Dinna F Think So

The Colonisers Speak – So far a few of our Tory colonisers have come out to inform us dirty jocks that we have had our cake and ate it in 2014. Both Jeremy (H)unt and Sajid Javid, Tory scumbags if there ever were any,  insisted it should be at least 10 years before another referendum is held, flying in the face of the Scottish Government timetable that would see Scots head to the polls on the issue next October.

Jeremy Hunt said: “Not in the next 10 years.” Mr Javid, responding to the same question in a later interview, said: “The last one was for a generation and the generation hasn’t changed, so no.

If this doesn’t convince the gradualist sheeple that Scotland is not a colony then nothing will, expect more from the other right wing nut job Tory leader contenders in the days to come as they all try to out right each other. This farce is all the more laughable when you think this is not even just Scotland with the anti-democracy policy from the Tories it is the UK. Tory members will decide who the two candidates are who will go forward to be the next Prime Minister of the UK, you can’t get any more anti-democratic than that, us dirty voters don’t get a say.

Fellow leadership candidate Tom Tugendhat said, “In many ways, this is a Scottish union more than an English one”. Really, you can’t make this shit up can you. These people are mental and should be no where near our democracy. Our glorious leaders came out fighting though on our behalf,  SNP deputy leader Keith Brown said granting the Section 30 order required for another referendum would be a “good start” in repairing the fractured relationship between the UK and Scottish governments.

Well Hud Me Back, the Tories are shaking in fear

“One of the fundamental tests of (if the relationship can improve) will be whether they’re willing to recognise the will of the Scottish people. “Whether they are now willing to say ‘of course we’ll have an agreed referendum’, that would be a very good start for whoever takes over.” If Brown is the fighter Scotland needs right now we really are in the shit and can forget it, the Tories will always be scum as far as I am concerned but the SNP are cowards, they have bought into Westminster in every way and bring embarrassment and shame on every one of us when it comes to fighting the case for independence, they couldn’t bend over far enough if they tried, talk about being on your knees.

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14 Responses to Dinna F Think So

  1. Dave says:

    I’d respect the SNP more if they all just shouted, “Whey-hey… another 10 years on the gravy train.” Hopefully their sheep-like followers will wake up soon. I’d love to see the same happen to them as happened to Labour up here in 2015. It was magic seeing them all go… Davidson, Alexander, Curran, etc. Now replace that with Blackford, Black, Blackman… Well worth staying up through the night for.

    They’re a lost cause – and I say that as a once true believer. If you campaign for the SNP you’re not campaigning for indy – you’re trying to get your local parasite elected so they can get their snout back in the trough at public expense. What benefit is it to you when they’re picking up their salary and expenses? Fkin hell, I wish I had a team of folk out in all weather trying to fix me up with a job like that!

    • Dave

      Sadly I have to agree, it is maybe not all of them, but the ones like Cherry, MacNeil, Whitford who are still in the party but not really calling them out for what they are are just as complicit aren’t they. I wouldn’t care if they lost their seats all that much as far as many in the SNP go but would hope they went to ISP/Alba rather than the British Unionists who are just bloody awful in every way now. We are governed by the right, the far right, or the incompetent. How far we have fallen in such a short period of time.

      Thanks for commemting.

  2. twathater says:

    Bruce your anger is palpable which should be echoed and highlighted by our representatives but instead they are crawling even further up the crevasses of the tory warmongering scum , I have said repeatedly until we get POLITICIANS who are willing to stand up and EXPOSE and HIGHLIGHT the contempt and hatred these exceptionalist morons have for Scots which includes ALL political parties we will go nowhere
    I had high hopes for ALBA but I am sorry even they are too wrapped up in their diplomacy and patience in dealing with these unmentionables and that includes the scum Scottish Nonce Party

    I like you have no time for poseurs and fakes especially when bairns , OAP’s , homeless people and lower income families are suffering continuously , what WE need is someone like the old Tommy Sheridan who is willing to call a spade a spade and EXPOSE sturgeon for the fraud she is , but even then the establishment OWN the media so the message wouldn’t be heard , NO we NEED a revolution of the working classes

