Something Different – Morning Walks

Sometimes I’m just lucky –  I walk every day in all weathers and mostly first thing in the morning around 5.30am to 7.00am depending on the time of year. I try to take a few photos each time I go for a walk and post these for young people at my work who seem to enjoy them every day and I post some on social media. Now I don’t have an eye for taking photos at all but sometimes I am just really lucky and get some good ones, some of which are now framed on my walls in the house, mostly the kitchen. Walking has been great for me since I seriously took it up last June after a health scare and change in my personal circumstances which effected my mental health. I am now at the point where I go out in all weathers as I noted but I have also lost over 5 stone and completely changed my diet with help from my amazing daughter Rebeckah and a close work friend Sharon who has also supported this transformation in me because that is what has happened, I am not the same person I was 10 months ago that is for sure. Anyway here are some of the pics that I think are decent, most are from Riverside in Dundee and one from Aberdour in Fife. I hope you like them.


















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15 Responses to Something Different – Morning Walks

  1. panda paws says:

    I think you do yourself a discredit, those are great and you do indeed seem to have an eye for it. As for being lucky, as someone once said

    “I find the harder I work, the luckier I get”

    Lovely change to pace Grumpy, needed something uplifting.

    • PP

      Thanks and that’s a great saying “I find the harder I work, the luckier I get” and I think a lot of truth to that. I hadn’t done a Something Different for a while and should try to get back to that at weekends and it is a bit different and can be interesting depending on what catches the eye, and you’re correct, we all need something different just now given how shit everything is in this country.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Cubby says:

    Brilliant pictures and brilliant you have two wonderfully supportive women.

    • Cubby

      Thanks and yes my daughter is amazing and my friend Sharon incredibly patient and loyal. I am lucky to have had their support the last 7 months and the changes I have made and how much of a different place I am in now.


  3. nallyanders says:

    Love the photos. I’d have them on my wall too.

  4. duncanio says:

    Great to hear that you are doing so well Bruce, backed up by a good support system … and some really excellent shots.

    • Duncanio

      Thanks, yeah I am lucky to have the people around me that I do. When you go through tough times you get to know who your friends are that is for sure. I have done a lot of reading and a lot of thinking and just changed how I approach things and what is important and what isn’t, it has worked for me and while not easy def worth it but it is keeping going on the days I really don’t want to get up and go do the exercise, but I do it every day lol.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. benmadigan says:

    Beautiful pics and incredible 5st+ weight loss. Should encourage any readers struggling with overweight/obesity and a feeling of helplessness

    • Ben

      I won’t pretend that it has been easy to change physically and mentally but it has been worth it. It is a daily battle to keep the weight off and exercise, I have changed my mindset being able to identity what is important and what isn’t has helped, I am also very honest now with how I feel about things and just say it while trying not to let things get to me now. The photos are mostly luck as I really don’t have the eye for it but it has been nice to frame some.

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. ngataki5 says:

    Lovely Pics Bruce which only increase my melancholic Indy 14 blues feeling at the moment, brought on from today’s results showing that the sheeple still have the wool firmly plastered to their eyes.
    At the end of the 60’s when I was at college I would often be walking around this area. After leaving Scotland due to the unemployment woes of the early 70’s I had every intention of returning in later years. As I’ve mentioned before I am not allowed to return with my wife, but Germany has allowed me to stay here, which,when I see today’s result of the Scots turkeys voting for Christmas make things a bit more palatable.
    Make no mistake, Sturgeon is going to get her comeuppance; I don’t know when but it’s coming. She will go down in history as one of Scotlands greatest traitors.
    I have always been an independence supporter and left the SNP in January 2020 and joined Alba when it started. Alba is not going away.
    Please keep blogging. It’s what keeps us going.

    • ngataki5

      Thanks, Riverside is a nice area and no two mornings are the same but it can be freezing some days even in summer lol. Sturgeon, the SNP, and the ignorance of voters just depress the crap out of me, what they are going to do wait another 70 like they did with Scottish Labour before they can see they are being taken for mugs by these devolutionist careerists, it is all so depressing. I will keep blogging but maybe not so much the next few weeks as I am just sick of politics just now to be honest. Sturgeon is the worst FM we have had and the decline in Scotland is so sad to see, if I were still living abroad there is no way I would return to this, no way.

      Thanks for commenting.

  7. Ludo Thierry says:

    Stunning pictures from a beautiful locale – You have an artist’s eye. Thanks for sharing. (Hopefully you’ll have an opportunity to take some stunning shots of Scotland’s Independence Celebrations one of these fine days) – Hold the faith, Ludo

    • Ludo

      Thanks for the encouragement with the photos, independence for me will always be a dream but I sadly fear it moving further away every day under the useless Sturgeon.

      Thanks for commenting.

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