Living through History – but what have we learned

When I was driving this afternoon, the roads were really busy, and it got me thinking. What a difference five years makes. We have lived through Covid-19, the UK handled it as badly as any one did, there have been over 23 million cases in the United Kingdom, 207,528 people have sadly died from Covid-19 in the UK. There are still over 6,000 people in hospital with Covid-19 today, with on average over 10,000 new infections per day. We lived through three lock downs, as well as, seeing our civil liberties constrained like never before. More than 30,000 people were fined for breaching Covid-19 rules. I myself have had Covid three times, the first time was horrible to say the least, the second time as a result of the vaccination, and the third time from my daughter. It’s not nice as millions of people have experienced, at least the second and third infections weren’t as bad as the first.

It is all a bit weird; we are all going about again like nothing happened in so many ways. Of course, that also does not take away from those suffering from long Covid which is just horrible. We also cannot forget the fraud by the Government in awarding contracts worth billions and billions of pounds to their friends, on apps that did not work, on PPE that was not fit for purpose or was never delivered in the first place. We should never forget party gate, the name demeans the severity of what Boris Johnson, and his staff did in breaching the laws that they imposed on the rest of us and the fact that some of them found it funny. Covid is still a real thing, a dangerous thing, yet we have moved on and we get on with things.

31st January 2020 the United Kingdom left the European Union – Irrespective of how we voted individually it is fair to say that the UK have both made a huge mistake, as well as, a huge arse of it. In just under 3 years Brexit has cost the UK around 66 to a high estimate of 200 billion Pounds, all based on lies, on exceptionalism, on frustration with the UK establishment where many decided they had nothing much more to lose so would give Westminster a kicking, we can’t forget that for many others it was about immigration and the colour of people’s skin. Brexit in many ways has released an English Nationalism that is in the main disgusting, but it has also allowed many to find their English Nationalism and that in the longer term might be a good thing if it brings about real political change like Scottish independence. We need to also never forget the role the media played in the whole debate, lies that were on a par with the Scottish Independence Referendum in 2014 and yet we still have the most right wing, corrupt, and unregulated media in the world.

It’s not just the economic cost of Brexit that is hurting the UK, it is the continued effect the lies have had on our politics for many, the result being the most corrupt, right wing, useless Government in our history since 1707 and that really does take some doing. Brexit unleashed the nasty side of many, not just in England, but in the rest of the UK also but maybe to a lesser extent. It has also shown us that being part of a democratic union can have its benefits unlike the one that we are in right now. All that Brexit has done is open the door to the ghouls that fund and support the scumbag Tory Party, we removed vital protections that the EU provided us with and that is a mistake that we are going to regret more in the years to come, that should also include cowardice of the Labour Party and the inaction of the SNP.

8th September 2022 Elizabeth Windsor passed away – The death of Elizabeth Windsor yet again showed the world the undemocratic and sycophantic nature of the UK in all of its deluded colonial glory. We had 14 days of enforced grieving where it was implied that not to grieve somehow made you a bad person. We saw first-hand that we do not live in a democracy where we are all supposed to be equal, even in theory, what we learned was that we are subjects, not citizens. We saw the very worst of the BBC, it reached depths that I never thought was at all possible as they embarked upon a Windsor propaganda 14 days that history should judge harshly. We saw some genuine grief in England, and a lot of forced grief. We saw an England where many are subservient and couldn’t see it for what it was while our politicians, especially Scottish ones, in my opinion, shamed us with subservient displays that flew in the face of what we are supposed to stand for. They took respect to the level of servitude, they didn’t stand as equals, they demonstrated that a family due to an accident of birth are somehow better than we are, they are wrong and I for one will never forget that. Sturgeon and Blackford, while correctly being respectful, needed to show more dignity, they didn’t.

Three imposed Prime Ministers – The scumbag Tory Party saw fit to impose three Tory Prime Ministers on us in 2016, 2019, and 2022. While May and Johnson went on to win general elections the bar keeps getting lower and lower while our so-called democracy becomes more corrupt every day. We have seen the incompetence of Brexit with May, the lies of Johnson with Covid, while Truss managed to crash the economy by herself in a month while also becoming the most unpopular Prime Minister of the United Kingdom within two weeks, yet we are expected to accept this as somehow normal. None of these nightmares have been elected by voters in Scotland, in fact the scumbag party haven’t won an election in Scotland since 1955.

Abject failure and carrots galore – The Scottish National Party under Nicola Sturgeon has become the British Scottish National Party. The SNP have won four elections since 2016 with an explicit manifesto commitment to hold a second independence referendum and have failed to move us one inch closer to that goal. Twice (in 2017 and 2019) a majority of all MSPs at Holyrood have voted to back a second independence referendum yet no groundwork has really been done as Sturgeon has embarked on her gender agenda, the destruction of the reputation of Alex Salmond, poor governance in virtually every important area of our colony, a Covid record as poor as Johnsons, and the appearance of the corruption of our once world-renowned legal system. This is maybe the greatest betrayal for many of us who actually do want to see Scotland return to being a democratic independent nation in its own right.

