In response to what next? My realisation!

In response to what next? Iain Lawson wrote a very sobering blog yesterday what next that just made me consider how I have been feeling about where we are right now in Scotland, and how I feel about independence in general. Ian captures very well where we currently find ourselves in the UK and Scotland, the many crisis we face, the potential, but likely, devastating impact that this will have in every aspect of our lives and in our communities in the months and maybe years ahead, and what is coming down the road right now. Sobering reading indeed doesn’t even describe it.

It is going to change society. The only question to answer is how will that change manifest itself? (Iain Lawson, Yours for Scotland)

Current UK polling has Labour on 39%, the Conservatives on 35%, the SNP on 4%, and the Liberal Democrats on 12% with support for Scottish independence sitting at around 47%. But the simple fact is if these parties are the answer then we are still not asking the right questions and the future is a bleak as Iain suggests.

Now I accept that there are fighters out there like Barrhead Boy who are more optimistic for the future, who are energised by the commitment and desire of some in the wider independence movement, in new media, and in many ways both Iain and Roddy are correct in their own way.

This is historic political failure, for decades our oil and gas resources enriched our neighbour rather than ourselves. That is how you end up with more oil and gas jobs in England rather than Scotland. Our renewables are going the same way, the new cable based in Blyth will export Scottish renewable energy, not anywhere in Scotland. We will have no control as England exports whatever energy they don’t just use themselves. (Iain Lawson, Yours for Scotland)

I freely admit I have less faith in people than most, my glass, maybe as a result of life experience and growing up in the 80’s, tends to be half empty rather than half full, I accept that this is who I am and while I feel I have changed in the last year in many positive ways one area I have not changed in is my view on our journey towards independence. That journey in the aftermath of 2014 felt potentially shorter, that there was optimism as people had had their eyes opened, their minds switched back on, their passion awakened. I learned a lot during the referendum campaign and like many others was determined to keep fighting the unionists at every turn, to be honest that hasn’t changed, but what I feel will happen in the medium term has.

I really do not believe there will be a referendum in 2023, even if there were one I think we would lose it anyway, actually if I were the unionists I would hold a referendum in January 2023, in the midst of winter, and kill off independence for the next 50 years at least, they won’t of course, they like the SNP Government don’t have the guts.

We had the opportunity in 2014. For the first time in my lifetime Scots woke up. They voted for Independence, however the lack of a proper franchise, a franchise that would have operated in virtually every other country in Europe, sufficient non Scots who the Edinburgh University study evidenced voted overwhelmingly no, particularly those originating in the rest of the UK, and they were sufficient, when added to the minority of Scots who voted no, to deny us freedom. Iain Lawson Yours for Scotland)

I believe in Scottish independence, in self determination. I believe, in the main, Scotland is a distinct nation separate from the rest of the United Kingdom, and accordingly it should control all aspects of its full political authority as an independent sovereign nation state. The reality I wake up to every day is sadly very different. We are a colony in all but name, we are governed by entitled and stupid people in the main at both UK and Scottish levels. Voters across Scotland, in far too high numbers, refuse to accept what they see in front of them, and as Iain describes I think, seem to have their heads buried in the sand for what is coming down the road when support for independence still sits at 47%.

Over the last few years it has become increasingly obvious that us Scots are our own worst enemies, too many suffer at the hands of one of cruellest Governments in my life time at UK level and one of the most inept Scottish Governments since 1999 and devolution. Things are bad as they have ever been and are on course to be much worse than even Thatcher could dream up in her best moments of political destruction and madness yet too many put their faith in a charlatan First Minister and an SNP that appears to have lost it’s way on virtually every front while abandoning party democracy at every turn while most of it’s membership ignore what is front of them and those who left to join Alba for a variety of reasons are now treated lower than the worst right wing Unionists, even the DUP get better treatment from the SNP and it’s membership.

This has led me to the conclusion that I just won’t see independence in my lifetime, it won’t stop me fighting for it and this blog being my main way of getting my opinion out there and doing what I can to call out the unionists of all party colours while hopefully encouraging any one who reads the blog to get the facts for themselves. The best I now hope for, and what I believe is vital and noted last week, is that in the meantime we can get back to good governance. We have got to get the very basics right, even more so now, things like the bins being emptied, the pot holes filled, education standards improving, health waiting lists coming down, community services and facilities open, the grass cut. The bread and butter issues that people see on a daily basis are the key to independence for myself in so many ways. Gender reform, ending free speech, persecuting those you disagree with or want to keep out of politics is the politics of the play ground and has no place in Scotland right now when we can’t fill a pot hole or empty a bin.

The SNP need to replace Sturgeon, or we do as voters as quickly as possible and we need to start again at the local level to get things right as I have said. So while the dream still lives on the expectation has taken a step back and sometimes we have to do that to take two or three forward.


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4 Responses to In response to what next? My realisation!

  1. Gayle says:

    Good post but Scotland needs to stop viewing itself as a colony. In business terms it is a silent partner. Scotland provides the capital while deferring governance to its treaty partner, England. This is not imposed on Scotland but a political choice by the Scottish government and its establishment.

    Like yourself, I do not believe Scotland will reassert its full statehood, certainly not in my lifetime and if the new English Act of Union 2018 Bill becomes reality (it is being enacted in all but name) then it will not happen in the next generation’s time either.
    Scots need to demand the immediate suspension of the treaty. All the issues you point out above can be dealt with while having the treaty suspended as would proving that Scotland’s full statehood is the best option. The most obvious aspect that could and should be addressed upon suspension of the treaty is the eradication of food and clothing distribution outlets. When folk think of food poverty they cite “food banks” but that is a small portion of the problem. There are other organisations which act in a similar manner for those who do not qualify for “food Bank” donations. If a country’s government cannot provide the essentials to all of its people then it has failed. The scale of humanitarian crisis in Scotland is only going to increase further unless the treaty is suspended with immediate effect. The failure to do so is a political choice not a legal one. Legally, Scotland can not only suspend but dissolve the treaty with immediate effect. It is time that the Scots demanded it.

    • Gayle

      I would love to know how many times the Treaty has been broken and why it has not been challenged since the SNP came to power, even under AS it must have been broken repeatedly so why do we continue to put up wit this state of affairs is beyond me. I will never give up on independence but I accept I am not going to see it.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Louise says: reconvene the estates

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