Time to bring down a Government, maybe Two

Surely now is the time to bring down a government, maybe it is time to bring down two – We are at the point of no return now as far as I am concerned. We are teetering on the edge on an abyss, a social and economic catastrophe which has been caused by the politicians, none of them are exempt from blame, not one of them, so the time to act is maybe now, if not now then it is soon, and we all have to follow the trade unions lead. We need to stick together, the time for change is now.

In 1972 5 dock workers were imprisoned for going on strike, the result of this was a General Strike. Most of us are facing destitution this winter, we are facing cold, hunger, for some they are facing death. It doesn’t have to be this way, we have seen the blame be placed on workers for demanding pay rises that reflect the cost of living by the Bank of England. The scumbag Tories answer to this tsunami of grief is to propose tax cuts to the wealthy and the companies who are profiteering at our expense while interest rates go up, while prices go up, while energy becomes a luxury like a million pound car or a diamond neckless.

Rather than work across all the parties to find a solution to this crisis that nut job, and next Prime Minister Liz Truss, has said that  ‘Once again we’re seeing militant trade unions holding our country to ransom, as Prime Minister I’ll crack down on the debilitating strikes”. Truss is planning on going to war with working people, let’s make no mistake here this cow is planning on taking us all on, because when she attacks the unions she is attacking every single poor person in the UK, not just low paid workers, not just the unemployed, or the vulnerable, or the elderly, she is taking us all on and we had better be up for the fight, the fight of our lives.

Tory Secretary Grant Shapps said this week in introducing further anti-union measures: “Margaret Thatcher knew Luddite trade unions were a barrier to that reform. She delivered prosperity by taking them on — and so will we.”

We are on the brink of a major recession, while the scumbag politicians are either hell bent like the scumbag Tories to return us to a new Victorian Age or pretty much useless like Keir Starmer and the Labour Party. We cannot lose sight of the fact that we did not cause this. Profiteering and greed have brought us to this point, the wealthy and the corporations have went too far this time, rather than come up with solutions they have decided to fight us, to take on the unions and impose their crisis on you and me. Their incompetence and greed are even going kill off small business as Yours for Scotland talked about yesterday.

They mishandled Covid-19, they mishandled Brexit, they are using billions of pounds of our money to fight an imperial war against Russia in Ukraine headed by the USA and meekly followed by the poodles in the UK and the EU. Out of control inflation, partly caused by speculators greed, the supply chain, and the lack of proper regulation on the financial markets and how they operate have brought them to decide that the only way they survive is declare war on what little we have because they want more and more.

Are you eh –  What is Sturgeon’s response, she holds a summit with a big cheesy smile across her puss while her MPs in the English Parliament milk the public purse like it is about to run out, well it might be about to run out and they are grabbing as much as they can as quickly as they can. You cannot make up how useless this NuSNP colonised administration is anymore, no answers, no talent, no power, no clue. A modern version of the East India Company. When they should be fighting every second of every day for independence they are tweeting about the self regulation of the language we use which is just unionist appeasement, colonised appeasement.

It is no good fighting if you are not prepared to go all the way to win, that is the lesson that needs to be driven home. (Mick Lynch)

Enough is fucking enough – We live in one of the most unequal countries in the world, our social security is shit, our pensions are shit, our wages are shit, our public services are shit, our politicians are shit but our people deserve better. Am I angry, you bet your arse I’m angry and it is time to fight back, we are in the fight of our lives and we had better get behind the trade unions, we better get behind our small businesses, we better support the poor and the most vulnerable. It is time to support a general strike, it is time to bring this Tory Government down, and it is time to maybe bring the NuSNP one down as well.

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11 Responses to Time to bring down a Government, maybe Two

  1. kurikat says:

    Been saying this for months a GENERAL STRIKE is the only way we can get rid of the fascist government in WM & the very Corrupt fraudulent government in Scotland..
    Unions often went too far, but this is a crisis where we NEED them to go as far as they can, & take all of the people with them, not just UNION members..I stand with Mick Lynch, we HAVE to fight to WIN..

    • Kurikat

      I totally agree, now is the time or we lose it all. The politicians and the corporations have decided to fight, the Tories have decided that an American proxy war against Russia is more important than the lives of their own citizens and enough is enough. This really is a class war now and we really cannot afford to lose.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. 100%Yes says:

    Promise after promise and not one promise has the SNP kept or delivered since Sturgeon took over. In fact she has rolled back on what the former FM did while in office. There focus has been securing 1% of the populations rights regarding gender ID and letting the other 99% go to the wall.

    I have no idea how many times i’ve heard NS or one of her drones say the UKG can’t deny democracy, but guess what they are and there going to keep doing it.

    Joanna cherry was saying it was time for a leadership contest and she would want to stand to be leader of the SNP, I’d rather see this than allow a Unionist government in Holyrood.

