The Management of Terminal Decline

My predictions weren’t far off sadly –  Well another set of elections have come and gone and my predictions weren’t too far off sadly in some ways. Didn’t really see the SNP increasing their number of seats or Alba losing all of theirs sadly but most of the rest were within the ball park I suppose. What does it mean for Scotland?

The Management of Terminal Decline

As Shauny Boy noted on Twitter these results mean that “We are trapped in this quagmire of ineptitude, PR bullshit. There’s just the Management of our Terminal Decline” under the SNP across Scotland in far too many ways (my words). I understand the pain that Shauny feels at the failure of Scottish Voters to see past the failures of Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP, there was an opportunity to send a warning shot across the bows of the Scottish National Party in relation to our independence and yet we wake up today having moved further away from that goal than we have been for a long long time. The SNP and the Unionists urged the voters to only vote 1 and 2 for their own parties, blatantly sowing confusion of the voting system that far too many in Scotland remain ignorant of how it all works under Single Transferrable Vote.

The vote share has the SNP up 1.8% to 34.1% of first preference votes, Scottish Labour up 1.6% to 21.9%, Tories down 5.6% to 19.7%, Scottish Lib Dems up 1.7% to 8.6%, and the Scottish Greens up 1.8% to 6%. I don’t know the share of the vote for Alba or ISP as I haven’t been able to see any analysis as of yet but it doesn’t look good so far but time will tell when more detail comes out before a proper conclusion can be reached as to where both parties stand in the eyes of the voters.

One leader reacted with dignity and one with the comments of bile we have come to expect

Alex Salmond noted that “Our 111 candidates fought a fine campaign and our vote registered everywhere. In a number of wards the ALBA vote came in at over 5 per cent, Including 8% in Glasgow Southside Central, in Nicola Sturgeon’s own constituency. But the instruction from the SNP leadership not to use preferences to support other independence candidates now condemns most Scottish councils to control by unionists.

“ALBA is undaunted and will continue to press hard on the urgency of independence. It was ALBA pressure which brought discussion on the timing of an independence ballot to the fore in this election. In the event of the promised referendum next year our party will unite with others behind the YES campaign. If, however, it does not take place then the SNP will reap the electoral whirlwind in coming elections.

I live in hope that Alex Salmond is correct because if he is not then Shauny is and we might as well all give up as our future will remain in the hands of the voters who elect the English Government at Westminster and we will remain the cowardly colony we have been my whole life so far. Voters in Northern Ireland showed us the way last night and ourselves and voters in Wales showed that we lack the courage to break away from that “terminal decline” under the corrupt and morally bankrupt posh boy and girls of the Tory Party in England, we remain happy to allow another Government not elected by us on the national stage manage all of our affairs and continue to mismanage and steal our resources to fund their lavish lives, enrich their friends, control all of the meaningful power while too many in Scotland go hungry and cold facilitated by Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP.

I often ask myself who actually votes for the Tories, but I am also at the point where I struggle to get my head around why anyone would want to vote for a horrible and bitter Nicola Sturgeon. This First Minister has presided over the on-going terminal decline of Scotland and is more concerned with sowing division with the YES community and her comments yesterday highlight how twisted and bitter she has become in her determination that it is all about her and has very little anymore to do with restoring Scotland’s sovereignty any time soon. Shauny also noted in his tweet that this situation is “utterly, utterly fucking depressing”, I understand where he is coming from, Scots themselves are our own greatest enemy.

“utterly, utterly fucking depressing”

Where now for the Alba Party? I hope the party keeps going, the party is a year old, is up against not just the full weight of the unionists and it’s media, but up against a bitter and vindictive horror in Nicola Sturgeon who also gave millions of pounds of our money to the unionist media. I have seen SNP sheeple say that recognition and message is what lost it for Alba, nah, £9 million pounds to the Scottish unionist media is what helped keep us trapped in a period of zero change and Sturgeon’s four nation devolutionist agenda that suits the English Government perfectly and fits in with her own unionist agenda.

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14 Responses to The Management of Terminal Decline

  1. 100%Yes says:

    Sturgeon was asked about Independence and her reply was, voters vote for the SNP for all different reasons, well if that is the case then why are you saying you have a solid mandate from May 2021 election for a ref, because is she got a million votes then it could be argued that 400 thousand vote for a Ref and the remainder voted for the Union, what a stupid thing to say.

