UK Energy Policy – See Theft and Asset Stripping

Oh and don’t forget the nuclear dumping – So the Tories are planning to grab as much control over Scottish Energy Resources as they possibly can as quickly as they can. Blair while leader of the Tory Labour Party moved the border to steal gas, now the Tories are planning on making sure they can milk the rest, oh and they plan on dumping more nuclear power on Scotland, even though Scots for years and years have rejected this kind of power generation. Tory MP energy minister Greg Hands has said that “When it comes to energy, we are better working together in terms of those assets, in terms of the oversight regime, in terms of the economies of scale”. 

Sturgeon’s independence dream crushed as UK unveils plot to control Scottish energy

This is really about, as the story says, Westminster will continue to keep a hold over Scotland’s energy strategy and may even develop new nuclear power stations there, despite SNP’s opposition. The headline is pretty much rubbish, this does not derail independence in any way, unionist toilet paper media wishful thinking, but it does highlight yet again, as if it were needed, that the SNP need to do more to get the message out there. The SNP have failed on energy, they failed to set up a national energy company, and they sold off our renewable potential to the very companies who are profiting from the current cost of living crisis for a pittance, I do not trust the SNP to do all much about this.

The Scottish Government can effectively veto any plans to build nuclear reactors in Scotland through planning regulations. Will the SNP use that power until the Tories decide that it comes under the Internal Market Act and overrule Holyrood anyway to the whimpers of the SNP Government and grand statements from Ian Blackford. Hands goes on to say that “Scotland’s got an amazing nuclear tradition, it’s had some of the best, most productive, efficient, safe nuclear power plants anywhere in the world.” The Tories could not give a crap about our opposition to nuclear power, this is about control over Scotland’s assets, this is about milking as much as they can as quickly as they can just in case, they will sell off as much as they can to their friends to ensure a future independent Scotland has no control. This is theft on a grand scale and we better be ready for it and the SNP, who have gotten very quiet since Sturgeon’s announcement the other week, other than Tory Pete Wishart and his obsession with the Alba Party, better be ready to fight back, however I doubt it.


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3 Responses to UK Energy Policy – See Theft and Asset Stripping

  1. moone33 says:

    Safe? Safe?.. Just look at Dounreay, . Once finally cleared the land is so contaminated it can’t be classed as ‘brownfield’ until 2335. It’s illegal for any fishing within miles of the site. Read about the accident there in 1977, they let seawater get to old highly radioactive coolant (potassium/sodium metals). Many of us might remember from school what happens then.

    Six reactors, most of them were very experimental types, so obviously build them as far from London as possible. Oh Scotland’ll do just fine, bastards.

    • moone

      I know to even be considering nuclear power is crazy, the stuff is poison. The Tories don’t give a crap and the SNP will be forced to accept whatever is thrown at them. Being anti-nuclear was my first political view point when I was about 14 and saw the Day After Tomorrow with Jason Robarts, it didn’t scare me per say but it clearly showed that nuclear power was just not worth the risk at all. It’s just about making sure they control as much of Scotland’s energy potential as possible so (if) Scotland becomes independent it will make little difference as it will all have been sold off or stolen by then.

      Thanks for commenting.

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