Bits N Pieces Wednesday 11th May 2022

Pomp and Piss – So yesterday the powerful and the sycophants rolled out the gold and all the pomp, the dead animal robes, the bought for titles, and the Windsor’s to remind us all of our place in the so called union of equals. They even had a separate car for the crown with the large diamond on top. We were fed a day of how terrible it was that Elizabeth Windsor couldn’t be there for the first time in 60 years and her poor 78 year old son was missing his mummy, he was sad and forlorn. He must have been very afraid that mummy wasn’t there to hold his hand. All of this was the State Opening of the English Parliament masquerading as the UK one. I know every nation, or most of them, have a state opening of their new sessions in whatever form their government takes but this pish is beyond the pale, cars and protection for a crown, gold and dead animals, this is the kind of garbage that sums up the shit hole that is the UK. The fact that so many down south fall for this rubbish just demonstrates even more how badly we need out of this nightmare.

One of the few positives to come out of Covid – 19 –  Being able to work from home was one of the very few things that were positive to come out of the Covid-19 Pandemic for many people, including myself although I have had the option over the years anyway, but it appears the Tories just don’t like this at all so are removing the right to do this. Now this is just another attack on worker’s right, there are areas where working from home makes better sense overall. Working from home allows a better work/life balance with a positive effect on mental health and family relationships, cuts down on commuting time, less cars on the road, saves money on travel and especially offensively high rail costs. Of course it is not for everyone, it requires balance, and you need to use your common sense as there are times when you do need to be in the office with colleagues, there are times when you need to make sure it doesn’t effect your family life negatively but overall with common sense it was a step in the right direction in this country so of course the Tories want to remove the option from the serfs so that work is a dire depressing chore for many every day starting with the travel to work in the rush hours. Tories don’t change.

Blah Blah Blackford the contradiction – I caught Ian Blackford’s response to the Windsor speech yesterday and it was just a huge contradiction for me and to honest it again highlights everything that is wrong with the leadership of the SNP right now. Blackford said in his speech that  “game is up for the union”, that “the SNP is not seeking the Prime Minister’s “permission” for the referendum, as the only permission it would need is the “democratic permission of the Scottish people”. We got  “Democracy has spoken in Scotland, it has spoken before and it will speak again and again. And all our democratic decisions are saying exactly the same thing: Scotland rejects this Westminster Government, we reject the Tory party and we demand the choice of an independent future”.

He then went on to demand “the Government to deal with the cost-of-living crisis by bringing forward an emergency budget following the agenda-setting Queen’s Speech”. 

We are not seeking the Prime Minister’s permission. The only permission we need, the only permission we will ever need is the democratic permission of the Scottish people. And let’s not forget it’s the people of Scotland who hold sovereignty.” (Ian Blackford)

So Blackford pontificates to his hearts content while playing the English Westminster Governments game stomping his feet and demanding our colonial masters take action on the cost of living crisis while pontificating about the democratic and sovereign rights of the Scottish people while doing nothing about it. You just can’t make it anymore when it comes to the SNP.

The Windsor speech yesterday was a slight of hand –  we will be losing our right to protest, we will be losing our right to free speech, we will see more protection for investors and big business. There will be trade war with the EU, there was nothing to ease the poverty and hunger that millions now face, most of us now face, this was a right wing authoritarian policy platform that the SNP could have written under the current Scottish Government, maybe that was why Blackford was as effective as he usually is.

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3 Responses to Bits N Pieces Wednesday 11th May 2022

  1. Robert McAllan says:

    Blackford like Sturgeon a noted liar. What ever happened to the Gold Standard Section 30 so sacred to Sturgeon. Dis this mean we dinnae hae tae beg Johnson fir his approval tae decide oor ain an’ oor weans futures?

    A shit show on stilts, mibbaes auld Betty has seen the light an’ ‘throne’ hur boay tae the wolves in time fir ‘King Billy’ tae tak ower his loyal subjects in Scotlandshire.

    • Robert

      It’s just depressing and I probably shouldn’t have watched it to be honest as I really don’t find Blackford much use at all. He just says the things he thinks the sheeple want to hear while Tories sit and laugh at all of us. The Tories don’t give a crap and the SNP have no shame or guts. How quickly we have fallen.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Lanark says:

    For everyone struggling to cope with rising living costs, they’re about to get a massive middle finger salute from the Windsors and their hangers on with this jubilee nonsense.

    No time for any of it.

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