A Grumpy Survey

Thought as I haven’t done one of these for a while, I would do a survey. Please click on the link below to take part. This is not a scientific survey and won’t be up to anything like a Scot Goes Pop or proper survey, it is just a bit of fun but please share as much as you can to get as big a sample size as possible. The survey will stay open for a week then I will work on the results and present them next weekend as quickly as I can, but depending on how many take part it could take me a little bit of time.

Due to Jot Forms limiting replies to 100 the link now goes to google forms and I will combine all of the results next week when the survey closes, sorry for any confusion.


A Grumpy Survey



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4 Responses to A Grumpy Survey

  1. twathater says:

    Bruce for the Holyrood election you have missed out the scum scottish paedophile party the snp as a choice , I personally will never vote for them again but the nicophants will say you are biased

    • twathater

      They show up on my version. Using Jotforms has confused things a little as I rushed the google and a couple of the questions should have allowed more choices, it will still be interesting, but it is annoying that I rushed the google set up. No more Jotforms in future.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. nallyanders says:

    Thanks for the Survey Bruce. Filled in except who will be best Prime Minister.
    Answer is none of them really.
    Keir Starmer might have got my vote except Labour are nothing more than Red Tories and following his keynote speech at the Pink News awards he has shown that his commitment to Trans Ideology is more than fashionable lip service.
    He is claiming Labour will reform, the already reformed GRA in England. The only thing left to amend is Self ID instead of the current gender dysphoria diagnosis.
    Of note Holyrood will be voting on this very subject this Thursday, 26th with all parties except Tories commited to pass Self ID in Scotland.
    This means that anyone ie. 100% of the population will be eligible to apply to change ‘Legal’ sex. No checks, no balances – nothing.
    Anyone who thinks this will not negatively impact on women’s rights (in particular, single sex spaces) must surely be living in a parallel universe.

    • Nally

      Thanks, I made a bit of an arse of it by going with jotforms so it will take me a little longer to work it all out and do tables etc but I will get it done this week as I might close it early as there has been a lot of replies which is good and makes it more interesting. I have pretty much given up on all the parties now apart from Alba and ISP. The elected politicians are pretty much useless now to anyone, they have no answers, and the UK is on course for collapse. The survey will probably be mostly people of a like mind like us. GRA will come back to haunt most of them, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want to protect trans people from abuse and ridicule. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want to protect trans rights, but this cannot be done at the expense of women’s rights, and without the proper support and time for trans men and women to receive the support they need to ensure they are making the right choice for them, but we are the nutters for actually giving a shit about the well-being of all sides in the debate, you can’t make it up. For me women are doing more to protect trans men and women than their so-called warriors who in my opinion have put them more at risk with both the legislation and their approach to anyone who questions it. The SNP have been infiltrated and they will live to regret that, but we all will as indy is pretty much dead now either way.

      Thanks for commenting.

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