It’s Not a Conspiracy it’s just the British Way

It’s the denial of Democracy – Rory Scothorne has an article in the New Stateman that is a bit wrong, a bit wishful thinking, and a fair bit unionist in tone as you would expect from Rory and the New Statesmen but as always with these type of articles they incorporate elements that I think are designed to slowly but surely kick Scotland’s confidence, it’s incremental, it’s subtle, but it does the job of the colonisers in my opinion. The British are brilliant at this, they use the boot, they use money, and they use phycological warfare on their colonies.  They do it with politics, business, social security, and their main conduit, the media.

Scotland is more of a hypothesis than a fact. Our politicians can proclaim the “sovereignty of the people” only because nobody has ever properly tested the proposition as, for example, a Unilateral Declaration of Independence would. The reason the SNP has been so hesitant to pursue anything like the latter until now is that the hypothesis is far more fragile than it is profitable for them to admit. They know that the road to independence is paved with self-confidence, not self-doubt.

The above is a perfect example, implying that Scotland is more of an idea than a nation, more something that requires investigation than a people with a history far longer than that of England and the UK. Implying that the SNP’s hesitance to pursue independence is down to questioning the idea that Scotland is a nation rather than the cowardice of the current leadership. It’s the drip drip drip of stripping away our belief in ourselves, our belief in our abilities to run our own affairs.

they also know that the supposedly sovereign people may not come off best in a direct scrap with the British state – indeed, those people might be keen to avoid such a fight altogether by removing the SNP at the earliest opportunity

Rory questions the sovereignty of the people, as do I, it hasn’t been tested. It may well be a huge part of our constitutional past when an independent country, but the quislings of our past sold us out and sold out our rights. Colonisation, and it is what we allowed to happen, has taken away so much of the fight that was our history, as well as, immigration from down south and our culture becoming subsumed by the more dominant culture on this island which is England, again it’s how colonisation works and the British (English) are the very best at it.

The image emerging from all this – increasingly shown, not told – is nothing short of a de facto conspiracy, across all parts of the British political establishment, to punish Scotland for straying outside of the lines of political consensus, stripping the Scottish people of any prospect of representation or redress on their own terms.

I just don’t think it is a conspiracy, I even don’t think the denial of our democracy is about punishment for being different. I think it is about what I blogged about yesterday. It is about theft, it is about power, it is about fear in some ways. Theft of our resources and land, and it is about England’s lack of confidence in itself, England has never been confident, it is a bully and it is afraid of losing the power it thinks it has in the wider world while not being willing to face up to the fact that the UK (England) is ridiculed, despised, used, and deluded. The UK (England) and it’s Scottish, Welsh, and Northern Irish colonies are pitied, laughed at, an embarrassment, that is the UK. Cannon fodder for the nutters pursuing their neo-liberal American led agenda of globalisation based around greed and profit.

It’s all a game to these people in so many ways, they don’t care about people, they don’t even care about countries, they don’t have a country, they have greed. Just look at the standard of our politicians now. Thatcher is my most despised political figure but at least she surrounded herself with people who were horrific but smart, cruel but believers, now we are governed by thick and greedy politicians in every party who are led by the nose as much as we are. What this article does show for me though is that the next battle to try and restore our sovereignty will be subtle in so many ways this time, it will be brutal as it always is with the British, but get ready for the phycological warfare that is coming our way. The SNP are already victims of it and have fallen for it in so many ways, if we fall for it too it is over before it has begun as I have said before.

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9 Responses to It’s Not a Conspiracy it’s just the British Way

  1. duncanio says:

    Good article Bruce … in the last 8 years our leaders are definitely all talk and no appendage.

    Take the SNP – the recent “scene-setter” followed by Nicola’s Big Announcement of her Secret Plan then … absolutely sweet Fanny Adam.

    However, I hope that things are beginning with the likes of Salvo and SSRG starting to assert our rights and look at realistic and genuine ways of making Independence actually happen.

    In the end it will be the people at grass roots level, and not our would be political leaders, who’ll make it happen.

    • Duncanio

      I am not so sure about the impact that the likes of SRG will have on the wider public to be honest, it will have no influence on the cowards in the SNP that is for sure. I still think we lack a vision that really chimes with people and we need to be taking advantage where we can of the likes of this article that clearly demonstrates that Scotland is a colony and seen as such, somehow we have got to get people angry enough to act but I am not optimistic given how broken Scotland is as a colony.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Alastair says:

    I think this article is spot on .Nothing changes in UK,Ok .We are under attack, our very right to exist as a Nation is under threat. Forget the Ukraine we to are under the jackboot of dictatorship here and now.
    The SNP have now morphed into puppets of our colonial oppressors a vichy style government of quisling capitulation. Sturgeon is the lovee of the Guardian and Vogue for a reason. They the establishment will protect their glove puppet at all cost. What a wonderful job she is doing for her Westminsters masters pretending to push for independence in a halfhearted disingenuous way that she can only accomplish, as a third columnist she is second to none. Under her leadership she has ignored the rigged voting franchise, brought in a 50% voting rule for a plebiscite election, sold of our assets on the cheap, allowed Westminster to drag us out the EU, dont forget suppressing and smearing those who are real compatriot’s. The list of Betrayal is endless unfortunately she not finished yet, once she does away with jurys no one is safe.
    Dissolve the Union.

    • Alastair

      Totally agree, the SNP are disgusting and I will never vote for them again, especially today watching them laughing as the Alba MPs were ejected from the English Parliament and John Nicolson’s Facebook as well. They are a unionist party now in every way as far as I am concerned and the sooner they are gone as well the better. We have been betrayed in every way by that sham of a party.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. john curley says:

    Why as a soveriegn Scot would i be worried about what a hack thinks and maybe hack is to much of a compliment for a sewer raker

    • John

      It’s the drip drip drip effect that it has on informed soft no’s that they are aiming for. They know they can pretty much rely on voter ID stopping many from voting, they have the nut job unionist vote tied up so they need to work on that 3/4% of soft no’s and no better way than chipping away a little at a time.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Stuart MacKay says:

    Unionists on what used to be the left side of politics really are grasping at straws. If only the collective nature of the Scots could he harnessed to reignite the Labour Movement south of the border all will be well.

    Left vs Right as an ideological struggle is long gone and never coming back. The real battle now is the Kleptocrats vs Everybody else. Yearning for the old days is not simply quaint. It’s deluded.

    • Stuart

      True but I really think these type of articles are designed to chip away at the soft no’s, chip away at their confidence in Scotland and what it could be. We need to be aware of this as they will use everything they can if there is another vote.

      Thanks for commenting.

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