Language, some in the YES community, and me

Sticks and stones –  Phil Boswell talked about language on the excellent Prism yesterday, along with Eva and Roddy, if you haven’t seen it then well worth subscribing, just click on the link. Anyway Phil talked briefly about the language that some people use, and used in Perth last week and directed at Tories. There was also some discussion about the rush to judgement of the unionist wing of the SNP, but I have already covered that before and it is a little tired now to be honest. Now I totally get that many people like Phil, Eva, and Roddy don’t use certain words that say someone like myself does from time to time. The words I tend to use in the blog from time to time, and on Twitter occasionally, do seem to upset some unionists, and equally as many yes supporters, in fact it is not unknown for myself to be called a disgrace to yes and a poster boy for the no campaign because of the language I sometimes use.











Now I totally accept that the language I use on occasion, and maybe some others on the yes side also, does not go down well with everyone, words that can be inappropriate, even offensive to some people, but when I was thinking about it today and wither I should tone it down, even apologise for some of the words aimed at some people, I went for no. To be fair the biggest insult I can throw is

Unionist – Those who support the union are referred to as ” Unionists “. British unionism can be associated with British nationalism, which asserts that the British are a nation and promotes the cultural unity of the Britons, which may include people of English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish.

The reason I went with no is pretty much that some people just deserve it, like say Tories, Labour Tories, and most of the current SNP leadership, and of course most unionists. Does my occasional use of the words listed lose yes votes, I doubt it. Do these words weaken my arguments, maybe. Do they upset people on both sides, yeah some pretty much. But to call a Tory a scumbag, am I wrong. To call Pete Wishart a unionist given some of the things he has said, again am I so far off the base, to refer to the current SNP leadership as traitors when you think of the various mandates and lack of action, again how wrong am I, all words I have used in my blog. Now I don’t use those words a lot, I suppose I pick my moments, but I also know that sometimes you just have to go for it, sticks and stones are a part of our political discourse on occasion, not everyone’s cup of tea I get that but then neither is starving and dying of the cold, neither is attacking the poorest and most vulnerable, or calling some yes voters cybernats for speaking the truth.

I am not having a go at anyone’s opinion from the Prism, they are all far smarter and nicer than I will ever be, I get why they don’t use the language I do, their positions within the movement and their parties are different from mine. I am a member of the Alba Party but have chosen not to be an active member as I want to speak my mind in my blog and I don’t want to embarrass the Alba Party in any shape or form, they are the future of the movement in so many ways. My point though is that unlike Angus Robertson, Nicola Sturgeon, and the Linton and Somerville’s of the world I don’t get upset at a few harsh words, if honest words, are thrown about in relation to certain people, their policies, their actions, or lack of actions, it  is may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it is what it is and I am not changing even though some yessers have asked me to.

Now for something completely different but interesting all the same

Anyone surprised at this? JOANNA Cherry has revealed her upset at hearing fellow SNP MPs giving their support to a colleague guilty of sexual misconduct while the abuse she suffered was ignored. To audible gasps, she told an Edinburgh Fringe event neither Nicola Sturgeon or SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford gave her any support after she received rape threats. There had been “no support whatsoever” from the party leadership, she suggesting it was because people were  “afraid” to be seen defending her because of her gender critical views. (The Herald).

Joanna goes on to say “Personally, I was very upset. I thought it was interesting to hear exhortations of support for a colleague that had been found guilty of sexual harassment and no exhortations of support for a female colleague have been threatened with rape by a party member. “I did take it rather personally. I thought it was most unfortunate.”

What can you say to that, the NuSNP in all of their glory and I don’t feel the need to wheesht. I don’t get why Joanna would stay in that party other than her constituents who voted for and her love for the party because the NuSNP are as disgusting as the Tories in so many ways.





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13 Responses to Language, some in the YES community, and me

  1. duncanio says:

    If some of the people you upset include the likes of Nicola Sturgeon, Peter Wishart, Alyn Smith, Stuart MacDonald and Ian Blackford then you have nothing to apologise for.

    Keep doing what you are doing … you must be doing something right.

    And thank you Grumps.

    • Duncanio

      I find language interesting, I am a Community Worker so the language I use is very important with the people I work with. I also accept that sometimes the language I use in the blog upsets people but it is how it is and I am not going change that as calling people out, no matter which party, needs to happen and these people get away with false indignation far too much, the SNP can play that game but I’m not personally.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. panda paws says:

    As Jo said in the same interview, she wants to be leader one day. She’s be a damned good one and would have a chance if put on a ballot of members. I just doubt she’d be allowed on the ballot.

    Re the words, well I don’t like being called a cybernat, a separatist, a nationalist (when the person clearly means it pejoratively) and the rest. People in elected positions in Yes parties might wish to moderate their language, that’s their choice. Unfortunately no-one in the No parties seems to want to do the same.

    Interestingly one SNP member was suspended for calling Tories witches, whereas another was promoted to the NEC after being videoed screaming witches in a menacing manner at a woman at a protest. The latter is only just suspended for threatening Tories online. OK to threaten threaten a woman in real life though…

    Anyway – Your blog, your words.

