Extremists, Sinister, and a batshit story

This extreme and sinister group is SALVO – yeah according to the Express SALVO are extremists because someone, who may or may not be a member of SALVO, has said on Twitter that any SNP MP or MSP not agreeing with SALVO’s Edinburgh Proclamation will be called out, oh my God call MI5, get the SAS, NATO, shit call the Russians. How sinister can you get, calling out the SNP if they don’t support the Claim of Right.

The sinister brutality doesn’t stop there, no it gets even scarier, Cybernats who bothered to respond supported the move and said they would write to their own MPs and MSPs. One said: “Nice one Ninja.. it’s time we separated the genuine independence supporting MPs & MSPs from those who are enjoying the gravy train, the salary, the expenses & the perks.”

I am shitting myself, they are going to write to their MP and MSPs, like with words, real words. Are the unionists really getting that desperate. Douglas Dickie is the Editor at the Express who wrote this pish, maybe he should have stayed at the Rutherglen Reformer, going to the Scottish Express must have been a real step down for him if he actually thinks writing this garbage might lead to the Financial Times or something.

This story cheered me up no end today in the midst of a headache, you don’t often get to read mental batshit stories like this often, even in the Daily Record, and that is saying something isn’t it. Shit, even the old Daily Sport or the National Enquirer would not have had the shame to publish this, they would have been too embarrassed so I think we should give the unionist of the day award to the content editor, and Rangers fan, Douglas Dickie of the Scottish Express, a man that even Douglas Ross would find a total minter.

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9 Responses to Extremists, Sinister, and a batshit story

  1. duncanio says:

    Well done to the Scottish Daily Express for giving some publicity to Salvo and The Edinburgh Proclamation of 1st September 2022.

    It’s more than The National – a.k.a. “The Newspaper That Supports An Independent Scotland” – did!

    But that reporter … what a Dickie!

    • Duncanio

      I know lol good point. I just found it mental to be honest, they are at it again tonight. It’s like they are really clutching the pearls for some reason the last couple of days. The National I haven’t read for a long time, when it went full Sturgeon around 2017, I stopped getting it, it is a poor paper overall, limited resources I get but the rubbish journalism in the main is not down to resources alone.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Black Rab says:

    hahaha, get the keystone cops, get send the fire brigade, the 451 fahrenheit variety…………..they’re doing it deliberately!

    • BR

      They are at it again tonight lol. It’s like they are losing it for some reason, the whole nonstory was desperate and batshit in the main. I would have been embarrassed to write that, even this blog is not as shit as that story.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Never heard of SALVO – looks like another irrelevant organisation trying to prevent independence

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