Scotland’s Heart Breaking Shame

Better Together – Barrhead Boy is not wrong is he, this picture should shame us all, certainly should shame those who want to remain in the UK and even those who voted no in 2014. How long do we have to keep bringing this issue to people’s attention, how long do we stay on our knees taking scraps from the colonist’s table.  Children and families having to get themselves into the Centre of town late at night to access food, either food to eat there and then or food to take home, maybe both. This is before the cost-of-living crisis has even started to take effect in the devastating way we suspect it will and every town and city has Cozy corners for the poor, vulnerable, and elderly to keep warm this winter. These 2017 to 2021 stats below say it all doesn’t it:

I don’t know about the rest of you but when I see this and those wee darlings having to get into the city at night to get a meal, I am enraged, choking back the tears and more determined than ever to end this corrupt union! No weans in energy rich Scotland should go hungry! (Barrhead Boy)

1 in 4 children in Scotland (24%) are living in poverty.
1 in 5 working age people (19%) in Scotland are living in poverty.
14% of pensioners in Scotland are living in poverty.
61% of working age adults in poverty and 68% of children in poverty live in a household where someone is in employment.

Scotland cannot be the only something for nothing country in the world (Johann Lamont Scottish Labour MSP)

Better Together is the gift that just keeps giving, and in particular Scottish Labour are the ones who should feel the most shame of them all, their betrayal of the poor and vulnerable, of Scotland, is the greatest one. Their embracing of Tory Policy killing off the last remnants of why they were founded in the first place, the Tories just exude cruelty, Scottish Labour have actually embraced it in their desperation for relevance and power, so children and families on the streets of Scotland searching for food is their Better Together legacy and we should never ever allow them to forget it.

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6 Responses to Scotland’s Heart Breaking Shame

  1. Ian says:

    6. Question – ‘I am going to read out three reasons people have given for voting NO (in 2014). Please can you rank them in order of how important they were in your decision’.

    Answer – ‘More than half (57%) of No voters said the pound was one of the most important factors in their decision, and the biggest overarching reason for their decision was that “the risks of becoming independent looked too great when it came to things like the currency, EU membership, the economy, jobs and prices”’.

    Sept 2014 £1 = £1.63
    Sept 2022 £1 = $1.15

    EU membership – gone
    The economy, jobs & prices – out of control

    Better Together?
    Strong and Stable?

    It may generally be thought that Norway, like the UK got lucky with a North Sea oil bonanza. It did, but more importantly, Norway also has had governments that were economically sensible. No Free Market Privatisation nonsense for them. They didn’t just set up a Sovereign Wealth Fund based on oil revenues, the Norwegian government is actively involved in many parts of the nations economy. The list is very impressive and explains a fundamental difference between the UK and Norway.

    Never has the saying ‘those that forget the past will be condemned to repeat it’ been truer or more important than it is now.

    • Ian

      I read an article a few years ago about Norway and allegedly the energy companies tried to fight them on tax, unlike the UK, and threatened job losses. The Norwegians put their oil and gas tax up and started a state Oil company, the energy companies now never say anything about tax or threaten jobs. They also take an additional cost per barrel as license fee or something. The UK is about ripping off the taxpayer, enriching themselves, and we fall for it every time, even today on the radio there were people talking about how much they are struggling but will keep voting Tory because of Brexit, f me are these people deranged. The greatest shame from 2014 will always be Labour voters for me and the Labour Party, their shame is greater.

      Thanks for commenting and the links.

  2. YesToIndy says:

    Better together, is to blame for what has happened in Scotland. Their slogan (promise) of best of both worlds, has resulted in us being dragged out of the EU against our will, their slogan (promise) of being better together has resulted in the Scots being in the financial crisis they are now facing, the prospect of either freezing or starving to death for some, along with the assets of Scotland being plundered again, not for the benefit of even the citizens of the UK but for the few already wealthy individuals how keep their money off shore. If this is what they meant by better together who would vote for that, and this once in generation will never forget.

    • YesToIndy says:

      Where is the MSM puting the questions to people who tolds us not to vote for Independence and how they got it wrong, isn’t it funny the MSM is no where to be seen when its the British state to answer these awkward question.

    • YTI

      Totally agree, they are all complicit, but for me the greatest shame is Scottish Labour, a lot of people stupidly trusted them, and they lied to them. Yes, they were wiped out and paid a price, but Scotland paid a greater one. I will never forgive them that is for sure as what you have described should shame us all shouldn’t it.

      Thanks for commenting.

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