    • PP

      I appreciate the words I use on occasion upset people, not everyone’s cup of tea, but I am not going to change to be honest. I just can’t bring myself to be nice with the language I use when these people are either betraying me or attacking the poorest and most vulnerable to further the aims of people who by their actions are scum, sometimes I just have to say how I feel. On the other point JC won’t ever lead the SNP unless that party changes and it looks beyond them now. The Scottish Labour entryists like Robertson are the ones who will take the party forward as Sturgeon is on the way out in my opinion, she is sowing the seeds of her departure.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. kurikat says:

    Great post Grumpy, I have never thought you went too far in the use of language, when it comes to the TORIES, if SCUM is the only word that is used to describe the MURDERING Bstrads then they are getting off lightly. I remember Alex being likened to HITLER, the media even stuck a TASH on him, our flag design changed shape to resemble the NATZI emblem..And all because Alex was head & shoulders above very other political in WM the as FM. He brought in bills & mitigation that HELPED people struggling, NOT removing money from them or forcing even dying people to attend assessments. as the NICE KINDLY SCUM TORIES did as soon as they got back into Government in WM..

    We have from a PM down the most RACIST of people in charge of FOUR other nations of the UK.. Now they have elevated to Fascists, & we are supposed to watch our language when we refer to them.. Well like you, I will address them as I see fit, the are a shower of corrupt greedy Bstrads, who never blink an eye when the death toll rises BECAUSE of their governance. I HATE them with my every being..

    AS an EX SNP voter of 53yrs, a member of said party for 12 yrs, I find myself hating the SNP almost as much as I do the Tories. Sturgeon has proven she is a good nasty piece of Scum herself..The depths to which she went to jail Alex Salmond was worse than even the nastiest of Tories would do to one of their own..

    I read yesterday where Joanna says that she would like to be FM one day, there was a time I wished to hell she was FM instead of Sturgeon. I know she is NOT Sturgeon, & I do believe she would make a good leader in an Independent Scotland.. But all respect for her and all of the SNP Cabal who have stayed in that party knowing what Sturgeon did to Alex, and then to cause the NASTY split in Independence movement. I blame people like Joanna & Angus Brendan O’Neil, & everyone of what I once thought were decent people, for staying in that party, instead of bringing it down, remember the TORIES brought their party down more than once to get rid of Maggie, & Heath.

    Because after 8yrs their excuses of we stay to change the party from within just does NOT wash with me anymore..If they had walked when they should have, we would not have STURGEON today with her warped ideas, or see our assets not just being TAKEN by WM but sold off by STURGEON for even less money than she was offered..

    I would love to see Alex back where he truly belongs at the top of Scottish politics, but I get so angry at Alex too, for always being TOO nice towards the Nasty STURGEON & SNP, I admire the man a great deal, not ONCE has he said anything derogatory about STURGEON, which makes him a better person than me.. But I still live for the day HE brings her down, & destroys the cowards that sit on their high salaries thinking only of themselves.. Scots the saying goes are their own worse enemy, Sturgeon proved that to be true.. And I shall never forgive nor forget what she has done to this country, she IS a fraud as FM, & a traitor to this country. She has sold us out again..

    • Kurikat

      I am not going to change my language, 53 now and beyond caring who I upset to be honest and you are spot on. Some of the things the media have done to denigrate the whole of Scotland and what they have called poor people makes me an angel by comparison. The SNP in jumping on the bandwagon just demonstrates how much some of them have become snow flakes now, not really interested in independence, just the money and the crumbs of power from their masters table. Alex Salmond is far too polite, esp after what he has been through, I think he thinks he will return to the top, and while he has an important role to play yet in Scotland’s story, he won’t be allowed back to the top. Those days are gone now sadly, not fair, not his fault, the wrong person is losing out while certain others should be in jail but the establishment closed ranks led by the SNP, the British game and they have been doing it for centuries. Jonna Cherry won’t ever lead the SNP or Scotland as long as she is that party, I understand why she stays, but I have little sympathy in some ways as the party she thinks she is in no longer exists and it ain’t ever coming back. I can’t stand Sturgeon, she is the reason I left the SNP within 6 months of her becoming leader, it was obvious as far back as 2015 what was going on with her and her cabal as you say.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. capnandy2 says:

    Bruce. To be honest, I find your use of language very refreshing at times. Don’t change, it’s you. It’s an expression of who you are.
    Take Care.

    • Capnandy2

      Thanks, not planning on it, 53 now and pretty much beyond caring who I upset when it comes to politics, nothing I can say can ever be more upsetting than a Tory Government and SNP appeasement in any shape or form. The Tories are scum, anyone who votes for them are no better, they know what they are voting for in the main and that is to make life harder for the most vulnerable people in our society, who in their right mind can justify that.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. Excellent article. Don’t change your language because a few people are uncomfortable with the truth. In comparison with the words I use about them you are extremely restrained.
    I would be more impressed with the SNP High Heidyins and the Unionists if they were offended with what is currently happening with fuel prices, inflation and poverty.
    It’s also about time we started making the people who voted for this shitshow, take some responsibility for it. For those who voted No and For Brexit, they need to own it.
    We could be doing so much more as a small independent country in Europe that is self sufficient in renewable electricity and gas.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Ruglen

      Thanks for the kind words, I don’t plan on changing the language I use in the blog and will call it as I see it. The snowflakes can go do one, what is more offensive me calling someone a traitor, or the thousands who died as a result of the four nation approach during covid, the unionists and the sycophants can go do one.

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. bushgeoff says:

    Someone once called me a Vile Separatist and I took that as a compliment , given the source. Are any of us really concerned about what we are called by those who oppose our cause ? If we are , then we shouldn’t be – we should realise that attacking and insulting the messenger is an easier get-out than criticising the message itself, and is an indication that the message is strong. But if you turn that the other way round, what does it say about what we call people who disagree with our views ?

    • bushgeoff

      I have been called a few things by both sides, the NuSNP are pretty good at attacking the messenger now more than the unionists. I just don’t get upset by it to be honest, people are being killed by this government and people like Sturgeon are stressed out by harsh words, says it all.

      Thanks for commenting.

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