Get Ready for the Nightmare

The cost of living crisis will be a walk in the park compared to the nightmare that is coming our way –  So we now know who the three very dangerous stooges are in the undemocratic race to be the next Tory Prime Minister of the UK, a nightmare that very few Scots will have had a chance to have a say in, in one of the most undemocratic jokes in the whole world. Rishi Sunak, Penny Mordaunt, and Liz Truss remain in the race to be the next anti-Scottish Tory Leader and all of them are our worst nightmare.

the age of irresponsibility is giving way to the age of austerity” (David Cameron)

Get ready for more of the same on steroids. Austerity punished the poorest and most vulnerable, it punished young people, it punished council workers, and everyone else who worked in the public sector, it punished the majority while making the minority richer at our expense and more is on the way to provide tax cuts to the wealthy. The Tories are about t0 shift back to the norm, not that they ever really moved away from it in the first place.

Over the decade of austerity, the number of emergency food parcels distributed by the Trussell Trust – the UK’s largest food bank charity – increased by 5,146%; rough sleeping in England soared by 165%; and 600,000 more children were in relative income poverty. (Byline Times)

A high-austerity prime minister will weaken the NHS at a time when fully-funded and fully-functioning healthcare is needed in the ongoing fight against Coronavirus and to deal with persistent NHS backlogs.

Slashing public spending will hit the services, the areas and the people already left worst off by Cameron’s age of austerity. After a decade of cuts, an ongoing pandemic and a cost of living crisis, what fat is left for the next prime minister to trim? (Byline Times)

Don’t believe for one minute that Scotland will be immune from the cuts to come, not only will our pocket money be reduced, we are still experiencing the stupidity of Sturgeon’s numerous mistakes with Ferries, Court Cases, and Law Suits, through her avoiding making the tough decisions and we are in the perfect storm. Sturgeon will soon learn that her loyalty to the British State will not protect her from the Tories turning on her as well when her usefulness has run out, or when the Tories work to appease their right wing vote in England ahead of a General Election that may come as early as next year before things get really nightmarish and Labour actually start to look like an alternative.

I really believe we are running out of time now to act on the issue of independence, people are struggling now and most of their energies are going into just surviving, when all of their energies are going into just surviving the last thing on most people’s minds will be independence, it will be deciding if they get to eat that day or does all of the food go to the kids. We are all going to pay the price of the scumbag Tory nightmare to come and the total failure of the SNP to do what they were elected to do, but they will be ok, the gravy train is thick in Westminster and they feed on it like vultures on a corpse.

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5 Responses to Get Ready for the Nightmare

  1. Hello, grumpyscottishman from a different grumpyscottishman, who’s an amateur “Keyboarder” ~ I say that we are different, but seem to have much in common; but I’ve recently become involved in some close researching of ‘Salvo’, I’ll share my opening paragraph with you… You may click the provided link to form your own opinion, of course…
    With respectful thanks to ‘Salvo’:
    I used to be a member of the SNP, however, what had become a meritorious political party became more like an ‘Idiocracy’ “the people in our current “idiocracy” deserve whatever they will get”. I’m now focussing on encouraging the growing number of ‘Yes-voters’ to recognise that we DO have an entitlement that Scottish politicians do not acknowledge; please read this sample and you’ll see the link above.

    • Ewen

      Thanks for the link, I will check it out. I don’t disagree but how do we convince people to even take an interest in politics let alone the detail like sovereignty. I am at a loss now and have blogged about that today. The SNP and Sturgeon are a huge problem but voters are an even bigger problem in Scotland and the UK as a whole. I will never give up on the cause but some days I feel like I am banging my head against a brick wall I really do. I just can’t believe how much Scots are willing to take.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. larawanda2004 says:

    All do true. As the song goes “You ain’t seen nothing yet” When people post photographs of their holidays visiting cities across Europe. They all look so clean and bright beautiful buildings. You look at Scotlands cities dirty dull poor dilapidated. Can you imagine how they would have looked if we were free? I think our cities reflect how we all feel. Sad depressed lost. Nothing to look forward to. Sturgeon and her motley crew have several sins to answer for. Who knows whats in store for us but one thing is for certain. These Tory basses ain’t gonna miss us and hit the wall. Thank you SNP.

    • Lara

      Totally agree, Scotland looks like a shit hole when you look closely. Dundee is getting fibre fitted just now, the roads and paths are getting dug up, the standard of repair is the poorest you can find and none of the repairs match the roads or the paths so you have darks rows up the middle which looks awful amongst all the rubbish blowing about due to council cuts and thick as shit lazy locals who can’t seem to put rubbish in the bin and bins designed to be homes to vermin. You can’t make up how shit things are now yet voters remain ignorant, disinterested, illiterate, and stupid. Might as well just ban voting, most Scots wouldn’t notice. My latest blog covers it to be honest, I have pretty much given up that I will see real change in my lifetime ,I won’t see independence that is for sure. I won’t give up but I have so little hope now. Sturgeon, the SNP, and voters have pretty much seen to that.

      Thanks for commenting.

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