Did the Tories just win the next General Election?

Did the Tories just win the next General Election? It is clear that we are all going to feel more pain as far as our wages, standard of living, and public services are concerned, that is clear for anyone to see. Freezing tax bands is a tax rise for all of us at a time when we are all feeling the pain. I know that I am feeling it now and I earn more than the average I suppose in Dundee, that is also assuming I still have a job next year though anyway with the huge cuts that are going to come to the public sector in Scotland due to the mismanagement of both the Tories and the SNP on the economy. The Tories to incompetence and the SNP to both incompetence and cowardice with neither having any sort of progressive vision in this time of severe need.

The energy price cap is due to rise to £3000 after the new year, it will really hurt many of us, but they will argue they are helping those on the lowest money, the Tories can also argue they have brought in a windfall tax on energy companies. They have lowered the top rate of tax to bring more people into that rate so they can argue that they are taxing the wealthy, they are not really, but the picture is they are. Fuel duty is going to go up next year, but the Tories will argue that tax on shares and dividends will change so again the wealthy pay more. They have delayed some cuts to public services until after the next election while allowing local authorities to raise council tax giving them some more time to try and brave this crisis out while using the back door to make us all poorer for their mistakes.

The budget is a disaster for most of us and that hope that I always held that my children would never experience what I did under Thatcher in the 80’s has vanished, my kids are going to have it worse, says everything you need to know about life as a colony in the United Kingdom. But what the Tories did do yesterday was pretty much do everything that Labour said they were going to do if they formed the Government, along with the right-wing media narrative on the economy, have they just given themselves the time they need to win the next General Election. I really don’t believe that voters in England want to vote Labour, I really don’t. I do think that England has went Tory, as Scotland has gone SNP the last 15 years, one country has gone Tory, as has, it’s most important colony.

Now I know the polls are showing a large Labour lead, in Scotland Scottish Labour are taking votes from the Tories but they are not really going to hurt the SNP, Alba are still building and that is a long-term project with no imminent success on the horizon any time soon. Our colonial status means our vote doesn’t matter anyway but what I really think yesterday did was give the Tories a chance to win in 2024 in England, and that is all they have to do to stay in power. They have the right-wing media in their pocket, they have convinced English voters pretty much that it is everyone’s else’s fault but theirs for the state of the UK, throw in levels of ignorance in both England and Scotland and we face years and years of pain with no real political change on the horizon. The real danger though is going to be apathy, and apathy might just win it for the Tories because there is just no real radical with common sense alternative out there.


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5 Responses to Did the Tories just win the next General Election?

  1. duncanio says:

    The British state is a Tory state. It doesn’t matter which party is in power, it is Tory policies that are pursued. With the exception of the 1945-75 period this has always been the case. It will always be the case. The British Labour party are permitted to exist so as to give a semblance of democracy. It’s a mirage. People like Tony Benn and Ken Livingstone were replaced by the likes of John Smith, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair. (Sir) Keir Starmer has replaced Jeremy Corbyn.

    The English people by and large are ignorant. They are taught and trained to be ignorant. Their ignorance is the British elite’s bliss.

    It will always be thus.

    • Duncanio

      There is a tipping point, I agree that the Tories own many English voters, but when people start to see elderly relatives die of the cold, their kids going to bed hungry, then the tipping point will be reached. As Hughie says in his comment the super wealthy own the Tories because they are the Tories, they are the Republicans, they are Labour, they are the SNP. They own all of them, but they have maybe bitten off more than they can chew now. People will put up with a lot, it amazes me how much shit Scots are willing to take but again there is a tipping point. They will have to come up with a lot more than they have to avoid doomsday, I think we are in a class war and they have maybe, just maybe, went too far this time. Time will tell, the Tories might have just won the next election but only if they can keep people fed and warm, once people see their relatives die and their kids cold and hungry things will change. If that doesn’t make people stand up and fight this class war, then we might all just accept we are slaves and worthless.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. I’m interested in your comment that the Tories have the UK media in their pocket. I know what you mean. But I don’t see it that way. The UK media and the Tory party are pawns in the pocket of the oligarchs and billionaires. If the current politicians in the Tory party fail to increase profits for companies and fail to increase the wealth of oligarchs and billionaires, they will be replaced by others who will be funded by the oligarchs and billionaires. If a UK newspaper failed to transmit the policy platform of the oligarchs and billionaires who own them, the editor will be sacked immediately. This actually happened a few months ago when the Daily Mail editor ran a front page story criticising PM Johnson on the Owen Paterson affair. He was sacked that day and replaced by another. See how this works?

    • Hughie

      The oligarchs, the billionaires, they are all Tories. They are Republicans. They are the SNP. They are Labour. They own the Newspapers and the news; shit they even own the BBC because it is controlled by the Tories. The Tories now own many voters in England and the Tories own Labour. The whole thing is just a big con and we don’t really see it until we get older, more cynical. They play games with people’s lives by their own design, and we are too fucking stupid in too many cases to see it. We won’t win, we won’t even be allowed our independence unless we absolutely take it back, the SNP they have been bought. Alba / ISP the right intentions all the way but they will play by the British rules, and us Scots, well we are not the Irish, who will be united before we are even close to indy because they will take it back when they decide the time is right, they won’t play the game like sycophantic Sturgeon. All is not lost though, it is close to, but there is a glimmer, and that glimmer is actually the state of the world economy the very people you talked about have made. They can get away with low wages, they will even get away with high prices, they will get away with shit services, but what they won’t get away with eventually is hunger, and people seeing elderly relatives die of the cold, that they won’t get away with because there is a tipping point and we are very near and they are offering the least they can to avoid the doomsday scenario, I don’t think it will be enough. The Government will have to come back with more or they risk it all, it is a class war and it will be who blinks first when people do eventually take to the streets, and they will when they are hungry enough.

      Thanks for commenting.

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