    • Twathater

      Totally agree with you but I still have hope for Alba and will remain a member although not active as I have decided to focus on the blog and I also want to be able to challenge Alba as well in the blog but in some ways they are playing the game as well and are too tame as you say. I wish we had some politicians who had bigger balls to be honest, I like Neil Hanvie and Kenny MaCaskill and they do more than most but too many have bought into the Westminster nonsense of doing things and all the pompous bullshit that does nothing to make our lot easier. Tommy Sheridan was my first political, not hero, but someone I admired during the Poll Tax demonstrations and non payment agenda, he was a man they feared. But as with AS the state brought him down helped by the very people who should have been protecting him. Sturgeon was the reason I left the SNP after about 2 months of her becoming leader, it was obvious to anyone willing to look that she was a fake, a bit of a joke. It has turned out worse hasn’t it. The Tories are total scum and I don’t care what anyone thinks of that language but the NUSNP are not all that much different, neo-liberals with a softer face but ne0-liberals just the same with policies that in the main will hurt the poorest and most vulnerable rather than lift them up.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Ian says:

    Where is Scotland’s FM in this UK crisis of government? Why hasn’t the Scottish Parliament been recalled? The mark of a leader is how well they deal with a crisis. Being invisible is the polar opposite of leadership, but then if it’s not PR then she’s clearly not interested, as well as being out of her depth. Which she is, right now, when (again) true leadership is so badly needed. Waiting for the dust to settle in Westminster (again) and then doing nothing, as the SNP did with Brexit and are doing again now, is simply an abandonment of what they were voted in to deal with. Maybe after a horrendous winter of life in the UK, people here will finally realise that the (all talk and no action) SNP are a dead end and open their eyes to the alternatives that now exist to gain independence and get away from being ruled by an increasingly deranged UK Government.

    • Ian

      There isn’t much Holyrood could do regarding the cost of living crisis that will get a hell of a lot worse, but they should be making more out of it. They should be taking a stronger line on Scottish voters having a vote, calling out the Tories for what they are which is a disgusting bunch of non-humans who should be committed let alone in government. Sturgeon for me is exactly what you say, all pr and nothing else. I never agreed with AS in the first referendum on much of what went on including the white paper but Sturgeon makes him look like a genius doesn’t she.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • john curley says:

      Dont you know she is a yoon through and through. The scottish nonce party are a unionist party. Independence will never come under this bitch quislings one and all.

  4. duncanio says:

    I like the reference to the former Health Secretary of E&E as Jeremy (H)unt.

    I suppose I can now get away with describing the former Health Secretary for England and Wales as a right (c)onservative and (un)ionis(t).

  5. Graeme George says:

    So long as we sheepishly continue giving the UK government the authority to decide whether we can have a referendum or not we shouldn’t be surprised if they exercise that authority, don’t be angry at them Bruce they’re doing their job, our anger needs to be directed towards our own government they’re the ones we elect they’re the ones who are failing us

    • Graeme

      I am not angry at the unionists and the Tories for using the system as far as the referendum goes other than their disregard for what passes for democracy in this so called union, I am angry at every Tory policy in my lifetime that is all about making life harder for those who can least afford it while making life easier for those who can afford it and stripping away our rights and strengthening their own power, and angry at us for putting up with it and allowing the hard won gains of our great grandparents be taken away in a whimper.

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. larawanda2004 says:

    I don’t agree AS is being lame. He has been traversing the country for weeks pushing the weeAlba Book. Putting the point over that she her is useless .I believe AS has pushed Sturgeon’s buttons hence the utter waste of time route to independence. He will keep on saying it’s next year let’s get organized. She is wishing he would disappear she just wanted to keep throwing carrots and the sheep will follow. AS is going to push her into a corner where there is no escape. She will crap it and resign or be pushed. I hope pushed

    • Lara

      I don’t think AS is being lame but I do think Keith Brown is. I also agree, and have said before, that without Alba we wouldn’t even be talking about independence right now. The Wee Alba Book Tour is a good thing, it keeps the campaign going which is good, I do think that it reaches the engaged though and as I blogged about in The Problem with Independence I don’t think it shows the type of vision that many people can touch and one they recognise in their day to day lives for those who are not engaged. I still don’t think there will be a referendum any time soon and the strategy for the GE is flawed and designed to lose, if AS and Alba can hammer that home so that people can see the SNP are not serious then I am all for it but we need a vision to counter the colonisers and I am not so sure we have that.

      Thanks for commenting.

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