Odds and Ends Friday 21st October 2022

Can it get much worse? So, we might see a Johnson come back, or a man with a dodgy personal tax record, or an obnoxious anti Scottish nonentity. None of them are fit to lead the UK, none of them have the brains, the stature, or the humanity. The fact that Johnson might even have support in this sham of a democratic race is an affront to every one of us with any level of decency. Ian Blahford, Westminster NuSNP leader, has said There will be a “wave of revulsion” across Scotland if Boris Johnson is returned to No 10, he might be right, but he will do nothing about it other than a nice platitude here and there. You would think that any of the three would be a boost to Scottish Independence, but that ship sailed a long time ago, one of the Nikola warriors said I was talking shit when I showed that yes had fallen under her leadership, it’s that level of delusion that has killed independence even though the scumbag Tories have been going out of their way since 2010 to help the cause with their incompetence.

Saying it and meaning it are two different things. Does anyone seriously believe that the NuSNP, Labour, and the Liberals really want a general election. I believe that most of the voters do, I don’t believe that Starmer, Sturgeon, or Davie do. Starmer would have to put up taxes, make spending cuts, show his true central ne0-liberal colours even more than he already has no matter what he said to the TUC. Sturgeon won’t want one, it will show her strategy for independence for what it is, a complete pile of shit, once she has killed off independence in any failed general election the magic carrots will start to wear off big time, and the Liberals don’t matter and people won’t vote for them anyway, not in enough numbers to matter really.

You have to wonder what it will take don’t you. I appreciate that James Kelly will already have covered this poll, I also appreciate that not much will change until there is an actual independence campaign, but you have to wonder how thick are the 51% of no voters that they would still rather be colonized than free from the absolute shit show that is the UK. I can never get my head around the colonized mind of Scots or get my head around how much shit Scots appear willing to take on a daily basis. We truly are a strong people, the level of shit we take would break the back of ordinary people in any other sane country that is for sure.

Richard Murphy is getting a lot of stick for saying what many others are thinking. Murphy noted in the SNP Fanzone that “By failing to set out a “timed plan” to set up a Scottish pound, instead saying that it would be done once a series of tests were met, the First Minister has asked Scots to take too big “a risk”, he added”. He is being accused of being a unionist by the sheeple, I don’t get offended by that as I call the sheeple unionists, but what he is saying is spot on. Sticking to Sturgeon’s Growth Commission plan is just more of the same shit that brought the UK to its knees so what is different? A lot of people will just feel they might as well vote no, same shit different day.

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2 Responses to Odds and Ends Friday 21st October 2022

  1. 100%Yes says:

    Whoever leads us, let’s remember one thing they were all rejected by their own MPs or membership. Whoever they put in place next week will all most certainly f*ck up even more.

    If someone came up to you and said, would you like to be the captain of a sinking ship, well you know what my reply would be. You’d have to be glakit to even put yourself forward to run the UK hence the Tories are wrestling for the position because their all glakit, to be honest who’s the biggest winner in the last 12yrs from the Tories its Liz Truss and her £115,000 a year for life bonus for just 44 days in the job, I never know the woman had a pea in her head.

    I never believe in opinion polls, whoever pays always gets the result they want.

    If the NUSNP can’t understand that money for a referendum is for a referendum and not to furnishings the head office then starts telling us it’s in the piggy bank, but no one knows where the piggy bank is, it’s just went on an Austrian walkabout.

    If Sturgeon can’t manage money donated for an Independence referendum, but tells us all the donations are safe, when they have spent it on doing up their own headquarters, how can she be expected to manage the budget of the devolved nation of Scotland let alone an Independent Scotland, she wants us to fail.

    I’d rather see Holyrood shut down for good than see the NUSNP benefit from it and never deliver us Independence.

    Peter from tweetstreet, tried to post a letter through the letterbox of Bute house, the letterbox didn’t even except letters and the house its self doesn’t even have anyone there its totally emty, what a joke.

    The only monkeys happy with how Independence is going it these same monkeys who are making a living out of the word Indy.

    • 100%YES

      I don’t have any faith in any of them anymore, or the system. The whole think needs change from the voting system to the parties where the members views and opinions no longer matter. I can’t remember things ever being this bad and the decisions being made are dictated by mega rich people and corporations and rubber stamped by the politicians who are beholden to them. The whole world is fucked now but the UK is def in by far the worst position. Politics has become an upper middle-class profession for most of them and not a vocation, while we facilitate the whole thing through ignorance and stupidly in too many cases. You get who vote for as they say and in the vast majority of cases that is a bunch of assholes. I have given up on indy now pretty much, certainly in my lifetime. Sturgeon and her NuSNP have seen to that to be honest, but Scottish voters equally so, I cannot believe the lack of vision, brains, guts, in our fellow Scots and to be honest there is a part of me that thinks hell mend them, they deserve all they get and more. I am going to keep the blog going just now but not for much longer than after the next general election if there is no change, I might blog but probably not about politics and change to other interests. It is all so depressing.

      Thanks for commenting.

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