Agreeing with the Govenor General

Also a very funny headline – Not often I agree with the Governor General of Scotland Alastair Jack, Tory scumbag MP, who it is reported has branded the Scottish Government’s independence papers “utter pish”, saying they should do their “proper day job” instead of trying to “break up the United Kingdom”.

The fact that he is right on both points is so funny, when he brands the SNP Scottish Government papers “utter pish” yeah not far wrong there, and when he says the SNP should get on with the “day job”, again right, we all wish the SNP would get on with what they were elected to do, get Scotland out of this shit hole of a union. This came about yesterday in the SNP Scottish Independence and the Scottish Economy debate in Westminster, amazingly a day after Neil Hanvey, Alba MP, was laughed at for daring to further the cause of independence.

There were a few of the now famous Ian Blahford, SNP Westminster Leader, platitudes. Here is a wee selection of his greatest hits from yesterday:

“Scotland has been stuck in this Union for too long. I look forward to the opportunity for my colleagues to leave this House for the last time when Scotland becomes an independent country—it has indeed been too long”.

“Scotland cannot afford to be part of the failing state of the UK and must be independent for economic stability”.

“If Scotland has its right to determine its own future, and if our Parliament, which has an independence majority, can enact the referendum that our people voted for, then Scotland’s journey to independence and back into the European union will be complete”. (Note the IF at the start of that comment)

“We will put the case for Scotland to be an independent country” (What you just f starting now Ian)

“Gentleman but let me return to 2014. At the time of the Scottish referendum, we were told that, if we stayed in the United Kingdom, two things would happen: first, we would stay in Europe and secondly, we would lead the UK in a voluntary Union of equals. None of that has happened”, (but Ian Scotland won’t get taken out of the EU against its will).

Blahford finished with celebrating a totally meaningless vote when he noted at the end of the debate that

“This indeed is a historic moment. This House has voted in favour of a motion on Scottish independence—this is the first time that that has happened—with a clear majority of those who were elected from Scottish constituencies voting for that proposition. Of course, that follows on the back of the mandate that the Scottish Parliament has and that the Scottish Government have for delivering an independence referendum. I wonder what assistance your office can give to make sure that the UK Government now assist the Scottish Government in delivering on that mandate that we have and the support of this House for Scotland becoming an independent country”.

There was also a wee vote that took place which confused me

There are 45 SNP MPs elected to the English Parliament, however, there were only 38 Ayes including the 2 Alba MPs so basically 9 SNP MPs didn’t vote. I wonder why, maybe they were away on British business, or maybe they couldn’t be bothered, might have been in Stirling with Alyn Smith planning revenge on the gender abstainers. Either way you can read the debate here in Hansard it’s mostly a lot of “utter pish” to quote the Governor General of Scotland and nothing we haven’t heard before; it is a long read.

Red Tory Ian Murray does stand out, he made me laugh with his magic mushroom statement

“What I would say, in all sincerity, to those who support independence in Scotland is “Look at the proposition that is in front of you.” The best way to resolve this is not to take Scotland out of the UK and do Brexit on stilts—Scexit, if you like—but to vote Labour, deliver a UK Labour Government, and allow us to prove that Britain is a place that Scotland would want to be a part of”.


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