Playing the Unionist Game

That divisive referendum,  but it was mostly the unionists – The non-inclusive Aberdeen Independence Movement (AIM) have started an initiative around banning transphobia, homophobia, anglophobia, and misogyny supported of course by the new SNP in the form of Stewart Hosie MP. This is the organisation that held a conference that apparently failed to invite anyone from Alba / ISP / AUOB etc, inclusivity is obviously the mantra, not. It appears that inclusivity only extends to those who get AIM’s approval, the rest are I guess not really yessers or actually support women’s rights and alternatives to the SNP mantra.

Anyway, I don’t disagree with “In order to reach that goal we are committed to working with others of like mind on the basis of mutual respect and with a positive approach in order to promote and achieve the values of civic nationalism which are freedom, tolerance, equality, the protection of individual and community rights and the rejection of prejudice and discrimination in any form. Of like mind is interesting though lol.

Now having been around a fair bit of the referendum in 2014, of blogging, of using social media, of marching, and of discussing the case for independence it was clear there were a few extremes on the YES side, and a lot of passion. However,

during the campaign I never saw the Police fighting with those on the YES side in George Square, but I did on the unionist side, I was never physically threatened by any YES supporters, however I was several times by the unionist side. I rarely heard any anti-English sentiment on the YES side, a couple of comments that were challenged and called out by fellow yessers every time but I was called a wide ranging of names from unionists on top of the threats which were called out by no one. AIM by making this pledge, no matter how well intended, have opened the door to more accusations of that divisive referendum and the continued unionist accusations of nasty blood and soil NATS.

Mr Hosie told The National code of conduct was a “fantastic initiative” and added the pledge put forward by AIM would “likely be the template for the wider movement”.

The YES Scotland campaign in 2012/14 referendum was incredibly positive overall for most of us who took part and did a little, however how many can say that from the unionist side, not many I guess. Now there is little chance of a referendum taking place anytime soon, probably not in the next 3 years at least, if not more. And while I do believe that we have to be inclusive in the next campaign when it comes, that we should not discriminate against anyone taking part, including the unionists, maybe AIM need to think about that as well. Alba / ISP and AUOB will play a vital role going forward in delivering that potential YES vote in future, and of course AIM can work with whom they wish but if they are not of “like mind” to AIM then they might as well be unionists as far as AIM is concerned and they say Alba supporters are divisive lol.

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9 Responses to Playing the Unionist Game

  1. panda paws says:

    “AIM by making this pledge, no matter how well intended,”

    It’s certainly NOT well intentioned, it’s a purity pledge to try to ensure that they control the narrative and bring the Yes movement under the control of the Sturrells as much as the SNP. Well they are in for a BIG surprise because whilst most people are and try to be as inclusive and tolerant as they can be, few will stand for the redefinition of words to mean whatever the Twittler Youth want them to be.

    They are a small group in numbers compared to Aye Aberdeenshire but get FAR more publicity because a number of them are of Nikla’s Praetorian Guard. I think we should just tell them to get tae, the strength of the Yes movement is in its actual diversity not its pseudo wokedom!

    • Panda

      I tend to agree, AIM are sowing division where there doesn’t have to be any to my mind and looking stupid doing it with, as you point out, their purity message. If YES is to win it will be won by the wider yes community as a whole, I have argued for a long time that the yes community in ay future campaign have to keep the SNP as far away as possible if we want to win, the SNP are an avenue to defeat for me and AIM are a part of that if they are as close minded as they appear.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. duncanio says:

    Jesus H Christ!

    These bunch of naval-gazing self-appointed keepers of their own moral code would be better employed turning their attention to what kind of referendum it is that we are supposedly going to have. You know, things like the question posed, the answer options, the franchise, the timing and the vote counting inspectotrate.

    And, how are we going to win.

    • Duncanio

      Fair points, as I have noted as well in the blog, we will lose any referendum partly due to the lack of preparation to actually win one even though it is a stupid strategy anyway now but AIM are taking the micky if you ask me and they can’t even see how stupid they look and the door they have opened, just like McDonald, Robertson, and Comfy Slippers did with their cybernats attacks, they are allowing unionists to set the narrative and blame yes for everything. Some people never learn, they don’t need a policy just some common sense.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Stuart MacKay says:

    The more interesting question is why is The National, which backs and is backed by the SNP leadership, letting the Aberdeen Independence Movement dictate the terms of the referendum. Surely they can’t be so incompetent that they think that baking trans-rights into the referendum is a winning proposition.

    Either this is a glaring admission of weakness in the “respect agenda” or a deliberate attempt at de-railing the referendum completely – “well, we wanted to hold it in 2023 but there was so much controversy over the terms that Westminster’s reform of the UK constitution, outlawing independence was passed first. Oh, well, what a pity”.

    • Stuart

      Well The National is a bit of a joke paper now like the rest but I never though of the terms of reference, thanks for that, this is interesting and many point out that AIM are part of the Nikola inner circle. I just think the whole thing is a stupid own goal for unionists, mis timed, and stupid.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. lorncal says:

    It was, and remains, a total myth that YES/SNP were aggressive during the 2014 campaign; the truth is that viciousness and nastiness were the sole preserve of the NO campaign. Mr Hosie is one of the NuSNP whose virtue signalling propensities rival those of his former wife, Ms Robison whom he treated with something less than respect. This is becoming a joke now. These people are an embarrassment to sanity. How dare he try and collaborate in the lies told by Better Together and sundry other No groups to stymie independence. They are wasting their time and energy on useless gestures which will be picked up by the collaborationist media and the Unionists and they will run with it. What they will never do is actually support any form of independence for Scotland. God, these latter-day sanctimonious zealots for everything but independence make me puke. They are as bad as the ignorant witch denouncers who also knew what they were about. People do these things because they, personally, benefit – through malice, fear, spite, what have you. How dare they colonise what was once the party of independence, but is no more because of them – the counterfeit SNP. They, and the truly vile Scottish GreenParty leadership mean to destroy any hope of independence by doing the Unionists’ work for them.

    • Lorncal

      Not much I can add to that, when I was reading up on the conference and doing a little digging into AIM I just had to sigh, laugh, sigh again at their stupidity but then if Hosie backs them then enough said. The yes community have got to keep the SNP at arms length in any future campaign be it a referendum or other method, not that one is happening soon either way, but the SNP and their foot servants are a real barrier to independence now and you are spot on if Sturgeon doesn’t get the finger out the English Government will legislate to make it virtually impossible for Scotland to ever gain independence.

      Thanks for commenting.

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