It’s what they do and how they do it

People can break you down by attacking your insecurities –  So the annual fairy tale that is the GERS Report came out to tell Scottish voters how shite they are, how shite the Scottish Government is (well they are pretty much this time), how Scotland is too wee, too stupid, and too poor. GERS the Tory tool put in place by Ian Lang (Tory Governor General from the 90s) to undermine Scotland and erode our confidence in our ability to manage our own affairs. A trap that the SNP have fallen into year on year.

What is clear is that if Scotland was independent today, it would undoubtedly be facing the future with at least as much trepidation as the rest of the world. A small nation, isolated from its nearest neighbour, might find itself alone in a sea of troubles with fewer reserves upon which to draw to help its people steer a safe course. (The Scotsman)

Here is The Scotsman trying to be balanced, Scotland a small nation, yes very true. Facing the same problems as every other country (colony) in the world, also true. Isolated from it’s nearest neighbour (England/EU), not true, alone in a sea of troubles, also not true, with fewer reserves, maybe yes maybe no. This is the drip drip drip approach to Project Fear, it is too difficult, you are a small nation, you don’t have the reserves to cope with choppy financial seas, the subtle Project Fear.

There is no question that the SNP is asking Scotland to take a significant gamble and, what’s more, amid a global economic crisis. Their challenge is to face that head on and provide as much factual information as possible to let voters know what they could be getting into. In other words, to ensure that if ‘Scexit’ ever happens, it is achieved by honest means. It’s the least we deserve. (The Scotsman)

The unionists will take the truth, they will distort it (GERS), they will insist that you are wrong when you try to tell it like it is/was while demanding answers to the questions you have already answered repeatedly. The unionists and their media soldiers will make you doubt yourself, and your beliefs by projecting their false sense of reality onto you. They want to convince you to go over to their side, they will lie and try to manipulate you into believing their side of the story and then use these lies as weapons to defeat their opponents.



a person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves

The unionists are narcissists, 500 years of practiced colonialism have made them masters at identifying the insecurities and emotional triggers in others (countries) because they understand that brute force only takes them so far. They quickly pick up on these fears during the early stages of the colonisation and then bring them out to use again and again against a country for as long as they can get away with it when it serves their purpose. This behaviour is designed to be soul destroying for the other person and designed to ensure they experience a great deal of fear every time these fears are exposed by the narcissist.

The unionist narcissist (colonisers) also use other tools at their disposal, particularly against the elected representatives that you send to their parliament to settle up. They are utterly charming and polite at the start when they want to be,  this is often how they lure their victims into friendship and make them think they matter. However, they will only act in this way when it is required, the act is quickly dropped once someone has been hooked and reeled in (bought and sold). They can turn this charisma on and off at will, so when you’ve reached your wits end, and you threaten to break off all ties with them (independence referendum), they resort to instinct of the coloniser, they deny your democracy, they erode your confidence, they buy your elected representatives who sadly in virtually every case take the 40 pieces of silver (the SNP) .

It’s what they do. Don’t fall for their shit like the SNP 3rd rate MP’s have.


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3 Responses to It’s what they do and how they do it

  1. Gayle says:

    Except in Scotland’s case it is not their parliament. Theirs was abolished in order to create the binary parliament of GB (despite the fact that Scotland’s government and representatives treat it as an English parliament even permitting EVEL and abiding by English parliamentary conventions. Conventions which have no place in the parliament of GB). Nor is Scotland a colony. It is a sovereign state in an international Agreement (treaty) and yet again, the Scottish government and its representatives refuse to act accordingly. Instead, deferring governance to their treaty partner. Frankly, that is worse than colonisation. The Scottish government is CHOOSING to treat Scotland in this inferior manner and waive Scots sovereign authority in lieu of privilege, title and office with no accountability or responsibility as they blame everything on their treaty partner. “Wasn’t us, it was big bad England,” (UK/Westminster) claim the Scottish government MPs and their admin as representatives of the sovereign state of Scotland. A state merely in an international Agreement. The disturbing thing is that even if Scotland reasserts it full statehood officially by denouncing the treaty it will have to enter new treaties, some with England yet again, and will adopt the same behaviour in which they waive Scotlan’s sovereign authority yielding to their mere treaty partners.

    • Gayle

      That is the problem isn’t it, I know we are not a colony legally but we act like one because our elected reps act like they live and represent one. They sit in the English Parliament in all but name and act as if they are servants of it for me. They allow things like the GERS figures be released when this nonsense should have been stopped long ago, they should be demanding the real figures not the made up ones but they don’t have the guts to act, it is all so depressing but we should be used to being betrayed by our politicians now, it is the Scottish way.

      Thanks for commenting.

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