Some People are Just

Assholes –  I appreciate most of you will have seen this headline already this week but it just really grates on me full stop. Tory scumbag MP Lee Anderson claimed that “the UK has no “massive use for food banks” and that people use them because they “cannot cook properly [or] budget”, what a total asshole, closely followed by another total asshole in right wing mentalist Isobel Oakeshott who then tweeted support for him claiming it is possible to eat cheaply. These people are toilet stains of the worst kind and it really does beggar belief that anyone can vote for people like Anderson.

There are far too many in this country who live their lives full of entitlement, Tories, many in Labour also. The cost of living crisis is real yet the response from the government is more real, i.e. no help for the poorest at all. The media in the main should hang their heads in shame at their own lack of action in reporting this and even when they do trying to blame it all on the Ukraine/Russian conflict. There also needs to be a serious investigation in petrol forecourts and supermarkets who it looks to me are totally profiteering at the expense of the most vulnerable. Every time you go to the store now the prices are up, oh they might take 5p off their own brand watery ready meal but then you see that they have added 20p to toothpaste.

2.25 million people used foodbanks last year in the UK

The Chancellor,  another scumbag, Sunak said the other week it would be “silly” to announce more measures to help with energy bills before it was known how much prices would rise in the coming months” . Maybe starvation is the Tory way to cull the herd, and tackle obesity, maybe raising the pension age to 564 didn’t kill off enough people quick enough. The cost of living crisis doesn’t touch these people but it is the rest of us. I just wonder how long it will take for the riots to start, and how long it will take for the blind and stupid in Scotland to realise that if we don’t get out of the UK as quickly as possible then we might as well just start queuing up now for the poor house.

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7 Responses to Some People are Just

  1. Dave says:

    Never mind… Boris says that the best thing is to grow our way out of the crisis by attracting investment and high-paying jobs. So, all the foodbank users have to do is retrain as video game designers and wait until a suitable vacancy becomes available.

    They’re so out of touch that words fail me. Clearly Covid didn’t cull enough people so they’re having to resort to other means.

    There’ll be riots at the start of next winter when the next increase comes in. Down south though, not up here. There’s no limit to the sh*te we’ll sit back and let them fling at us.

    • Dave

      I think the riots might start earlier down south but not up here that is for sure, us Scots can take an unbelievable amount of shit from all sides, the Scottish Government, as well as, the English Government. You just can’t make it up. I earn the Scottish average wage so better off than most and even I am saying to my son who lives with me that we need to start planning ahead and stock up for the winter and that we go with decent electric blankets this year than just going for the central heating right off the bad, how people without work or are ill, low wage employment, are going to cope is beyond me it really is, it is so sad Dave and worst of all in some ways is those Tory and unionist bastards are laughing at us.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. 100%Yes says:

    Here comes austerity, if the UKG is cutting 91,000 civil servants jobs. I remember Thatcher wanted the poor not to get benifits, but to go to food banks instead. Are people starting to see the Tories have ruined the economy and that austerity was never lifted. Its time for Scotland to get out. I’ve donated to food banks myself but I can no longer do it as we can’t afford to give any more.

    • 100%Yes

      I am in the same boat pretty much now too, I used to always put something in the food bank box but I’m having to watch now also. You are also correct austerity has never stopped, we see that in the cuts year on year to local councils which the SNP have actually made wore with ring fencing. You have to wonder what will it take for Scots to wake up, the English will take to the streets this summer no doubt while too many Scots will ask for more of the same, heartbreaking.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Brenda Steele says:

    Given that they are ditching controls on 2 for the price of 1 on junk food items, I don’t see any likelihood of people learning to eat better.
    Also budgeting and home food preparation take time – something that people in low paid jobs often don’t have.
    Better ecucation in school about marketing techniques and how consumers are manulated would be a help.
    Not holding my breath.

    • Brenda

      I think it is a bit of all of that, as well as, understanding food and the affordability of food which is just getting ridiculous now. My shop is increasing in price every week and I am now at the stage where I am thinking about things more and thinking of stocking up for the winter months now which is also ridiculous when we are not even in summer yet/ Through in a government in the UK and Scotland who appear to have no idea on what to do and no guts to tackle the issues such as tax that could help etc we are in a world of hurt and while the English will take to the streets at some point us in Scotland will just keep asking for more.

      Thanks for commenting.

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