Silence is Golden and Predictable

Totally predictable – I have never liked Angus Robertson, never trusted him and always felt that he was not serious about independence, for me he has always been a political opportunist of the very worst kind. He might claim to have been a member of the SNP since he was 15 years old but so what. The man has establishment written all over him. His comments the other day was the mask truly slipping from yet another Scottish British Royalist National Party MSP. No wonder people are questioning him, some of the comments include

One SNP member wrote: “I didn’t spend half my waking life from 2014-2017 rapping doors, climbing stairs, folding papers, & donating what I could to the SNP just so they could be His Majesty’s ‘official opposition’ in 2024.

“It’s long past time to ‘settle up, not settle down’, mind that phrase?”

Another social media user added: “I wonder how many SNP members and Voters wanted to be ‘the official opposition at Westminster’ in 2014? How a party changes eh.”

One said simply: “We don’t want that. We want out Angus.”

The Scottish Government has been contacted for comment.

The simple fact of no comment says it all doesn’t it, these people are not serious. I have completely given up on the SNP now. I won’t ask them to do anything and will expect more crap governance from them in the years ahead. They are a British Party now in all but name, loving the crumbs that fall from the colonisers table a little too much.


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15 Responses to Silence is Golden and Predictable

  1. lorncal says:

    At least Labour eschews independence openly. If this doesn’t show that the SNP will run the next GE on the same lines as the last SE (all votes SNP, no votes anyone else) I don’t know what would. Deeply disappointed, Angus, but not really surprised.

    • Lorncal

      Yeah, it will be both votes British SNP for more crumbs for them. I have given up on them now, I won’t ask them to do anything and will only hold them to account as best I can. They are not serious and as far as I am concerned have betrayed us all who really want independence. Robertson, I have never liked and suspect he was one of the chief movers against AS.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. lesroberts74 says:

    Very true this one and those close to him, are not to be trusted anywhere near a campaign for independence

    • Les

      Totally agree, we won’t win any plebiscite or referendum with the likes of Robertson in control, unionist all the way. Loves the crumbs from the colonisers table a bit too much.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Alastair says:

    Guess who the vichy collaborating quisling colonial administration of Scotland are. Time to vote with our feet all the other parties need to form an alliance to push home independence and shut out the dinsenguous Betrayers that want to keep us locked into the coercive Union.

    • Alastair

      I would go for Alba / ISP linking up as they could be a force once the British SNP betrayal is there for all to see. Robertson is a clown as far as I am concerned, I have never liked him at all. He is a poor man’s Starmer for me.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. benmadigan says:

    Watch any video of Angus Robertson speaking in Westminster and you will see how thoroughly “at home” he is in that environment.
    He just loves being there. It’s where he feels he belongs.
    The thought/idea of becoming “Head of His Majesty’s Official Opposition” sends him to 7th heaven!
    Of course he will never want to leave the Union!

    • Ben

      Totally, too many of them have taken the crumbs. The foreign trips, the expenses, the delusion of importance. They have bought right into the British Colonial Parliament.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. Arthur Martin says:

    I’m pretty certain that it was Angus Robertson that was behind the Edinburgh airport “killer heels” smear attempt on Alex Salmond. He is a Brit through & through and tipped to take over the SNP when Sturgeon is sent packing. He was also behind the fiddling of the rules to prevent Joanna Cherry standing in the Edinburgh Central seat. A devious lowlife that typifies what has become of the SNP.

    • Arthur

      Yes, allegedly he was behind the airport complaint as reported by WoS. I have never liked him, wouldn’t trust hm, or his wife, in any shape or form. These people are leeches for me, most politicians are sadly in the UK now. We are partly to blame as vote for them, or some people do, I haven’t voted SNP for years now and vote for Alba but I have so little faith in this country now I often wonder why I even blog anymore as things just get worse and Scotland more cowardly.

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. wullie says:

    It must be obvious to all in Scotland that politicians from here no matter which political party are nothing but selfish grifters. Not one of them has any respect for the country or the people or our history. I, sadly would also be suspect of Alex Salmond judgement. Surely in the name of the wee man he must have suspected what a bunch of complete and utter shits he was working with. When he got stitched up not one of his former so called colleags stood by him. Alex Salmond showed a strength of character that few people possess, and returned to the political fray yet why he did not see what was coming is beyond me.

    • Wullie

      I don’t think AS saw it coming until he decided to make a comeback and they bricked it. He had already refused to endorse Robertsons wife for his old seat and that tells its own story doesn’t it. Throw in the political establishment and they know the risk he posed to the independence debate, so they had to destroy him. I also agree with you about virtually all of the politicians in Scotland now apart from the Alba MPs, both of whom I suspect will lose their seats at the next GE, the grifters and the many unionists that make up the British SNP will see that along with their unionists’ tactical voting pals from the other Tory Parties. It is a joke, they have destroyed the movement in so many ways, bastards all of them.

      Thanks for commenting.

  7. larawanda2004 says:

    It’s obvious the whole kit and caboodle of them have no intention to get us out of this union. JC states she wants to be the FM. What does that tell us? We will still be in the union if there is a GE. Then she will play her cards for the next SE. The reason she won’t leave SNP. It’s all about them. Self serving traitors Traitors everyone of them.

    • Lara

      I just don’t expect anything from any of them now to be honest, and that includes Joanna and Angus, they should have made a stand and left the British SNP ages ago, so I don’t pay attention to anything they say now either. I will keep blogging and trying to do something to hold them to account but as far as indy is concerned they will get no requests from me anymore; they are all unionists now. I will vote Alba and hope they can make inroads, but I suspect that they will have to suffer at least one more election of being killed by carrots for enough sheeple to see they have been played since 2014.

      Thanks for commenting.

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