Odds and Ends Monday 7th November 2022

Colony all the way – So Tory Labour Leader, and Lord of the Relm, Keir Starmer said that “of course the Union is voluntary” but refused to answer in an interview how Scotland gets out of this ‘voluntary’ union. Martin Geissler did try to get an answer when he asked him again “But I asked you if it was a voluntary Union, and you said you thought it was, so what is the democratic route out of that Union, if one nation doesn’t want to be part of it anymore?” Starmer replied “Well, look, we need to make our arguments, we need to have our priorities, and my priority is stabilising the economy.’’

“What if people don’t agree with you and they want out? Are they stuck in it?’’ Geissler went on.

“Well of course they’re not stuck in it!’’ Starmer insisted. “They’re not stuck in it but this is about priorities. What is the priority at the moment? The priority at the moment is people paying their bills, it’s growing the economy.”

Same PISH that Sunak spouted at PMQs when asked a similar question by Neil Hanvey Alba MP. If this doesn’t demonstrate to the likes of Tory SNP MP Pete Wishart, and Scottish Voters, that Scotland is a colony nothing will. Colonised all the way, in every way, anyone refusing to accept that are ignorant and in serious colonial denial, or like Wishart the Tory, have been bought and sold.

Geissler had one last go at getting an answer from the slippery Labour leader. “If the highest court in the land says Holyrood can hold a referendum, and the party of government in Holyrood who has promised the electorate a referendum says we want to deliver that, you still say they shouldn’t be able to hold that? That’s completely undemocratic, isn’t it?” he asked.

Politics is about priorities,” Starmer replied.

SCOTS are becoming more frustrated and angry about the cost-of-living crisis and nearly three-quarters blame the UK Government – (72%) of those surveyed blame the UK Government for the current crisis, (26%) said their family relationships have suffered as a result of the strain the crisis is creating. Rising costs have had an impact on people’s mental health, with 75% reporting an increase in stress and a further 35% saying they are having difficulty sleeping. Scots are also changing how they spend their leisure time, with 87% making cutbacks or delaying any purchases, 57% eating out less, and 55% curtailing days out. Some 69% reporting an increase in household anger and 80% said they are becoming increasingly frustrated with the situation.

Stress kills, this crisis will result in premature deaths this winter, it will result in relationship breakdown, it will result in hunger and homelessness. Liz Truss and the Tories cost all of us hundreds of Billions of pounds in her 4 weeks as Prime Minister, rather than £115,000 pay off she should be facing charges. The cut in energy costs, that we will pay back one way or the other, is not good enough in any shape or form. Countries have handled this crisis in a variety of ways but none of them deal with the real issue for me, the simple fact is that the wealthy don’t pay enough tax, money is too easily hidden, corporations also don’t pay enough tax on excessive profits and until we deal with the unfairness of the system this is only the beginning. People should be angry, need to be angry, but we also need to do something about it.

Someone tell Wishart to prove we are not colonised – Nicola Sturgeon is not speaking for me in any shape or form with this sycophantic nonsense. What is it that with the SNP and bowing and scraping to their betters. What don’t they get! By all means be respectful if that is what you want to do but please get off your knees, find your dignity and your self-respect. No one is asking for anyone to shout abuse at the Head of State, but come on, these days of unelected Heads of State have to be gone, it reinforced class, entitlement, it reinforces everything that is shit about the UK and our colonial status.

Scotland demonstrates the essential features of a colony. Scotland is clearly subject to full or partial political control by another country; Scotland has been and continues to be occupied by significant numbers of ‘settlers’, and; Scotland is exploited economically by the administering Power. (Alf Baird)

All First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is doing is prove that Alf Baird is not wrong is he.

This is the Capital of Scotland – How quickly things change when the Tories are in power, and the current Scottish Government are bereft of any real talent. That homelessness is growing should shame the Scottish Government, that children are now sleeping rough on the streets of Scotland’s Capital should see them fall. How bad do things need to get before people see that the only hope longer term for Scotland is independence. Things will only get worse as the cost-of-living crisis gets worse and neither our English colonisers or the Scottish Government appear willing to take the difficult choices to look after ordinary people, they will cater for their betters and their King, the rest of us are just something they step over in a doorway or step in.


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3 Responses to Odds and Ends Monday 7th November 2022

  1. 100%Yes says:

    I wouldn’t be suprised if Sturgeon was the head of Scotland in the Union, if not she should be.

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