You YES Yet?

One of the most bizarre things that I have talked about in this blog the last few weeks is the propensity of Scots to take a level of shit from our colonising English Government that would break the back of an elephant it is so heavy. While polls are really just interesting ways of finding out what people think in my opinion the fact that No to Scottish Independence maintains 51% on average since 2010 amazes me it really does.

I just can’t understand what it is that certain people are so afraid of. I get that many are not impressed with Nicola Sturgeon and her version of the Scottish National Party. I totally get that people might be disappointed with the level of overall governance from the current SNP / Green Party Government, I am too, but compared to the shit show that has been the scumbag Conservatives since 2010 it makes Scotland look like a utopia.

A National Disgrace – 216 warm banks have been set up in Scotland so far during this cost-of-living crisis and we are not even really into winter yet. In a colony as wealthy in natural resources as Scotland is that is something that should make every one of us hang our heads in shame, as well as make every single one of us think why. Councils across the country have warm banks in libraries, leisure centres and church halls as people face mounting heating costs. There are 244 formally established food banks across the country, with many more operating informally in places like church halls. (Daily Record)

Some of the warm banks will even offer hot showers and access to washing machines as well as food and hot drinks. Even before this crisis 1 in 5 households in Scotland were living in fuel poverty, that is expected to rise to 1 in 3 roughly this winter. If that does not make you think about where the political future of Scotland lays then nothing will.

A Democratic Disgrace – So, we are going to have Prime Minister number 4 imposed on us by the scumbag Conservative Party, a party that has not won the popular vote in Scotland since 1955, 1955 FFS. Put aside the absolute devastation they have caused in Scotland in the years since, the poverty, the theft of natural resources, the two leading candidates are either liars, or come from a family that it has been alleged have used the extremely lax tax rules in the UK to avoid paying it. That the scumbag Tories can force these people on Scotland, and have no issue doing it, should tell you all you need to know about the fact that we do not, and have never, lived in a democracy since our forced colonisation in 1707.

The unionists won the popular vote in Scotland in the 2019 General Election with 1,484,74 votes out of 2, 759, 061 which is roughly 53%, FFS what don’t these people get. I am all for people voting for what they believe but there is no way that if those people seriously based their vote in 2019 on the facts of what that vote was for and what it meant. Who in their right mind can vote for a unionist party that chains Scotland to this nightmare, who in their right mind can seriously believe that the best Scotland can do is be colonised by the English Parliament.

But lets be honest here, we have been taken over by a small group of Eton boys and girls, they have imperial delusions, they are controlled by other people’s money. We live in an elected Tory dictatorship no better than Putin’s Russia, we just think it is. We were lied to, robbed by a group of people like Boris Johnson, the courts have no control, the voters have little control, we have no upper chamber with ways to hold the dictatorship to account. We have been taken for MUGS because we are MUGS. We have been played and lied to and we deserve everything we get because we facilitated it, but we don’t have to keep going the same way.

The UK is now pretty much a failed state – We were told in 2014 that Scotland would get no credit and would be a financial basket case if it voted for independence. We were LIED to, and we fell for it, or enough stupid and very ignorant people did. Now that the UK is on the brink of being a failed state in every way, a state that cannot pay its debts despite all of Scotland riches that have been stolen from us should tell many people a story. Sadly, it won’t because our ability to believe the posh Eton boys and Girls and take their shit astounds me.

Moody’s said there were two “drivers” behind its decision to change the UK’s economic outlook.

It said the first was “the increased risk to the UK’s credit profile from the heightened unpredictability in policymaking amid a volatile domestic political landscape”.

The simple fact is I am ashamed of being Scottish right now and associated with being regarded as British. I am ashamed that so many Scots are stupid and ignorant, that 2014 will go down as one of the biggest fuck ups in the history of the world. We are gutless mugs, cowards, and I don’t apologise for saying it. If Scots remain in the no camp, then you deserve everything you get and you will get no sympathy from me anymore, and again, I don’t really care what no voters and unionists think of that statement.

The UK is a basket case, it is a lying playground for the rich who would not piss on us if we were on fire fuelled by ignorant voters all over the UK who are too fucking stupid to open their minds to the reality around them. We deserve everything that is coming down the line, we should embrace it, and watch the UK burn.


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10 Responses to You YES Yet?