    I’m glad Alex Salmond said ALba was here to stay.

    Sturgeon is toast, because just wait until this legal advice that was given to the New SNP and it show she has been lying about holding a ref.

    • 100%Yes

      I am not so sure she will release it and agree it may well show she has no legal route to hold one and if that doesn’t wake up the sheeple then I think it will be over for myself to be honest, it will be hard enough to get dragged down with the stinking ship Scotland and the carrot eaters to be honest. I was hoping for a shot across the bows yesterday, not necessarily from Alba, as it is all still too soon for such a new party. I am sorry for the Alba councillors who lost their seats, obviously they suddenly became bad councillors because they didn’t wear yellow, you just can’t make up how stupid SNP voters are now and how disgusting that party is.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • Angry Weegie says:

        I can’t see her ever releasing the legal advice as she’s on a hiding to nothing if she does. If it says she can, why has it not happened? If it says she can’t, she’s been lying through her teeth for ages. If it does get released, it will be heavily redacted to prevent anyone understanding what the advice actually is.

        • 100%Yes says:

          How will The Rag our weegingerwhatever spin it, when she been found out to be lying through her teeth for years. The tories already know what this legal advice is because these civil cervants report to UKG, the reason they want it made public is for the public to know that she been lying not only to her party and members but to the voters as well. The tories have done us all a big favour wither we like it or not. Its not in her nature to release this legal advice and she’ll use the public purse to defend it but she lose because this information is in the public interest, we have a right to know if a ref isn’t an option so we nationalist can vote for a party who are prepered to give us an alternative, she won’t like that.

  2. nallyanders says:

    “up against a bitter and vindictive horror in Nicola Sturgeon who also gave millions of pounds of our money to the unionist media”.
    Got that 100% right Bruce, but we’re NOT going away. We just need a fair crack of the whip.
    I have to say feedback from leafletting was mainly indifference although the few who admitted supported Alba were 110% on board.
    I still wish Alex would take the gloves off. He has been operating as if Sturgeon is a functioning professional politician but there is no end to her bile. There is still hope for the cultists to wake up when next years ‘referendum’ doesn’t happen. A few I know say their support is hanging by a thread and 2023 is the ‘last chance saloon’.
    Such is my loathing and cynicism however, I wouldn’t put it past her to manufacture a ‘crisis’ of some sort to bodyswerve the ‘alleged forthcoming’ referendum.

    • Nally

      I appreciate that this might not go down well but sadly Sturgeon and her unionist pals have done a real number on Alex Salmond and unless the truth comes out regarding what went on, which it won’t as long as the courts protect the liars, then AS will be a barrier for Alba. I didn’t support AS being leader of Alba for that reason. I think president of the party would be more appropriate now, leading the party from the back, it’s sad and it is not fair but I still think that is what has to happen but Sturgeon I despise her more than I do any Tory right now.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. lorncal says:

    That is twice she has told her loyal voters to vote only SNP. It is time for ALBA to stop pussyfooting around and offer a completely different agenda. They should have listened to Sara Salyers when she addressed their assembly. The same route approach as the SNP has seen them being shunted aside. I know ALBA is only in its infancy, but we do not have the time to wait until it grows to maturity: it took the SNP many decades. ALBA needs to be much more radical now and present a real threat to the SNP. It is very understandable that Mr Salmond does not want to rock the boat with the SNP, which we need to get to independence, but the world and his wife should know by now that she is not going to deliver – ever. If, by some miracle she does, the resulting referendum will be unwinnable and independence will be set back for decades. For the love of God, will people stand up and be counted now because no independence party in the history of independence movements has ever won with a PRE independence referendum unless during a collapse of the old order (Soviet Union, Yugoslavia). Unionists and other, sundry self-interested people will simply use it to stave it off – as to be quite hones, the SNP leadership is doing now. I think she will step down before 2025, but she will ensure that one of her appointees takes over and carries on as before – unless that appointee turns out to be just like her and is not what he appears to be (it will not be another woke woman, Lorna Slater). Listen to Sara Salyers and the other constitutionalists, ALBA!

