A Grumpy Survey: The Results

The results are in, there were 218 respondents so thank you all very much for taking the time to complete the survey, very kind. Because I used jotform, and they limit responses to try and get you to buy it, I had to split the survey over two platforms so had to use a different tables platform but hopefully it still comes out ok. I did plan on leaving the survey open for a week but since I made an arse of a choice in jotform I decided to end it early but 218, while not Scot Goes Pop numbers, I still think is decent and gives some interesting results.

Q1 Should there be a General Election? 67% (147) respondents felt there should be a General Election and 31.5% No (69). Pretty clear that after 3 Prime Ministers in what 7 weeks, all originally imposed on us by the Conservative Party without going to the voters is just plain undemocratic and wrong in every way. Personally -I also responded yes there has to be a General Election, we live in a banana republic.

Q2 Who would make the best Prime Minister? 13% (29) of respondents went for Rushi Sunak, 9.5% (21) Boris Johnson, 6% (13) Penny Mordaunt, 26% (58) Keir Starmer, and 17.5% (38) Ed Davie. Personally – I went with Keir Starmer. The best of a terrible bunch to be honest, little integrity or honesty, let alone ability, among any of them. Either way the UK is screwed without real political and electoral change at all levels. We need a proportional voting system, we need reform of local government (I appreciate that is nothing to do with Westminster in Scotland), we need rid of this terrible Tory Government who have brought the UK to the brink of bankruptcy. However, none of them inspire in any shape or form.

Q3 If there is a General Election, who will you vote for? 74% of respondents (163) said they would vote for the Alba Party, 17% (39) the Scottish National Party, 3.5% (8) the Independence for Scotland Party, 3.2% (7) the Labour Party, 3.2% (7) wouldn’t vote, 1% (2) the Liberal Democrats, 1% (2) the Green Party, 1% (2) the Conservative Party, and 0% the Brexit Party. Personally – I went with the Alba Party. My days of voting SNP ended in 2017 and they will never see another vote from myself due to their total betrayal of pretty much most of what they are supposed to stand for. They are a devolution party at best now filled with below average standard politicians, even the decent ones like Cherry and MacNeil have come across as all bluster and little action, just Blahfords in disguise.

Q4 If there is a Holyrood Election for the Scottish Parliament, who would you vote for? 83% (182) of respondents said they would vote for the Alba Party, 16% (35) the Scottish National Party, 5% (11) the Independence for Scotland Party (ISP), 2.5% (6) the Scottish Labour Party, 2% (5) the Scottish Green Party, 1% (2) the Scottish Conservatives, 1% (2) would not vote, and 0.5% (1) the Scottish Liberal Democrats. Personally – I went for the Alba Party mainly as they are pretty much the last hope in so many ways to actually get moving on the constitutional front but the hatred of the sheeple, the devolutionists, and the media make getting the message across very difficult, but the NuSNP will implode soon enough and that might force some people to take the blinkers off and have a look at what Alba stands for.

Q5 Who would make the best First Minister of Scotland? 83% (181) of respondents felt that Alba Party Leader Alex Salmond would make the best First Minister of Scotland, 10% (22) Nicola Sturgeon Scottish National Party, 5% (11) Colette Walker Independence for Scotland Party (ISP), 2.2% (5) Anus Sarwar the Scottish Labour Party, 0.5% (1) Douglas Ross the Scottish Conservatives, 0.5% (1) Patrick Harvie Scottish Green Party, and 0.5% (1) Alex Cole-Hamilton the Scottish Liberal Democrats. Personally – I went for Alex Salmond who I believe would actually stand up for Scotland and would deliver real progressive government. He has by far the best record of any previous First Minister, and I guess his biggest mistake was not seeing through Sturgeon and the disaster she has turned out to be for Scotland. The rest don’t bear thinking about.

Q6 If the next General Election is a de-facto referendum, who will you vote for? 71% (156) responded that they would vote for the Alba Party, 23% (52) the Scottish National Party, 4% (9) Independence for Scotland Party (ISP), 3% (7) would not vote, 2.7% (6) Scottish Labour, 1% (2) Scottish Green Party, 0.6% (1) Scottish Conservatives, and 0% the Scottish Liberal Democrats. Personally – No surprises I went for the Alba Party. Not interested in eating more of the magic mandate carrots from the NuSNP with their strategy designed to fail while keeping their nonentities in opulence compared to the rest of us right now. The NuSNP are playing voters for all they are worth; I cannot stand that party or Sturgeon anymore. What Sturgeon has done to the SNP will go down in history, how to destroy a party as quickly as possible.

Q7 Who do you blame for the cost-of-living crisis? 59% (129) of respondents blame the Conservative Government for the current cost of living nightmare, 26% (58) Brexit, 20% (44) the banks and bankers, 17% (37) the energy companies, 1.8% (4) the opposition parties, 3.6% (8) Putin / Ukraine War, 1.3% (3) the shops, and 34% (74) all of the above. Personally – I went with the Conservatives and the banks, scumbag Tories for their incompetence and the banks for their greed. The economy is a shambles after 12 years of Tory Government and people still looking for an excuse to vote for them, you can’t make up how thick as shit some people are. I think some people would happily freeze and starve to death rather than admit they are thick as shit and ignorant.

