I have a confession to make

Of course by Brits they mean English voters – Now I appreciate this is just a bit of a different cheek same arse scenario but my confession is I sadly agree with the 41 percent of the 1,235 Brits polled who said they would be more likely to vote for a Labour Party led by Keir Starmer than the Conservatives led by Liz Truss, who received 22 percent of the vote. Now don’t get me wrong I will vote for neither of these Brit Nat parties ever, Alba will get my vote in any future election but I do actually hope that English voters vote for Labour even though not a hell of a lot would change, anything has got to be better than the criminally insane Tory Party.

It is also the sad fact that in a UK election Scottish votes mean little anymore, the SNP have demonstrated that is even more the case than it has ever been so in the short term we are going to have to hope that a) the current cost of living crisis bring this Tory nightmare to an end, and that b) enough voters in England return to what passes for informed decision making and stop voting to kill themselves off while taking the rest of us with them.

I have blogged about Starmer before so there isn’t a huge amount more to say, he is a Tory as far as I am concerned, just not a monster raving Tory like the other ones, or not as bad as in some ways. The rest of the world can see what is happening in the UK with The Times America reporting that

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development expects the UK to be the worst performer among big economies next year, with zero growth. British businesses and consumers have internalised the gloom, and confidence is falling.

Starmer is maybe not the answer to our woes, Labour are as complicit as the Tories in the failed economic liberalisation since 1979, or the great sell off and return to Victorian Times, but anything has to be better than the Tories who are, and I don’t care who I upset by saying it, mental and deranged in every way.

So my sad confession to you all, based on the abject horror show that is the Tories, added to the abject failure of the SNP under Sturgeon and her NuSNP/Labour Leadership, is that yes I have to agree with viewers from GBNews and say that even I would prefer the man with no visible personality Labour Leader and Tory Keir Starmer.

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3 Responses to I have a confession to make

  1. Anonymous says:

    Unless you happen to live in Kirkcaldy-Cowdenbeath or East Lothian, you probably won’t be able to vote for Alba in the next election. Given the nature of FPTP, you may have a “hard” choice to make – NuSNP or Sir Keir “New Blair” Starmer’s Labour.

    Either way, I guess you’ll be holding your nose.

    • Anon

      I am pretty confident that Alba will stand candidates at the next GE in every seat, the NuSNP won’t agree any deal with the other YES parties to stand aside so in that event I would expect ISP/Alba to both stand in most if not every seat.

      Thanks for commenting.

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