Jobs for the Girls – SNP no different from any other party

This is the type of thing that just pisses me off no end – Some things grate on me no end, both with my own employers and with political parties in government. You know when a promoted post becomes available sometimes at where you work, or maybe just a different post, but you just know or you hear on the grape vine that a friend of a senior manager, or a total incompetent whose face fits has already got the job the day the add appears, and low and behold that person gets the job a week later. It’s the same with political parties in Government, people appointed on the tax payer magic money tree, who when you dig a little deeper look no way qualified for the position they are being asked to do, while earning eye watering salaries.

Special advisors earn between £60,000 to £100,00 per year in Scotland

Catriona Mathieson has joined the SNP Scottish Government Economy Team. Now to be fair we are in a cost of living crisis so having more economic experts is an important skill to have and we all know this SNP Government have pretty much shown themselves to be one of the most useless Scottish colonised Governments we have had since devolution, probably the worst to be fair. Just think Ferries and you know what I mean. However, there is a problem Captain. As we know Nicola Sturgeon likes to surround herself with pretty much people who are no threat to her position, or are even on the same intellectual level as she is, yeah I know that appears a very low bar. It is fair to note that Mathieson has been around since Alex Salmond was First Minister so a loooong while.

So you will be pleased to know that this appointment of Mathieson brings a unique skill set to the economy team. Mathieson holds a degree in Politics. Worked as an intern for Michael Mathieson SNP MSP for 5 months before being employed as his researcher. She then landed on her feet and became a policy advisor to Alyn ‘ woke ‘ Smith SNP MEP in the European Parliament. Now that went arse over tit as we know so Mathieson became the Senior Media Officer for the SNP at Westminster, obviously Mathieson face fits so she then became Head of Communications at Westminster for SNP, she was so amazing she then became Chief of staff, you guessed it for the SNP. Now Mathieson has been appointed by Sturgeon as a Special Economic Advisor, what’s next a safe seat and Kate Forbes job as Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Economy.

The SNP Scottish Government are no different to the rest, no different to the Tories, and they really need to go

Critics said it was the latest example of the SNP focusing “only on themselves” and not on the public. The Scottish Government said the appointment was made prior to the freeze of the civil service pay bill and the recruitment control measures. (The Scotsman) The critics are correct, at this time, or any time, there is nothing right about this and just shows how broken and out of touch the SNP and the Scottish Government are. But give Sturgeon her due, she looks after her own at our expense really well.


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9 Responses to Jobs for the Girls – SNP no different from any other party

  1. duncanio says:

    It’s really pathetic and scandalous at the same time Bruce.

    This person has no economics background. Checking out her linked-in profile there are no references to that discipline, her resume being extensively media and communications in politics. (Researching publicly online publications confirms that did spend an extensive amount of time on the campaign trail with Alex Salmond during the 2014 Independence Referendum campaign – see

    Looking at some of the other ministerial and spin doctor appointments Nicola Sturgeon really does seem to be running a government of pals rather than the pertinent.

    • Duncanio

      I agree and it is these type of appointments that undermine our politics, and they make it look like it is not what you know but who you know all the time. I also think that these type of posts have to be advertised, they should not be allowed to just be made up on the whim of a First Minister or PM. I appreciate that politicians want to trust people giving them advice but it is just not good enough, our politics are in the gutter as it is but again we are part of the problem I suppose as well as not enough people take enough interest in what is being done to them.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Dave says:

    Their metamorphosis into Labour is now near completion. All that’s needed is the name change.

    Imagine having to campaign beside that shower for independence? Maybe just as well we won’t have to.

    • Dave

      I agree, the SNP are pretty much the new Scottish Labour Party now but did it a lot quicker. It is so sad really, their lack of action on independence has resulted in them being in power too long to the extent that they have run out of ideas, they look both incompetent and corrupt, and the talent pool is so limited now that it is clear to see that it is all over bar the shouting in the medium term. Sturgeon has been a disaster for the SNP, and now for Scotland.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Robert McAllan says:

    Scotland has not ‘woke’ up to the nepotism of Sturgeon and her acolytes and as a result the SNP will continue unchallenged focusing “only on themselves” to that organisations eternal shame and the contemptible humiliation of Scotland’s people.

    Charlatans, each and every one of them, shameless beyond redemption.

    • Robert

      It is a terrible look that is for sure but it goes back to Salmond as well as he employed her by the look of things but that doesn’t really matter as it is just wrong in every way when the message is it is not what you know it is always who you know. Our politics are so corrupted now and in the gutter that this just makes it worse and certainly makes me more cynical and let down. It is clear that none of our politicians in any party are decent, or honest, they are all just the same and again that damages our democracy. None of which is good for the cause of independence when we badly need good governance to have a chance of winning that debate.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. John Curley says:

    I dont think he employed her at the start i think she volunteered her services to him. Food for thought.

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