Silence is Golden

Stuart Campbell has a wee article today on Wings about who reads the various blogs and pointing out that WoS is still by far the most popular site out there for independence supporters. James Kelly has helpfully shown that the stats that Stuart is using may be pretty flawed in the main, personally I would tend to side with James as he is more of the expert when it comes to stats etc. But it isn’t really about the numbers, people blog for different reasons, and people read certain blogs for different reasons. This blog has always been about myself expressing my opinion on mostly the news, but sometimes other things related to indy or totally not related to indy. I am genuinely flattered that people read my blog and even more flattered when they comment as it really is just my opinion, and a hobby, I guess.

There is no doubt that Stuart Cambell deciding to step back, as I have said before, was a loss to the independence debate. Stuart is an excellent journalist and analyst of the news and the stories that we need to be bringing attention to in the on-going independence debate. Stuart posted a similar article in June, and also raised the crowd funder that Wee Ginger Dug had started.

In a grim indictment of Scotland’s once-vaunted political new media, a site that’s been officially closed since May 2021 is still far and away the most-read in the country (Wings Over Scotland).

In my opinion Stuart is being unfair yet again and, to be honest, a bit boring.

New media bloggers can’t force anyone to read their blogs, their opinions, their articles. New Media does not have the crowd funding potential that Wings once had, New Media bloggers, I assume, are not trained and experienced journalists. New media, as Lady Dorian pointed out in the Craig Murray trial, wrongly in my opinion, that New Media is somehow different from that of the mainstream press, which is regulated, and subject to codes of practice and ethics, total bullshit as we know. But it means, again unlike Wings at the time, we have to check every word twice, every allegation of any wrongdoing has to be checked twice and backed up by other sources, all without the resources to get a legal opinion, so the risk is even greater.

New media bloggers and essay writers like Grouse Beater do an excellent job in the face of zero to no resources as I’ve said, pretty much constant abuse from the carrot eaters and MPs like Pete the Tory Wishart, and abuse from the unionist brainwashed out there.

New Media bloggers do their best to bring to the attention of the wider yes community what is actually being done in our name by both the Scottish Government, and our English Government colonisers, while keeping an eye on the actions, or lack of, of our so-called SNP politicians, as well as the actions of the SNP NEC which would never come to light in the unionist media or from within the officially sanctioned SNP safe groups. New media bloggers have raised the issue of protecting both women’s safe spaces, and the rights of the transgender community to be respected in their right to transition.

New Media are keeping the flame burning in a sess pit of negativity (I partly blame myself for that). Stuart needs to maybe be a bit more supportive of the efforts of New Media than requiring what comes across as validation of his own talent, either Wings Over Scotland is a thing now or it isn’t for me. If not then move on Stuart, enjoy your retirement, I wish you nothing but the best, I hope you return full time one day I really do but until then your silence in this case would be golden.

I am sorry if many of you don’t agree with me on this one but New Media, especially The Prism, does such an important job, without them we would have little to nothing to raise the issues that need to be raised to the wider yes community as best they can as the wider community, in the main, don’t buy papers anymore or watch the state sanctioned news.

So personally, I am thankful for the New Media bloggers out there who keep me informed and as up to date as they can, who challenge my assumptions and correct my lack of information when they need to, while also challenging me to think, to consider the alternatives and to not give up hope in that better future.


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12 Responses to Silence is Golden

  1. GM says:

    As far as I am concerned yourself and the other genuine pro Independence bloggers are doing a good job helping to keep the flame lit. I think Stewart Campbell, excellent writer that he is, is aiming his fire at the wrong people.
    Many of those he criticises have backed him up and provided encouragement over the years particularly when he was under attack for his writing. That said I am all for free speech and if that is what he believes so be it.

    We have all become a bit embittered about how fucked up this country has become in the past 6 or 7 years. I have heard many people far more even-tempered than myself rant and rave about the nightmare we are currently experiencing.

    • GM

      I just find what Stuart has written a bit disappointing, especially as it is the second time this year. If he needs a little validation write a brilliant article that he is rightly famous for, but if he just wants to hit out in a roundabout way, I would prefer he just stayed silent and enjoyed his retirement. The bloggers, and I honestly don’t count myself, do a good job at keeping things going with very little resources and without them we would be in a far worse place I suspect. They are not only keeping the pressure on the unionists they are keeping the pressure on the SNP as we have seen by forcing them to show their true colours which will eventually open eyes.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • GM says:

        Keeping me going as well.
        No agreed. it was unjustified.

        • GM

          As I said to Stuart some encouragement would go a long way. New media is all we have right now, and they do give us some hope, certainly more than the SNP ever will. I hope Stuart comes back someday I really do, the unionists generally do fear his contribution, but I also hope that he can maybe offer that little bit of encouragement to keep going.

          Thanks for commenting.

  2. panda paws says:

    Interestingly I usually know you’ve posted by checking which shows the latest blogposts from a number of pro indy sites and although it’s not representative as not everybody uses it, GSM in the second most accessed site behind YFS!

    Anyway Stuart’s twitter is back so what he plans to do next will be interesting. I think all the sites are needed. I don’t read them all but different strokes for different folks!

    • PP

      I didn’t know that I never look at the stats and that’s why I never include my own blog in any surveys as it’s just not why I do it. I saw Stuart’s twitter was back and it would be brilliant if he got back involved in the debate it really would, like you I would welcome all voices, even the unionists who get away with it and their support from most of the mainstream media. I read most of the blogs off and on but some more than others. Some I enjoy and others I don’t, but they are playing a role in keeping hope alive and that is vital right now.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. JSM says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a now 60+ Female and commented:
    Stuart’s ego is bigger than Trump’s, and that’s saying something.

    • JSM

      I was disappointed to read his article, for me there was no need to have a go at new media who do their best with very little. New media has also kept the hope alive in so many ways, as well as, holding the SNP to account. If Stuart needs validation I am sure he can find it somewhere else.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Stuart MacKay says:

    Bloggers are like tigers. You can’t put two in a room and not expect trouble.

    • Stuart

      Must admit I have never been in a single spat with any of them which is good. All play an important role, I read most off and on, agree with some and not with others, but welcome all of them as it is all we have right now to keep that hope alive. I was disappointed with Stuarts second article this year taking a roundabout hit at new media, there is no need for it.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. RevStu says:

    James is fairly deranged in his hatred of Wings. I mentioned the stats because someone had just reminded me it was Wings’ birthday. And if SGP is in such rude health it’s a wonder its fundraisers are doing so amazingly poorly.

    • Stuart

      People do their best, I think every little helps. We don’t have your skills but what else can we do other than the best we can. James does his bit, don’t always agree with him, same as I didn’t always agree with WoS, but we have to do something to keep the issues alive in whatever way we can. No one doubts the popularity of Wings, or it’s continued impact and influence, but I felt that some encouragement from yourself would go a long way rather than giving the impression that the rest is all crap. New media is all we have, I appreciated you decided to take time out, hopefully you will come back some time if another campaign gets off the ground, but until then some encouragement would go a long way.

      Thanks for commenting.

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