Bit ‘N’ Pieces Wednesday 6th July 2022

It doesn’t have to be this way –  the Food and Agriculture Organization, the World Food Programme, UNICEF, the International Fund for Agricultural Development and the World Health Organization, found that between 702 million and 828 million people suffered from hunger last year. That’s at least 50 million more than the year before it, indicating that efforts to eliminate hunger and malnutrition are sliding. The number of people who were food insecure, meaning they lacked regular access to nutritious food needed to live a healthy life, rose to around 2.3 billion in 2021 — 350 million more than before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The world is warped and broken, 100 million people around the world also fell into poverty last year while the richest 10% take home 52% of all the worlds wealth (World Inequality Lab). When are we going to wake up to what is going on, there are no simple answers for us but when we see attacks on workers and trade unions for daring to ask for a pay rise we know that we are losing the battle. There is no need for poverty or hunger, these are political and social choices that are being made for us by our so called betters. We are slaves and we are on our knees, when will enough be enough.

This is what happens when we fight back but we have to fight back – VINDICTIVE and anti-worker” bosses at a major university in London’s East End were slammed today for threatening to close a course as punishment for staff taking industrial action. In internal emails sent last weekend, Colin Bailey, principal at Queen Mary, University of London, said the institution’s film studies degree programme was at risk if staff did not abandon an ongoing marking boycott, the University and College Union (UCU) charged.

This is bullying and according to the union potentially illegal, we have the weakest trade unions laws in the EU and in the UK and when workers dare exercise their rights they are threatened, that is the UK under both Tory and Red Tory Labour Governments for years and years but we need to fight back now, we need to get more people into trade unions. I am in Unite Union and while I was never fan of Len Mccluskey I am of Sharon Graham the new leader. If you have a job, and can join a trades union, join it might be the very thing that actually saves your job soon.

I think he will survive, for a while yet anyway – I appreciate that for many it has been an exciting 24 hours in the will he won’t he resign in relation to serial liar and Tory scumbag Prime Minister of the UK Boris Johnson. To be honest I have been pretty underwhelmed by it all in the main and haven’t even followed it all that much. Listening to LBC a little this morning as that is the station I tend to listen to it is clear that Johnson has the support of many of the voters in England, it says as much about them as it does him to be honest, tells you exactly the mess England is in and the rest of us have to suffer from. The wealthy who fund the scumbag Tories will make the final decision and given that there is no one waiting in the wings I just think Johnson will get to the recess and they will see where the dust lies when Parliament returns  in September and then it is conference season pretty much a few weeks later, they are going to try and tough this out as they have with the liar from the start. Just my opinion and I will no doubt be wrong.

UPDATE – It appears that there are a group of cabinet members in Downing Street waiting on Johnson as he appears at the Liaison Committee to urge him to resign today so events may be moving forward as 8 more MPs have resigned so he may be toast but I will believe it when I see it.

This would just be yet another Sturgeon and SNP mistake –  THE SNP’s policy convener has said his party must fight an imminent snap Westminster election as a “de facto” vote on independence. The SNP and the YES community are not ready to fight another referendum right now and we would lose, even in a plebiscite election, especially with everything that is going on today in the UK. The SNP are pretty much broke and the YES community not organised, if I were the yoons I would definitely call the the SNPs bluff, a vote in the next few months then the Unionists WIN.

Labour are now the monster raving looney party – What is it with the ultra Tory Labour Party now. These people are mental, it is being reported that LABOUR leader Sir Keir Starmer has agreed with his Scottish counterpart Anas Sarwar that Vladimir Putin would back independence. Not only that but we have Sarwar wanting a make a law to force Westminster and Holyrood to work together and you have Starmer saying to English voters he will never ever ever ever work with the dirty SNP or non unionist jocks. The Labour Party are ill they really are, who votes for these clowns.


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5 Responses to Bit ‘N’ Pieces Wednesday 6th July 2022

  1. Alastair says:

    Someone should remind Starmer that Putin paid for Brexit and their Pals the Torys got 3 million pounds to fight the last election. The UK has become a tax haven for dark money for foreign oligarchs , mainly Russian. The greed of Westminster MPs and British establishment have dragged us out the EU damaging the economy while enriching themselves. None of this would have been possible without Scottish , Oil ,Gas, and Electricity keeping the UK afloat. plainly we are mugs. Sturgeon could have disolved the Union in 2015 the UK breaking the treaty of Union. But the UK knew their plant was in place and made sure that Corbyn and Salmond we taken out the game. The British establishment knew they were safe carrying on their project to erode Scottish Sovereignty. It’s not finished yet Gove has been sacked by Boris so not to tarnish him for a leadership bid as PM. Gove the last Brexiteer standing. He will grant a section 30 , Sturgeon will hail this as a victory. Devo max a third question will be added to the referendum, with this and a rigged voting franchise and the Union will be safe.
    We cannot let Sturgeon and her pal stich us up. The next election must be a pebiste we must start pushing the SNP. If they won’t do it we need a AUOB candidates to end the Union standing at the next election on a pebiste .

    • Alastair

      The more I reflect on the strategy the more I suspect we will still be no where further forward in the next few years and will still be in the UK. The current state of the UK I have noted in the blog is just the final part of Thatcher’s plan that the Tories are carrying out, this is the Thatcher end game to turn the UK into the neo liberal country the world over and while devolution allows us a little protection it won’t count for much when the money dries up as English services get privatised, well those that are left and Labour are just a part of that now. Devo-max for me will only be on a future ballot if the English Government think they will lose and right now I don’t believe they believe they would lose, and I also don’t think we can win, Sturgeon has made sure of that. It is ironic though that the state certainly appear to have made it possible for the SNP themselves to bring down Salmond and Labour bring down Corbyn, against the wishes of their members, who remain members in the main anyway. You can’t make it up how much we are slaves.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I mean, the real question is why is there even such thing as a “film studies” degree? Total nonsense. It should not be cut for the reason of punishimg industrial action, but that is a sham of a degree anyway.

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