it, don’t want any of that dirty foreign stuff on my plate, fuck that. I’ll give up on my moral stance regarding the World Cup and get behind Gareth, Harry and the boys, come on Ingerland we won it in 66 we can win it again and show the world we are fucking better than you.

Yes, I am (nae mare em fir me) embracing my new Englishness, I am going to love it and on Christmas day I’ll be watching my King and watching Only Fools and Horses. Alba Party, forget it, I am joining the Labour Party, more chance of being accepted by them, my masters the Tories won’t want me unless I can serve them something or have something they want to steal.

Day one of understanding my Englishness, thank you Nicola Sturgeon and your carrot eaters, thank you for opening my eyes, thank you for finishing the job your ancestral betrayers started in 1707, thank you for finally showing us that Scotland is dead, all you have to do is wind up the diddy parliament in Holyrood and it is done.


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8 Responses to Let’s Face It, we are all English now

  1. paulineso21@yahoo.co.uk says:

    A forced Identity what’s not to like ? Choose colonisation, choose conservatism , choose racism , choose being poor , choose misery , choose royalty, choose early death , choose food banks, choose extended retirement , choose subjugation, choose being servile for the rest of your miserable like , choose Britishness, choose being English , yea 😀

    • Pauline

      As far as the English Supreme Court are concerned, we might as well be. They weren’t asked for their opinion on our colonial status, but they confirmed it. We can only live in hope that it focuses some minds of Scots out there to how we are viewed, but if that fact, freezing to death, and starving to death doesn’t shift the minds of those more inclined to yes then nothing will, and we might as well all be English.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. paulineso21@yahoo.co.uk says:

    Oops miserable life *

  3. Stuart MacKay says:

    Cor blimey guv. You didn’t half hit the nail on the head there, did ya!

    Well the decision cleared away a lot of uncertainty. However it’s the unionists I feel sorry for. Surely now the penny has finally dropped as to their real status and role. I wonder how well they’ll wear the C-word (it’s got 12 letters, not 4)? With pride? Probably not.

    Bottoms up, China!

    • Stuart

      The English Supreme Court weren’t asked to make a comment on our colonial status but couldn’t help themselves and I really think it might backfire on them, it should certainly tell the unionists all they need to know as you point out. You have to hope we are getting to the tipping point for many now, on top of freezing, starving, being homeless, and broke, being told you are at the whims of voters from another country, and they will decide your future should make anyone angry. If that doesn’t do it then we are all English.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. duncanio says:

    I am not English. I have never been English. I never will be English.

    When Nicola Sturgeon went to a London Court for judgement she did so in HER name. She placed HER sovereignty in its hands. Not mine.

    Sturgeon needs to be made to OWN THIS DEBACLE AND FAILURE.

    She is clearly content with her status us Colonial Governess … our very own 21st century Toom Tabard.

    • Duncanio

      Sturgeon made a huge mistake going to the English Supreme Court, as her strategy is a huge mistake, but the Court confirming our colonial status might be a huge plus as that should focus the minds of even the yoons. They are as colonised than the rest of us and there is no hiding that. Voters in England will decide our future for us, only they can decide, and while those of us with a brain have known that for years it has now been confirmed, we are slaves to English voters, our resources belong to English voters, our loves belong to English voters. If that doesn’t get people angry and thinking, then nothing will.

      Thanks for commenting.

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