Odds and Ends Wednesday 9th November 2022

HAVE you been poppy-trained yet? It’s never too late to start. There’s bound to be a course somewhere offering upskilling modules on how best to commemorate the fallen in both world wars (Kevin McKenna) –  I don’t wear a poppy and haven’t for a long time now, 30 years at least. My reasons are a few to be honest, I don’t agree with War being the answer to anything at any time. War is a failure of the politicians, while for others it is a profit making machine that uses our money, mostly against our will, to murder innocent people in the main while making very wealthy people wealthier.

Like Kevin McKenna I also think that the poppy has been weaponised by the politicians of all parties, it has become a symbol of the establishment, the new King will be bigged up this weekend like you won’t believe, there will also be a chance to talk for hours about his Mum as well. Keir Starmer, Ian Blackford, Ed Davie, and Rishi Sunak will probably wear 3 to emphasise their Britishness. One of my other main reasons is that for 3 years I worked as a Homeless Worker, mainly supporting older men, often with alcohol, mental health, and serious health conditions and most between the ages of early 30’s to late 60’s. Many of them were also ex-service men who had not received any support from the state and received even less respect for what they had experienced on our behalf.

This Sunday I will stand for 2 minutes in quiet reflection to remember my late father who served in WW2 in the Navy. He passed 30 years ago, I miss him every day and I don’t want that to ever change as he was a good man, and a brilliant Dad. He was thrown on the scrap heap by Thatcher in the 80’s, like so many other men of his generation, that was the respect he got from the state. The Poppy should be a mark of respect, but as Kevin notes,

Dignity has retreated in the face of braying pretence. Respect has been replaced by dishonour. Nobility and contemplation have been degraded by squawking narcissism and feral zealotry.

How do scumbags like this even get elected – This toilet stain has also been appointed a Minister 3 times and most recently by unelected Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. Gavin Williamson, as we are all learning the last couple of days, has to be one of the most disgusting Tories in a while. This man was knighted, while telling people to allegedly slit their own throat, jump out of a window, that he owned an MP the Tory Party loaned money to, verbally abused a female Tory Whip for 2 months because he never got an invite to Elizabeth Windsor’s funeral. If any of us did anything like this, we would be sacked and possibly never work again in any field. The Tory Party are full of scumbags like Williamson but what do you expect anymore.

For myself it all links to the whole Britishness, entitlement, wealth, privately educated old boys’ network in politics now. Bad enough that Braverman got re-appointed Home Secretary, but this toilet stain was also appointed. The standards in public life go from the inept like Blackford in the SNP, the useless like Davie in the Liberals, the liar Starmer in Labour, to the lowest of low in the scumbag Tory Party. It’s no wonder there is little respect in people in the UK, total shithole of a country, led by wankers, and voted in by the ignorant and stupid.

When will this obsession end – So the Scottish Government are back in Court again on the definition of a woman, I’ll help Sturgeon out, a woman is an adult female human being. The Government lost a case last year with Lady Dorian (yeah her) ruling that “ministers should not have “conflated” women and trans people in the bill, as they have separate protections in law”. The Scottish government responded by revising the guidance that accompanies the legislation, the guidance reads: “Where a full gender recognition certificate has been issued to a person that their acquired gender is female, the person’s sex is that of a woman. And where a full gender recognition certificate has been issued to a person that their acquired gender is male, the person’s sex becomes that of a man.”

For Women Scotland have said this still did not comply with the court’s ruling, and that by making reference to sex the government was “still confusing the protected characteristics and are trying to redefine ‘woman’ yet again”. When will Sturgeon’s obsession end, how much money has been wasted on an issue that the vast majority of the public don’t agree with, how much more crap governance do we have to put up with. Sturgeon has got to go and go soon.

It’s what the Tories do – Benefits have reduced by up to 15.7 per cent since 2010/11 once inflation is included. Universal Credit claimants have also seen their incomes plummet, with a lone parent aged over 25 with one child seeing a reduction in income of 14.3 per cent since 2013/14,

More than 390,000 adults in Scotland claim Universal Credit with many of those already in work. Yet MPs have seen their salary rise from around £62,000 to £79,000 in the same period.