What have we learned? For many of us we have learned nothing that we didn’t already know. We have learned that Scots are capable of taking unbelievable amounts of shit that would break the back of an elephant. We have learned that the English Government in Westminster no longer hide their contempt and disrespect for Scotland, it’s on display every time the shit hole of all parliaments sits in the English capital to impose what is supposed to be a democracy on us but for all sense and purpose just conforms our colonial status.

We have learned that the Tories have no shame in levels of corruption that would make the mafia proud and don’t even try to hide it anymore. We saw in the death of Elizabeth Windsor that while Scotland is just a colony, we are all just servants to our betters, supported by every aspect of the state to keep us down while they were happy for thousands to die in a pandemic that they used to enrich themselves and demonstrate that there is one law for them and one law for us.

We also learned that the politicians that we trusted in the SNP to lead us to the possibility of a better future have their noses in the British trough as much as any unionist politician does. Their betrayal being the greatest insult, the hardest slap in the face, they are no better than those who sold us out in 1707 and in Nicola Sturgeon a charlatan of the worst kind. The fact that we are living through the most corrupt and inept UK Government in its history and yet independence still sits at 47% in the polls should tell us a lot –

It tells us we have learned NOTHING.


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9 Responses to Living through History – but what have we learned

  1. Black Rab says:

    It appears that the people of Scotland think that living in a union of corporate and state capitalism will save their sorry arses from the bogeyman.
    Voting to remain in the UK is running to the pension wolves to save your pension, to the welfare and NHS wolves for good health, to greedy corporate wolves for decent pay and salaries, to the legal wolves for justice, to the media wolves for truth and to political wolves for anything.
    We are a sorry sack of useless imbeciles. Sturgeon, the biggest and most treacherous wolf of all.
    We deserve all the shite that will be thrown in our faces. Lap it up english dreamers, it’s good for you.

    • BR

      We are cowards that’s for sure. If recent years don’t convince enough people, and what we can all see coming down the line the next 2 years then yes, we deserve everything coming our way and more. We have been colonised, and since then we have known that we have been conned like some idiot into giving their bank details over the phone. I have little sympathy for Scotland now. It is clear for all to see what the SNP has become, and people are still saying they will vote for them in the next GE, makes me wonder how thick many of our fellow Scots are, we are certainly staying a colony for years and years to come.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Stuart MacKay says:

    A nice selection of crises Bruce. If you take a step back and a deep breath you will see that we really do live in interesting times. It’s like the wheels came off all of the buses all at the same time.

    Unfortunately the SNP chopped off their wheels at exactly the wrong moment. However I don’t think it changes our chances of gaining independence much. The current crop of calamities is well beyond the talents of any of the politicians in play. I think it’s safe to say that politics is now just wool-pulling and the reality is that they’re in charge of very little.

    The will to keep the UK together probably lies with the general populace. I think Irish re-unification is a done deal and when it happens the penny will finally drop with the folks in England and there will be a collective decision for everybody to go their own way in some form of cooperative agreement, a mini EFTA. It’s going to take a while yet but real change will come when everybody who remembers the post-WW II period of the 1950s and 1960s will have moved on.

    • Stuart

      Your analysis is spot on, we are not there yet as a country. Scots are just slow to act, everyone can see what is happening, but they cling to hope that there will be change, when they know there won’t be. The SNP have failed us in every way since AS resigned and was then fitted up. Alba will get there, but never in a big enough way to form a government, but maybe enough to keep the hope alive and exsert more pressure going forward however I suspect you are spot on that it will take something like Irish unification, or a total collapse of the UK economy like the early 70s to make the final push with the English in that case making the decision for us as they go their own way.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Dave says:

    But the good news is…? Anyone got any?

  4. Cubby says:

    As ever Bruce an excellent article. The one point I would make is where you say return to a democratic and independent country in its own right. I would argue that Scotland may have been independent in 1707 and have its own parliament but it was not democratic. If it was democratic the union would never have happened. I do not believe Scotland has ever truly experienced democracy. Hopefully this would be a major benefit of independence.

    • Cubby

      Very fair point, it was only titled landowners who had a vote in 1707 and 65% of the bastards sold us out like the NuSNP today are by their inaction. They also never gave a crap about the claim of right either, why it doesn’t excite me. We are living through an interesting time in our own individual histories, sadly it won’t change much, not in the short term anyway. We are cowards in Scotland, we can see what is right in front of our eyes, the robbery of our resources and our culture, our dignity and self-respect. We are slow to change in Scotland and even slower to anger. We might get there in in the end, I hope we do, but I am not so optimistic about that today but other days I am because surely no people can take the level of shit that Scots take and keep asking for more.

      Thanks for commenting and nice compliment.

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