Odds and Ends Tuesday 2nd November 2022

I didn’t know, I wasn’t aware, I don’t recall, at no point – It appears that Sturgeon is at it again, like she was during the Alex Salmond enquiry, Ash Regan, SNP MSP, said: “The First Minister was well aware of the concerns that I held on this issue.” This was after Sturgeon had said to the media that at “no stage” had the former minister approached her to “raise your concerns” about the Bill.

Anyone who followed the enquiry around the harassment claims will see the familiar pattern when Sturgeon is challenged on what she does or does not know. This is both a party leader, and First Minister, who needs to go, that she has gotten away with her poor memory, poor governance, and alleged vindictive nature for as long as she has tells us all we need to know. Under Sturgeon the SNP has become a unionist British below average party.

Not our money your money – So we are all going to pay a lot more tax to fund the already under funded, under resourced public services that we rely on, or that some of us rely on, and yet the scumbag Tories are starting to recover in the polls. After years of some of the worst economic management the UK has ever seen the Tories are coming for more of our money to pay for their failure.

Treasury sources were briefing press yesterday following a meeting between Mr Hunt and the Prime Minister.

One told the Guardian that “tough decisions” need to be undertaken due to the “eye-watering” size of the blow to public finances dealt by Liz Truss’s mini-budget.

“It is going to be rough,” the source said. “The truth is that everybody will need to contribute more in tax if we are to maintain public services.

“After borrowing hundreds of billions of pounds through Covid-19 and implementing massive energy bills support, we won’t be able to fill the fiscal black hole through spending cuts alone.”

Mr Hunt is reportedly looking to implement an equal split of 50 per cent tax rises and 50% spending cuts.

This is a result of Tory/SNP financial mismanagement, opposition ineptitude, and ignorant voters down south, and in Scotland, voters more concerned about the colour of people’s skin, or I’m alright jack as we saw in 2014. The tough decisions, which are not so tough for Tories, will be to keep public sector workers poorer and desperate than they have ever been, it will be to cut vital public services, it will be to sell off some more public services to their pals while reducing our pocket money. We are being taken for mugs, and yet Scots will vote SNP to remain in the union, and while we suffer the consequences of that the SNP will stay eating at the trough.

He’s not wrong – I totally agree with Neil Hanvey, Alba MP, on this one and was not surprised to learn that,

His question was met with groans in the Commons as well as laughter from Speaker Lindsay Hoyle. 

One SNP MP described it as “grossly insulting” to “those that have experienced real colonialism.”

Hoyle is a coloniser, and the SNP are bought and sold unionists now pretty much in all but name. I don’t how much more humiliation the SNP are willing to add to Scotland now, they seem to not notice that they are actually the laughingstock, the patsies, the clowns. Neil asked the Prime Minister

“So without falling back on the ‘you’ve had your vote trope’ can the Prime Minister tell me, is Scotland in a voluntary and respectful union of equals as claimed in 2014? Or are we hostages in a territorial British colony? “

Mr Sunak replied: “What people across Scotland rightly want to see is both their governments working constructively together to improve their lives. That’s what we will do on this side of the house.

No answer because he knows he can’t tell the truth. Alba hater and Tory SNP MP Pete Wishart spouted his usual crap, “Imagine going round the doors trying to convince the Scottish people that they live in a ‘colony’. Wishart is a total clown, has achieved nothing in 20 years of being bought and sold, and is an embarrassment to Scotland, yellow Tory all the way.

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3 Responses to Odds and Ends Tuesday 2nd November 2022

  1. panda paws says:

    What is a colony?

    “a country or area under the full or partial political control of another country and occupied by settlers from that country:!

    If the cap fits.

    It’s also an area whereby another country takes control of its assets for the latter’s use.

    If the cap fits.

    Scotland is not a de jure colony – we are supposedly an equal partner in a union brought about by an international treaty – but defacto we are treated like one.

    But the real point missed understandably by the nuSNP and others, is that Sunak ignored the question. We still don’t know whether the PM believes Scotland is an equal partner in a union or whether we are not. I think we all suspect the latter but the point is we need to get him to admit it!

    • PP

      Totally, we know what the Tories, and the other Tories think, the SNP are bought and sold all the way now. They couldn’t even all be there to vote yesterday in their own debate yet harassed and laughed at Neil Hanvey when he stood up and made his statement about our colonial status. I have always saw us as a colonised non-country to be fair for the reasons you state. People like Wishart and Blahford make me sick to my stomach, they have given out other than platitudes and Alba hate. Sunak will fail in the end like they all do, these people don’t have countries, they worship power and money, that is about the sum of it and we all end up suffering.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Cubby says:

    Great blogging grumpy.

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