A dad on benefits has told how he often skips meals to ensure his two children are fed. Stuart Chesmar, 50, is unable to work as he is full-time carer for son Charlie, six, who suffers from a heart defect.

He is left with almost no cash after paying bills and feeding Charlie and daughter Kitty, 15. Stuart, from Bute, lost partner Emma, 44, to cancer in September.

He said: “There have been days where I’ve cried because I don’t know how I’ll pay the bills. I have skipped meals so my kids can eat – it’s not an option for them to starve.”

He added: “You can’t live on welfare. A lot of people think you can, but you can’t. I get carer’s allowance, which is £69 per week, but it is taken off my Universal Credit so I’m effectively getting nothing extra for being a carer.”

When I read articles like this, I just wonder what will it take for enough Scots to wake up and see that independence is the only way for our kids and their future. The UK under the scumbag Tories, or any other unionist Government doesn’t bear thinking about, what will it take to get the SNP off their arse to act rather than appease.

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7 Responses to Odds and Ends Wednesday 9th November 2022

  1. duncanio says:

    Poppy Tyranny

    My grandfathers both fought and survived WWI. My father was a merchant seaman in WWII and took part in the convoys to Murmansk and Archangel in 1942-43, the darkest period of the war – he was sunk 3 times and survived. He never discussed it with me (or my older brothers either). Not through trauma, although no doubt he would have had experienced plenty of that, but because it was no longer relevant.

    I have never worn a poppy as it has never felt right to me although I respect others right to do so. However, it would appear that this will not be reciprocated and that soon it will be a crime NOT to wear a poppy. It’s pure brainwashing propaganda now and faux respect on display. It sickens me now.

    British Politicians

    Johnson, Patel, Braverman, Williamson, Hancock, Gove … scum.

    The Narcissist’s Obsession

    The Scottish Government and SNP politicians cannot be trusted on this. They play with words thinking that their supposed smart-arsed semantics is going to be sufficient to get what they want through parliament and the law.

    The fingertip feminist’s fingerprints are all over this.

    • Duncanio

      We are of a similar mind overall. My Dad never spoke of the war other than a couple of times when he had a wee drink at New Year, threw all his medals away and hated violence and war. He was in the whole of WW2 and was also sunk at least once. He came to hate our politicians and voted SNP as a means to an end, hated Labour the most, thought the Tories were just cruel but what you saw was what you got. I don’t trust the SNP, or that Lady Dorian for that matter, the whole system is broken and set up against us. Cynical I know but it is what it is for me now in my 53 years. The Poppy has definitely been weaponised sadly.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Good Morning Bruce.
    I have to echo your thoughts on the royals. I was brought up to respect them, but no more. They way that ex forces personnel are treated is appalling. The old Queen could have said or done something, but she didn’t.

    • Capnandy

      It was always the hard part of the job with ex servicemen. They were angry, you could get help from ex servicemen charities who were brilliant once they knew someone needed support but the benefits agencies, NHS practices, housing, they were always more difficult. This country doesn’t treat servicemen and women well, it uses them.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. wullie says:

    Hi Grumpy
    Strange thing there is never any shortage of money accommodation heat light and food for so called refugees. That might upset some folk. I am heartily sick of the do gooders salving their conscience’s, whining about the poor from anywhere except the poor in our own country. I noticed that Eden Court in Inverness are holding a bash for the people of Ukraine. Anyone holding a concert for that dad on benifits or the tens of thousands of other Scots struggling with life while the do gooders clutch their pearls.

    • Wullie

      I sympathise I really do. I get that we need to help refugees and those fleeing violence etc I really do but I also see where people are coming from when our public services are on their knees and people are going hungry and into destitution. I don’t have any answers, but I suppose the money pails into insignificance when you think of the hundreds of billions wasted by the Tories from Brexit to Covid to Truss and about bankrupting the country in 4 weeks. Yet half of Scots would rather remain chained to this nightmare, you can’t make it up can you?

      Thanks for commenting.

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