I wouldn’t write him off

Richard Murphy has an interesting blog today. Richard concedes that Sunak could be a great Prime Minister but that he probably won’t be due to the many crises that the UK faces right now from Brexit, to cost of living, to energy, to inflation.

Sunak won’t have it easy leading the mental Conservative and English Party on top of all the issues that bankrupt UK faces but I would not write him off at all. The reason I wouldn’t write him off are two-fold, England has gone Tory in marginal areas, and Keir Starmer, Labour Leader, is just not all that liked when you listen to a variety of radio call in shows in England. A lot of people down south, like a lot of no voters in Scotland, are just looking for an excuse to keep voting Tory because no matter how bad things get, they hate Labour and Starmer.

I appreciate the polls have Sunak on – 28 and Starmer – 12 and that Labour are ahead in the polls but if Sunak can put together even a semi competent cabinet and can get the Tories to shut up then I would not write him off if there is no election until 2024 and I also think Ian Blahford, SNP Westminster Leader, is talking shit when he says Sunak is as unpopular in Scotland as Boris Johnson was. Well Mr Blahford from people I was chatting to yesterday, some who should be aghast at the thought of Sunak, are so scunnered right now with the state of the UK they are desperate for a period of stability in Government and no matter the issues if they see that is the case he might just pull it off.

Personally, I despise the Tories and Sunak is just another posh boy fostered on Scotland that we did not vote for, he will do nothing for Scotland, and will not solve any of the problems we face because he is part of the problem. However, I also have zero faith in voters in the UK, especially in Scotland, who are ignorant, in denial, broken and colonised.

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9 Responses to I wouldn’t write him off

  1. Stuart MacKay says:

    It will be interesting to see how Sunak and Starmer are portrayed going forward. You’re right about stability. Nothing can get done without it. What will get done as a result is still open to question. I’m sure the “Rishi is working on it” will get trotted out a lot in an effort to persuade people that taking to the streets is not going to work.

    So what will happen to the Brexiters? Did they all just evaporate into thin air? What about the relationship with the EU and the Northern Ireland Protocol? Nothing fundamental has changed. Inflation, poverty and despair are still here. It seems the media just papered over all the cracks in the expectation that all the confrontations will vanish. Maybe if we all pretend it’s 2015 or even 2005 all our problems will go away.

    • Stuart

      The English media will big him up as they hate Labour. He has made a mistake by bringing Braverman back after she resigned, no doubt the first of many, but that will come back to hurt him in the eyes of many voters. The Scottish papers will sit on the fence I suspect apart from the Rancid. I think the Tory Party will settle down a little now as they know their seats are at risk big time, they will want some period of stability before austerity really kicks in while we get a propaganda austerity campaign every day in the media and from the BoE/OBR. Sunak will also give certain Scots all the excuse they need to stay no. We are in for a long period of pain that is for sure, Sunak is just another posh boy with entitlement, and he will do nothing for poor people other than convince enough they are the problem.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. 100%Yes says:

    Of course, he’s being setup this is what the Tories do and it’s the only thing they do well. The guy only took on the job of PM because he’s knows he’s going to be in the Guinness book of records for being the first Asian PM, well done Rishi, if you don’t achieve anything else in your life and he won’t you did achieve PM and your name in the Guinness book.

    Rishi knew taken on the PM job is fool’s errand he’s not bothered about that, don’t forget this is a guy who took of the poorer communities to give to the wealthy communities and believes Scotland goes all the way down to Darlington, only shows his true charter.

    He isn’t a fool, but the point I’m making is he’s not bothered if the UK economy fails, he’ll always blame Truss, he’s in it for himself, he knows the likelihood of being the next PM is a 100-1 after the next WM election.

    • 100%YES

      I think they will protect him, the media will big him up and Tory MPs will want a period of stability before the propaganda and pain of the new austerity kicks in for us poor folks while enough Scots will have an excuse to stay no. He has made a mistake with bringing Braverman back after she resigned and that will piss off a lot of voters in England, but the fact they hate Labour means I would not write him or the Tories off. Scotland will just suffer the same pain with added insults, and many will keep asking for more like the cowards they are, indy is dead and we are just in for more of the slow decline that we have suffered for at least 200 years, you can’t make up how embarrassing it is to be Scottish now.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. bushgeoff says:

    He is an unmitigated genius compared to Truss, he doesn’t have too much of the narcissistic sociopath compared to Johnson. In short he’s a dangerous man and we’d be stupid to underestimate him and the further damage he can do to Scotland’s cause.

    • bushgeoff

      I agree, I suspect if he can keep the mental Tories quiet and just bring in a bit of calm, limit the pain to a degree, he could just last the course and pull it off. It won’t be easy at all in any shape or form, but Starmer is poor, and Labour have very few real policies that stand out and people down south don’t trust them in a lot of cases, they really have few answers to the issues we face. As far as Scotland is concerned Sunak just needs to stick to the now is not the time rhetoric, but be calm when he says it, throw in the yes, of course it is up to Scots to decide, but right now we have bigger issues to confront as the Uk and a family blah blah blah. That will be enough to appease enough Scots and what is Sturgeon going to do as she is not serious anyway.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. bruceruk says:

    The West don’t have a clue how to fix their debt-ridden unipolar economic system. And that’s because it can’t be fixed. It needs to be replaced with a new production orientated economic system as recommended by Lyndon LaRouche, 50 years ago! But the West are refusing because they wouldn’t be in charge of a new Bretton Wood economic system. Furthermore, it is a much fairer system. That would mean the Elite would have to share, lose their advantage and the global power it has given them.
    They are already being left behind. China, Russia, India and most of the Southern Hemisphere are adopting the new economic strategy, including returning to a gold-backed proven system.
    This is why we have the war in Ukraine as part of the plan to weaken/ destroy Russia before moving on to China.
    Here we don’t get much news on the de-industrialisation of Europe. BBC ban real news. But it is happening. Left wing governments are having a hard time, hanging on to power. Some are finding ways around the US sanctions. Understandably, they regret helping the US to destroy their countries and their sovereignties. A ridiculously high price they are paying to defend a non Nato country.
    So, we are not alone.
    Sushi Rinak is a WEF man.
    Austerity WILL be rolled out.
    And yes, he will continue to look after his rich chums.
    Is he a saviour of Britain?
    At best, he buys the rotten Tories some time. What good that does them? Who knows?…….

    • bruceruk

      I won’t pretend to understand economics, I have always just felt that if the major countries in the world could just stop their greed to an extent huge companies could be forced to pay a fair tax that is the same worldwide on their national profits, but it will never happen will it. The rich have the power and that is that so poor people will always be vulnerable to their whims, they have no countries anymore they just have power and wealth while playing games with our lives, I mean how much money do you need. The world is screwed in longer term and I dread to think what future generations will face. I’m in my 50’s, maybe this is as good as it ever gets who knows. Sunak is maybe being set up to fail but I just would not write him off. I don’t care how far Labour might be ahead in the polls I just don’t think that voters in England really want to vote for them, Scotland is a lost cause, indy is dead. We are a colonised and broken people now in every way. I only blog now to annoy them and express an opinion but I have pretty much given up on indy now to be honest.

      Thanks for commenting.

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