Mismanaged Decline – where does Scotland go from here?

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is in decline; it has been for all of my 53 years. The death of Elizabeth Windsor should result in a period of both denial and introspection for most, if not all, people across Northern Ireland, Wales, England, and Scotland. This introspection at this time should pose the very serious question for all of us, where does Scotland go from here?

Of course, as Stuart noted in my previous blog “It’s going to take a lot of looking in the mirror before they will admit that the Empire really is gone for good and Conservative Party policies are not going to make Great Britain great again”. This is where we are at now today, what kind of future do we want for ourselves, our families, for Scotland. Is never ending Tory Government your future!

In the last few days we have seen in so many ways the very worst of what the United Kingdom stands for. The passing of Elizabeth Windsor has seen the state broadcaster try to bring about enforced grieving with their coverage, coverage that has elevated Elizabeth Windsor to sainthood. It has denied history, and the reality of what life is like in the United Kingdom in 2022. All sense of impartial journalism has been cast aside even more than it usually is as the BBC have gone into propaganda over drive. It has been implied, in my opinion, that if you do not take part in some shape or form you are somehow unpatriotic, a monster. Are you going to keep falling for the never-ending British propaganda!

The passing of Elizabeth Windsor has resulted in Charles Windsor now becoming the Head of State of the United Kingdom, no election, no campaign, very little scrutiny, no choice for the people, appointed by God. Five days before that Liz ‘Diz’ Truss was elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom by just 83,000 predominately elderly white men from the Southeast of England, the most important political position in the country, only the good and greedy got to make that choice for you. Is that the kind of democracy you truly believe in!

It is fair to give the higher earners more money back through tax cuts, the Prime Minister rejected “handouts” as a means of helping people cope with the rising cost of living. (Liz Truss)

The UK is in the midst of a crisis in living standards. Too many people do not have reliable access to the resources they need to meet the day-to-day costs for a decent quality of life. 32% of the UK population – 21.4 million people – will be living below a socially acceptable living standard, as measured by the Minimum Income Standard (MIS).

Widespread deprivation with large numbers of people stuck in a cycle of poverty.

Lack of cohesion resulting in an increasingly segregated society.

Macroeconomic stagnation with weak demand and productivity growth.

Low economic resilience with greater exposure to instability and recession.

We are told this is a period of introspection, they are correct, it is a period of introspection. Do you really believe that this mismanaged decline can be stopped under our present so-called democracy, do you really believe that successive Tory Governments will look after the well-being of the majority and not the 5%. Where does that leave you, where does that leave Scotland? Do you trust the SNP under Nicola Sturgeon to do what is right?

I don’t believe her (Nicola Sturgeon) objective is to get independence it is to get a cushy wee number for herself (Phil Boswell Scottish Prism 11/09/22)

So, while the media are telling you how unionist Scotland really is, how the death of Elizabeth Windsor has shown we are all the same seemingly, how Great Britain actually is, is that your experience, is that what you believe? So, ask yourself this, where does Scotland go from here? Where do you stand? This period of change, this period of the end of an era, this time of an undemocratically imposed King and imposed Prime Minister is exactly the time to think about where you stand, about what you want. I know what I believe, now is the time for independence, there might never be a better time than now to make your opinion clear to Sturgeon, to Truss, and to Westminster.




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11 Responses to Mismanaged Decline – where does Scotland go from here?

  1. benmadigan says:

    I can’t possibly comment on how Scots feel about this whole mise en scène. I’m Irish.
    As I come from a Scottish background, bear a clan’s name and support Independence, I felt totally humiliated as King Charles II and co swept into the Scottish parliament today.
    It could never happen in the Dail in Dublin
    Nicola Sturgeon’s speech was cringeworthy.
    So were the others

    May the King in his mercy be kind to the Scots

    • Ben

      What I heard was sycophantic of the worst kind, I switched it off after Harvie as I couldn’t take any more. Yes be respectful but they went too far, Sturgeon, she is a unionist as far as I am concerned, there can be no other excuse now for her behaviour. Scotland does need to make a choice though and soon, are we going to live as the cash cow colony in servitude or are we going to grow a pair and get out of this nightmare.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • Gordie says:

      It was a humiliation

  2. Everything you stated is true. It’s make your mind up time Scotland. It’s now or never.

    • Lara

      I lose more hope by the day every time I see the SNP Government. They have given up and are incompetent, they are just playing the bought and sold game like all the rest who went before them. Unlike the Irish who rightfully don’t take up their seats which keeps the focus the SNP, like all who have gone before them, embrace their colonial status and servitude.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. benmadigan says:

    King Charles III visited NI yesterday.
    He met the FM of the Stormont Assembly (SF), the Speaker in the Assembly (SF), Mayor of Belfast (SF), President of Ireland, various members of the ROI Government.
    He was courteously welcomed as a visiting foreign Head of State.
    Sincere sympathies were extended to his suffering the recent bereavement of his beloved mother.
    Unionists were sidelined.

    • Ben

      Never knew that he met with SF, thanks for the information and I hope it was not as cringy as the SNP.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • benmadigan says:

        as I said Bruce, it was like an Irish government in waiting , meeting with a visiting foreign head of State – courteous, urbane, smiles, sympathies offered and accepted on bereavement .

        The day before SF had refused to attend the Proclamation on the grounds they would not swear allegiance as he was not King of ireland, north or south

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