    • Lorncal

      I agree, Alba need to be clear that every election is a plebiscite and no more mucking about. I also think unfairly AS is a barrier for Alba and he should have become President of the party rather than leader. It’s not right and it’s not fair but unless the truth comes out about the liars and Sturgeon than he will never be allowed to win and the public won’t ever let him make a return to the front line. It is time for Alba to take a hard line, think about a new leader sadly, and try to move forward, being similar to the SNP won’t keep me a member in the long term as I have about had enough now.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • lorncal says:

        I think you may well be right, grumpy, in that Alec Salmond is now the Father of the Nation, and becoming President rather than leader might well be a way to stymie the critics and keep him on board. All the same, he is not one to be defeated by adverse criticism, but he does need to rethink the strategy, tactics and route, and offer a viable and radical alternative to the white line in the middle of the road stagnation of the SNP.

        • Lorncal

          I think so, there needs to be very clear water between the Alba Party and the SNP and a harder line on them as a party. No more advocating voting for them in any shape or form, no more excuses for Sturgeon and playing footsy. Alba needs to be different and uncompromising in what it what it wants to achieve. I have had it with appeasing people like those who vote for the SNP who for me are just as bad as the unionists.

          Thanks for commenting.

  4. katielass04 says:

    Apparently many of the SNP voters in Dundee voted SNP1 & 2 & put their 3rd choice Labour! And left it at that! The ballot overseers saw them with their own eyes. SNP people listened to that harridan & preferred to vote Labour, electing unionists, rather than other Independence parties! Makes you sick just thinking how they behaved, doesn’t it??

    However, we have loads of people on our side that want Independence. Giving up isn’t an option! Sara Salyers has the way to do it, she is backed up by SSRG experts & Constitutional people and it’s do-able. But everyone has to get onboard. We have to put our anger at SNP behind us as far as Indy goes – and back Sara & SSRG. I saw a TV commentator tell Mary Lou MacDonald that she couldn’t reunite NI b/c bozo wouldn’t give her a Ref. She made it very clear that was already agreed on, through the GFA. Done, dusted & time now to just work on it. She stood for none of the commentator’s nonsense. I can see Sara’s method is EXACTLY LIKE Northern Ireland’s method! We already have an International Agreement (Claim of Right & our own Written Constitution 7 ToU) that was signed by both parties (Scotland & England), we have a list of grievances of the many times the ToU has been broken. So we present it to UN & we tell them we are having Independence. That is what NI is doing (through the GFA) and it’s what WE need to do.Assert OUR Authority & tell them Scots don’t need WM authority – OR STURGEON’S. We re-establish the Conventions of the Estate, we gather all the people in positions of authority, things like unions, churches, MPs, MSPs, Councils, and of all parties, we make decisions & we move forward. If Sturgeon doesn’t want to do it, that is her choice.

    Let Sturgeon stew in her own poor campaign of hate, but get your revenge! Support Sara & Independence. If you give up, Sturgeon wins!

    And Scotland loses. I know it’s tough. I have felt completely at a loss today. But many of the ALBA candidates have said they aren’t giving up. So I’m not either. Let’s keep the blogs & Podcasts going. They’re important, they’re our ‘voices’, our ‘communications’ – they are our eyes, ears & mouthpieces… Please don’t give up! We need you, GSM. Take time out if you need it. Everyone deserves that, I think. I’ve been ill but I’m thinking a good, BIG glass of a cheeky red tonight is just what the doctor (didn’t!) order! Tomorrow is a new day! Take care, sir.

    • Katie

      Thanks for the encouragement. I did hear that about Dundee and it is shameful and I am embarrassed by that being a dundonian. Sturgeon just disgusts me in every way now. I absoultely despise that woman beyond belief now. She is a crap First Minister and her handling of her role, not just governance and Covid, should make everyone take note and get her gone but you the sheeple will follow like they did Scottish Labour for 70 years. I won’t give up but I don’t see independence in my lifetime anymore. Too many Scots are cowards unlike the voters in N Ireland, I really hope they can reunite Ireland and hang a cloud of shame over Scotland.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. katielass04 says:

    Awww… forgive the spelling mistakes! I’m not good, thinking on the hoof! I can’t express myself AND spell! LOL! Seriously, my keyboard is a bit sticky & sometimes I don’t notice that a word hasn’t been spelled out properly… I MUST remember to check over before hitting ‘enter’!!

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