    • 100%YES

      I don’t see much changing until the Tories set the UK a light which is coming. If things are bad as we fear then we have to bring the Tories down, and then the SNP leadership for their failure to act in the last 7 years and what they have put us through, including the Covid deaths that the four nation approach caused. I have had it with all of them now. JC won’t ever lead the SNP unless the whole leadership are gone and Sturgeon will as good as appoint her own successor before she goes, wouldn’t surprise me if the whole leadership in the SNP is pretty much fixed in future, everything else they do is.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. wullie says:

    Strange we appear to be able to finance MPs MSPs cooncilers on exorbitant salaries and pensions. If they think people can get by on a living wage why do they award themselves so much is it because they knew of the horrors coming our way. The SNP are the problem. Their removal is our solution. We have no need of referendums or a plebiscite.

    • Wullie

      Our politics is broken, it always has been but maybe now this crisis, if we can act as one and use the strength we do have, then we can bring about change for the better, we have got to bring the Tories down and put enough pressure on the SNP to force the members to change. The politicians and their masters have declared war on all of us, they have chosen to fight, we can and will win if we stick together and make the hard choices in the short term.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. lorncal says:

    Yes, grumpy, we are at the point of no return. You are so right. We have had enough of the corporate greed and profiteering. What really gets me is that the very people that these politicians denounce are the people who kept the country running during the pandemic. No government pay-outs for them to work from home or stay at home: they had to work throughout. Their reward? Contempt and lies spread about their situation while the enablers, the politicians, and their enabled friends, the fat cats, hiss and spit with fury at the prospect that they might just have been found out at last and there is no bolt hole.

    First off, close down the avenues for money (not declared to the taxman) to leave the economy and be hoarded in off-shore tax havens; second, agree to pay decent living wages and phase out boardroom hikes and massive bonuses; thirdly, admit that these are the people (those on the lowest rungs) who keep the country functioning – not fat cats and tax dodgers and those who enable them.

    They will be brought down, these enabling, neoliberal politicians, at Westminster and at Holyrood because they are so divorced from reality that they might as well be talking to the man on the moon. Get this: we want decent services; decent pay scales; decent support. You can do it if you put Thatcherism into reverse and act now as a post conflict government(s) that has to bring all sides and levels together to get the country moving again. Talk to the unions, talk to people’s groups, find out what the people really think, not what you think they think or what you want them to think. Or go down. Because those are the only options.

    • Lorncal

      Totally agree with you, now is the time to fight, they have declared war on all of us. The politicians and their masters have chosen their side and we have ours. If we don’t fight we lose it all and we are well and truly screwed. Mick Lynch is right we have to fight to win now, even if it means hardship in the short term we cannot give in. The Tories have to go, the SNP need to change or we get rid of them also, I have had it with them all and I sick of seeing people struggle all the time, I am sick of struggling all the time, enough is enough of these pricks.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. Ian says:

    So the UK will get another Thatcher. This just typifies the problem with England. Refusing to face the modern world and only looking back to some imaginary past. Thatchers failed ‘miracle’ was financed by North Sea oil and then by selling off public companies & housing. Then by issuing debt based on ‘light touch financial regulation’. Truss hasn’t got much oil money now or things left to sell. In the best tradition of disaster films, the UK plane is flying on fumes. I have no idea of just how bad a crisis it would take to wake England up from it’s delusions, but frankly that is their problem to solve.

    Given the increasingly and seemingly endlessly unstable character of the UK, Scotland probably has and has had at least since the Brexit vote, an overall majority who support independence, with a significant part of it latent (hardly surprising given the SNP’s shenanigans), but is lacking in the confidence in the means of how to do this and at the moment probably more importantly, who would do what is becoming not just preferable but an outright necessity. The SNP sure as hell aren’t what is needed. The SNP’s leader now states that she is British as well as Scottish and the often quoted potential replacement of Sturgeon, Cherry, is happy to wait seemingly indefinitely to make her position clear while moaning about how she has been sidelined within the SNP. That is not how a leader acts.

    As long as the SNP are voted for, Scotland will be dragged down as part of the UK. So just like England, maybe Scotland also needs to face a staggeringly bad state of affairs before ‘enough is enough’ becomes the key political issue and people actually seriously think about what they want, for themselves, for their families and friends, and as a place to live in and then act in a way that pushes for that rather than just trying to get by no matter bad things get. Unlike Thatcher’s manta of ‘there is no alternative’ (TINA), which the SNP clearly also believe applies to them, there is now a clear alternative to the UK & SNP’s dead end (literally) politics. All that is needed is for people not to simply accept the current looming disaster by ending their support those who have and will continue to do nothing to address it. Otherwise like England, Scotland will also soon be flying on fumes.

    • Ian

      Can’t disagree with your assessment at all. The UK is broken beyond repair, being held up by debt and delusion and in for a mighty fall. The sad reality is they will take us all down with them as the SNP continue to do nothing to change anything. They have no ideas on how to get a referendum let alone independence, led by a leader who is pretty much all presentation and the elected reps are now the 3rd division at best. The Tories are in for a huge fall, just a matter of time, they are living in the past even more than they have previously and we will end up with Labour, another Tory party with no clue, while the SNP will milk the trough. It is all so depressing but all we can do is keep going, we deserve better, but at least it will be fun watching them all fall.

      Thanks for commenting.

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