  1. Black Rab says:

    The Naw bags ain’t changing their minds Grumpy. Their intellectual political capacity is cast in concrete. What a bunch of dopes, fa’s like them? Fa’s like us?
    Deary me!

    • Black Rab

      All we can do just now is keep hammering away at them, point out that what they believe is just total bullshit and let them live with their shame. I sometimes speak to no voters, and you can just sense that they know they are wrong, they know they are cowards, you can feel their shame. It is all so sad that so many are so broken by their fear and colonisation, I pity them I really do, to live like that must be hell.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Cubby says:

    Another excellent blog Bruce. Keep them coming. People need the truth told straight to them. I am hiss thst you are making the point that Scotland has NEVER ever been a democracy. It’s long overdue get people realis that just because you go to a polling station or fill in your pistol vote it dies not mean Scotland is a democratic country. We will ALWAYS be outvoted in Westminster by English MPS. It was designed that way from the beginning and the numbers just get worse. English MPs are planned increase by 10 and Scotland, Wales NIreland are reducing. The Englush introduce policies that favour England that increases its population relative to Scotland/Wales/NIreland and then change the number of MPs based on population. And so it has gone on over the centuries. Westminster is wher the power lies as long as Scots allow it to continue.

    The trouble is a lot of the population have been conditioned to see themselves as British and they want to remain British and will accept any amount of shit, subservience, subjugation and humiliation for Scotland because that is for Scots not them who are British.

    The British people love being serfs and grovelling before their betters particularly the Scottish version of British.

    • Cubby

      I think less people see themselves as British now, it’s around 19% but too many Scots have been colonised and conditioned. Some are cowards, some know exactly what they have done and have to live with that shame, and I pity them. We are a colony in everything but name because as you say we will always be outvoted, English priorities will always trump Scotland, so they can do what they want when they want and there is little we can do as 53% of Scots keep bending over and asking for more, total embarrassment and why I am very much ashamed to be Scottish most days. You are also spot on with the British serf’s opinion, we saw that when Elizabeth Windsor passed, that included our politicians, they shamed us all in my opinion but what can we do other than keep pointing out their shame as long as we can in the consolation that we were right, and they were cowards.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. ruglen1 says:

    Very well said. Your last paragraph used the exact same phrase I did this morning when talking about the idiot unionists. Do they honestly believe that England subsidises Scotland? If they do, then it goes to show that Care in the Community was a failed experiment.
    I’m getting too old now to be arsed with the craven stupidity of the Scots. We have the enormous potential to be one of the richest, fairest countrys on this planet and most Scots just don’t care. Well they can get on with it. I’m done. It’s time for me to look out for myself and my man and they can all GTF.

    • Ruglen1

      I am pretty much at the same place as you are now. Scots are cowards, colonised, ignorant in too many cases and deserve everything they get. I say they because I am just not a part of that, neither are you or the other genuine yessers out there. I pity some of them as well as they have to live with the shame of what their vote does, and they are more than aware of it. Indy as I have been blogging is dead now as far as I am concerned, I will keep blogging for the time being because I know that the yoons, and many yessers, hate the blog and it annoys the crap out of them so all the more reason to keep at it. Even on an alleged must not read or share blog list that apparently does the rounds of certain SNP folk, sad bastards in the main lol.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. says:

    Great Post Bruce . Pretty much sums up how l feel . I gave up trying to change Scotland. In my opinion it will always remain subservient . The Unionists are happy to facilitate the shitshow in front of us. It’s beyond comprehension as to why because at the end of the day the Tories couldn’t give two shits about them .

    • Pauline

      I feel the same, I have given up on indy now pretty much. I only really blog now to have a go and express an opinion. I don’t ask the SNP for anything now about anything, strategy etc I am not interested. I don’t make the same demands as other bloggers for them to do whatever. Scotland will not see independence in my lifetime, too many ignorant and cowardly people out there and they deserve everything they get coming their way, as does, the UK for voting in disgusting Tory scum bags. Scotland could be a decent place but prefers to remain a colony of England, well f them to be honest, excuse the language but I have had it now with them. I will look after me and mine, will blog to have a go at all of them because they deserve it for their greed, incompetence, corruption, delusion, the list goes on and on, but I am at the point now I am more worried about paying my bills and keeping my older kids warm and fed in their flats with what little I have. Sturgeon, the SNP and their gender warriors, along with the nay sayers and the no voters can go do one.

      Thanks for commenting.

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