Clutching the Pearls But

The Scottish Express are at it again today clutching their pearls –  The latest polling shows that the Reform Party is making gains in England while the SNP are stagnating and even dropping in Scotland. So, a party that stands in all of the seats in England is beating a party that stands in no seats in England but don’t let the facts get in the way of an anti-independence story and throw in a bit of anti-SNP while you are it.

The SNP suffered the humiliation of falling behind the Reform Party in the latest Westminster polling which saw a record rise in support for the Nigel Farage-founded party. I can’t see that the SNP will be all that bothered and there is no humiliation, they are only mentioning Farge for effect as he hasn’t been involved with that party for years. This really is another unionist of the day award to David Walker a so called Express political journalist, the Scottish Express are even making this blog look like it equates To Kill a Mockingbird standard, another batshit story if there ever was one.

BUT – Maybe the SNP will take a little notice of the polls. Labour 49% (+1)
Conservative 28% (+1), Liberal Democrat 11% (+1), Reform UK 4% (-1), Green 4% (–), Scottish National Party 3% (-1) Other 1% (-1). The UK picture means little overall, one of the two main Tory Parties are set to win, doesn’t make any difference to Scotland in the main, but the Scottish sample, while small, does show that Scottish Labour at 28 per cent north of the border, with the SNP ahead on 54 per cent. Meanwhile, Redfield and Wilton put Labour at 31 per cent and SNP at 26 per cent, although it’s with a small sub-sample of 97 people asked.

While again it is a poll that is potentially 2 years away from a General Election, but it could indicate that we are looking at 2017 again when the SNP lost a number of seats due to voters in Scotland staying home and that is a danger next time irrespective of the SNP trying to say it is a plebiscite election which it won’t be by the time it comes around. The SNP are about power now not independence in any shape or form.

The SNP will remain the biggest party in Scotland, but we really need to see some in roads from Alba and ISP to keep the pressure on. But thanks again to the Scottish Daily Express for clutching the pearls with another batshit story today.


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7 Responses to Clutching the Pearls But

  1. 100%Yes says:

    I would love for everyone of them to lose there seats north and south of the border after what they done to the Alba Party’s two MP.

    • 100%YES

      I think the walking out on KM has backfired, maybe not enough to give Alba a huge boost, but it has raised questions of the current new SNP and that is a good thing as it will be a start of the carrot eaters having a closer look at Sturgeon and her agenda which isn’t independence. I think the SNP might lose some seats in the next GE once people don’t see a referendum next year and the downplaying of the whole plebiscite election thing to keep them in the comfort they have become accustomed to.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Stuart MacKay says:

    A revival of the Reform Party can only mean one thing – more chaos in the Conservative Party. Hooray! Now that Starmer is AWOL we can look forward to a rerun of the past five years with lots of infighting and anguish over England’s place in the world. Time to plant the seed that England is better off on it’s own. Finally it will be able to make it’s mark on the world instead of all those pesky Scots coming up with all the good ideas.

    • Stuart

      Argued that point in the blog a while back that we needed to encourage English independence while stoking the flames to piss them off as much as we could, of course the SNP won’t do that as they are well and truly bought and sold now in every way. The Conservatives are on the very edge and what is Sturgeon doing, cozing up to Sunak and away playing games at COP27 getting her CV out there, the sooner that charlatan is gone the better.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Alastair says:

    Yeah todays propoganda is if we dont keep the pound we are in trouble.
    They are the ones who will be in trouble when we ditch the pound for our own currency.
    No more trading in north sea oil gas and electricity the city of London will lose billions in revenue. Nothing is as it seems in OK,Ok. 50billion black whole in the UK economy 50 economists have sign a statement staying its Tory creative accounting as an excuse to impose austerity MK2 to give their mates a covert tax break and get the poor to pay for it.
    Desolve the Union.

    • Alastair

      I did read the story but just couldn’t be bothered bringing it to people’s attention. I am really feeling like we are stuck in a Groundhog Day and have been for the last 50 years. Even watching the excellent Prism at lunchtime just made me think we are just going around in circular arguments and not getting anywhere at all. I am thinking that we maybe all need to take a step back for a while as we are just not achieving much at all right now. I blame the SNP and Sturgeon for that, if that is their goal then they are saving the union. Like Labour driving out the left, the SNP have driven out the fundamentalists and we are all the losers for those parties just all becoming Tory of a different colour.

      Thanks forcommenting.

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