The Tide is Turning

Thanks to Iain Lawson (Yours for Scotland) for tweeting this – I thought this was worth blogging about as I have been blogging for a while now that from people I know and chat to all is not as well as the SNP would have us believe as far as membership and support goes. We can see from some of the tweets that all is definitely not well. While we know some have left the SNP and joined Alba, I suspect that more have just left the party full stop and if the comments in this blog are anything to go by I wonder what the true figure is now.





Now the SNP might be wondering why some are leaving the party and that tide  is starting to turn. Well I give you, yet gain, the Alba hating SNP wanna be speaker of the English Parliament Pete ‘the Tory’ Wishart. Pete is correct though, the independence movement is weighted down with rubbish, the rubbish and bile that the likes of Wishart spout, he just is not self-aware at all is he. The damage that the likes of Wishart, Sturgeon, Smith, Robertson and their gender warriors like Blackman and the trans youth have done to the SNP is heart breaking. The damage they have done to the independence cause is possibly enough to ensure that we just can’t win in the future.

People like Wishart need to reflect on why there are so many tweets like the ones in this blog, they need to listen, they need to hear, but they won’t. The British gravy train is too strong, the cult will turn on them if they show any independent thinking or dissent to their glorious leader and their comfy life styles will come to an end. Books will be written in future about the destruction of the party that came so close to delivering independence for Scotland. They will write about the betrayal of Sturgeon, the hidden unionism and bile from Wishart, the infection of Scottish Labour people like Smith and Robertson, and the surrender of the likes of Russell.

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9 Responses to The Tide is Turning

  1. Stuart MacKay says:

    If you look at all the political parties in the UK they’ve all rotted away and are now a shadow of their former selves. Expecting the SNP to be immune to this decay, given everybody is swimming in the same (cess)pool is just crazy. Perhaps the worsening economic crisis will shake things up but I think more fundamental change will be required.

    • Stuart

      You could be right, Falkstone is due to go on strike for 7 days soon if their wage demands are not met and that will effect every part of the UK economy and international trade with the UK experiencing serious shortages within days and the tax man taking a huge hit. It will be interesting to see what the Tories do, the perfect storm is on the way, esp in the UK. It may well break the parties, or at the very least wake up some members, hunger is coming and if that doesn’t get people on the streets nothing will and it’s over.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Alastair says:

    The enemy within have done immense damage to the independence movement. No leader should be given absolute power again power corupts and Sturgeons Britnat cabal have highlighted this.There time is up.

    • Alastair

      It wouldn’t surprise me but I don’t know enough about it. I also agree with you about Sturgeon, she consolidated power within weeks of taking over, the result for myself was I left the party within weeks as it was clear what they did to anyone with half a brain. She has been the worst leader the SNP has ever had and the damage she has done won’t easily fixed if at all the longer her and her dangle berries stay in charge, the sad thing though is it will kill off indy for more than a generation.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. panda paws says:

    “The damage they have done to the independence cause is possibly enough to ensure that we just can’t win in the future.”

    Well maybe not in the near future. But we can win if we take control from the chancers who have infected the movement and the SNP. The members are restless. Unfortunately the low info voter still thinks the SNP is an independence party. We really need some way of making the SNPs’ betrayal clear to those who don’t follow politics closely.

    • PP

      I think Sturgeon has killed any chance of indy for years and years, deliberate, I don’t know but the damage since she took control is there for all to see now, or those willing to see. The SNP won’t be able to hide for much longer, people are getting worried about cost of living, some will want to learn more and others will protest maybe. More people are blogging and that can only be a good thing, we maybe can never reach as far as Wings can but some bloggers do have a reach and every little helps. But time is up and if the leadership of the SNP are not dealt with by the members then it does set us all back for a long long time in my opinion.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Angela Fitzgibbon says:, the SCRG and ALBA are going to rescue us, and soon. If you haven’t already, then join for free, Every signature counts. If you are feeling a bit down about us achieving Independence, then listen to Sara Salyers speech at the Salvo launch, and if you are like me, you’ll have a great sense that Independence is coming. Not only that, but as the Scottish people are sovereign, we can through the assembly of the Convention of the Estates, sack the traitorous C U next Tuesdays.

    • Angela

      I have read some of the Salvo info and watched Sarah talk, while also being a founding member of Alba. The problem I have is it has be actioned, who is going to do it? We can’t trust the courts in Scotland and the UK, the SNP won’t do anything with it as it doesn’t serve their purpose, the UN won’t act as they are toothless so where do we go from here. I appreciate that this sounds very defeatist and while I will never give up on independence we have to be realistic as to what we can achieve and when. Sturgeon and the SNP have betrayed us all and they have also set us back years. There needs to be a step back and some kind of convention of those in the movement which the SNP won’t take part in but we need to move that forward I think.

      Thanks for commenting.

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