Q8 Have you cut back on any of the following as a result of the cost-of-living crisis in the UK? 64% (140) respondents noted they had cut back on gas and electric, 44% (97) eating out, 22% (48) food and drink, 21.5% (47) clothes, and 15% (33) Transport both public and private. Personally – I certainly have not been putting the heating on as much, and especially not if I am the only one at home. I purchased a small Eco Heater which uses very little power, and I can set the room temp etc. My son has one also and while expensive I live in hope that they pay for themselves. I have not cut back on food but certainly keeping an eye on it, while I have also started to walk a little more and only really use the car when I have to now but that was pretty much the case anyway. It is a sad state of affairs in this day and age, it is a disgrace and the Governments need to be doing more not threatening more austerity which let’s be under no illusion will kill people. Whenever the next election comes around, we have to make the politicians pay, all of them who are currently elected, we need to look at alternatives now and in Scotland that is Alba, in England the Greens.

Q9 Do you feel the current SNP / Green Government at Holyrood are doing? 55% (121) of respondents indicated they thought the current Government at Holyrood were doing a very poor job, 23% (50) a poor job, 14.5% (32) an average job, 7.7% (17) a good job, and 1.3% (3) an excellent job. Personally – I went with very poor job. The current Government is the worst since devolution in my opinion. The millions wasted on failed contracts, legal vendettas, useless enquiries, Covid-19 mishandling, the list goes on, plus poor policy and over centralisation is costing Scotland a lot. When good governance is part of the key to convince people to vote yes, the current government are doing the unionist job for them.

Q10 Do you believe there will be a referendum on Scottish Independence in October 2023? 92% (202) of respondents felt that there will not be a referendum in October 2023 with 8% (9) indicating they feel there will be. Personally – I went with no. I would be shocked to heart attack level if one ever happens on that date. This was just a desperate measure because of pressure from Alba, some SNP members, and the wider yes movement, plus the hope from Sturgeon that voters will munch down on some more magic carrots. Everything Sturgeon has done strategically in my opinion is designed to lose.

Q11 If there is no referendum held in October 2023 on Scottish Independence should First Minister Nicola Sturgeon? 93% (203) of respondents felt that if there is no referendum next October then Nicola Sturgeon should resign as First Minister with 7% (15) feeling that she should remain as First Minister. Personally – I think she should have resigned a long time ago but if there is no referendum next year then she should do the decent thing and step down, although I suspect that unless she has a job lined up that won’t happen, she will hang on until 2024 General Election to try and get the gullible to vote SNP and keep the useless in their new accustomed crumbs from the British table lifestyle.

Q12 Should Scotland be an Independent Country? 95% (209) of respondents felt that Scotland should be an independent country with 7% (9) saying no Scotland should not be an Independent Country. Personally – Obviously I went with Yes. My reason for always believing in independence for Scotland is democracy, it has never been about money or if I am financially worse off or better off. It has always been about Scotland deciding on as many decisions as possible in Scotland with politicians answerable to Scottish voters. How anyone can believe that allowing voters in another country decide who your government is is beyond me. We are a colonised, frightened, broken, ignorant people in the main who are 90-minute patriots and Braveheart fans deluding themselves that we actually live in Scotland, we don’t, we live in colonised North England or Britain. It is an embarrassment being Scottish when it comes to politics.

Q13 Which new media blogs do you currently read? Craig Murray had 111, Yours for Scotland 121, Barrheadboy 108, Grouse Beater 107, Robin McAlpine 93, Scot Goes Pop 80, Pete A Bell 44, Munquin’s New Republic 38, Angry Weegie 32, Wee Ginger Dug 25, Wings Over Scotland 13. There was also this blog, Richard Murphy, Voices for Independence, Gerry Hassan and a few others but Yours for Scotland came out as the most popular new media blog and I can see why, Iain is an excellent writer and gets his points across very well.

Thanks to everyone who took part. I found the results interesting in some ways and not in others. My opinions on the direction of travel on our journey to independence has been clear in the blog but this survey confirms that I am not alone. The NuSNP are letting us down, Westminster is letting us down, the only answer is independence but sadly the majority if Scottish voters are also letting the whole country down.

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10 Responses to A Grumpy Survey: The Results

  1. panda paws says:

    Interesting to see the results. I was one of the 218 taking party. The most interesting response was q10. I’m not surprised by the answer though it reflects your readership. I’m sure the readers of say WGD would have returned the opposite result – what will they do in October 2023 when nothing happens?

    • PP

      Thanks for doing the survey. I hope that next year’s failure will wake some people up but now I am not so sure to be honest. I am not even sure how many of those who vote SNP now actually want independence as it is pretty much dead now under Sturgeon and her stupidity and hate. What a sad decline in such a short period of time. I was shocked by the video and equally disgusted.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. caltonjock says:

    And I didn’t even get a mention.

  3. Very interesting results. I have a question, how can you vote for ALBA at a UKGE or on the Holyrood constituency, when ALBA won’t stand against the SNP? I have been told ALBA is a Holyrood list pop-up party. Look like we will have to vote SNP after all.

    • Hughie

      As far as I know, unless there is some kind of deal with the SNP, which is very unlikely, then Alba will be standing in all elections and as many seats as possible. They stood in the Council elections and the Holyrood ones as well and got my vote in both. They will also get my vote in any General Election, if no Alba candidate, then it will be ISP for myself.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • I wonder if there is anything we can do to encourage the ALBA party to stand in all elections? Even if that means standing against the SNP. They are afraid they will be howled down for splitting the vote.

        • Hughie

          I didn’t follow Alex Salmond advice to vote SNP and won’t in future. If Alba keeps to that strategy in any future election, they will lose my membership. I am not interested in being a member of a party that gives votes to the SNP who are a party I can no longer support in any way. Alba needs to make a stand as a serious party, the SNP are no longer an indy party, certainly their actions make me think that. Indy is dead pretty much as things stand and Alba have a chance to make some in roads, they might never form governments etc, but they have a chance to influence the debate and they need to take it.

          Thanks for commenting.

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