More Carrot Dangling

More carrot dangling to get votes, GMS is not an anti-Sturgeon blog – nah maybe it now is –  So First Minister Nicola sturgeon gave an interview to the SNP fanzine The National and this involved yet more carrot dangling for the faithful, for the brain washed, for her unionist supporters, for the sheeple and the carrot eaters. I have high lighted a few of the questions and answers but click on the link above to read the full interview.

The SNP manifesto focuses heavily on the cost of living crisis. Could you tell us more about why you want to send a message to the Tories and what the key things SNP councillors will be doing to tackle the crisis?

People are struggling right now in a way that I don’t think most of them have ever experienced in their lifetimes before. It is really bad, struggling to heat their homes, struggling often to feed their kids and it’s unfortunately going to get worse.

There are global factors at play but the Tories have a lot of culpability for the crisis we’re in just now. The removal of Universal Credit from some of the most vulnerable people in the country, Brexit imposed on Scotland against our will, have had an impact on prices and is fuelling the cost of living crisis. So they need to come forward, step up and do much more to help.

They hold the powers, they hold most of the resources and there should be, just as it was during the pandemic, a real pulling together of every level of government regardless of party to help people. Councillors have a part to play in that. We are working with councils to get help to people through the council tax reduction scheme, the rebate of council tax that we have delivered recently, and making sure that discretionary housing payments, the welfare fund are there. My comment – here in Dundee the council tax reduction was put to people’s water bill, they were not given a choice what to do with that rebate, undemocratic and wrong in every way. Brexit was an opportunity to push for independence, Sturgeon did nothing and Blackford made a platitude after platitude farce of the whole thing.

What would your message be to National readers about what progress is being made on independence?

We’re progressing the independence case, we’re working on the revised prospectus, we’re making preparations around the bill. We set the timetable at the election last year, won a mandate and that is the timetable we’re working to.

Scotland’s on a path to independence but as I’ve always said – and I know it’s tough for people who are like me impatient for Scotland to become independent – we’ve got to do it properly, we’ve got to persuade people, we’ve got recognise the issues that matter to people and make that case relevant and compelling for them.

Scotland’s on its way to independence and we need to show resolve. Occasionally we need to show patience. If we do all of those things we’ll get there. My comment – prove it Nicola. Nothing the SNP have done in the last 7 years indicates that any real work had been done on the case for independence and the shocking level of poor governance has done nothing to convince anyone that Scotland would be better independent, if anything it has demonstrated that Scotland can’t and that is down to you Nicola as by far the worst First Minister that we have had to endure, please just go and go now.

Your manifesto also states you’ll be seeking voters’ permission for indyref once Covid passes so will it be full steam ahead for indyref2 after the council elections?

My manifesto this year is not seeking that permission, I got that last year. We’ve got a mandate, so what the manifesto this year says is that councillors elected for the SNP will support the Scottish Government in delivering the mandate we got last year to have an independence referendum.

So once this election is over and with Covid restrictions lifted you’d said at the beginning after that it would be time …

I’ve set the timetable. Nothing has changed in terms of the timetable I’ve set. My comment – How many mandates do you need before you will act, how many hills do we march up, how many carrots do we have to eat. You have had more mandates than anyone ever has.

How many members do the SNP have? I can’t remember the exact figure but it’s well over 100,000 and it’s what it was last time we published that figure. My comment – do you now, prove it. 

Overall it is more carrot dangling to keep the flock happy, actions speak louder than words and so far Nicola Sturgeon’s actions play into unionist hands to the extent that many believe she is a closet unionist, I just think she is incompetent and not serious about independence and should go and take the rest of her incompetents with her.

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11 Responses to More Carrot Dangling

  1. Stan Wilson says:

    “They hold the powers and they hold most of the resources” , yep, because you Nicola handed them over on a plate. Pathetic.

    • Stan

      The gradualist approach has not worked and has set us back now. Scotland is in a mess and further from independence than it has been for years and that is down to the misguided strategy of Sturgeon and her poor governance has set us back. I just have no confidence in her any longer or the SNP.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. larawanda2004 says:

    You’ve got to hand it to her brass neck is an understatement. She knows no shame. Lies just roll off her tongue, I can’t look at her. I’ll say it again Bruce when will the sheep open their eyes and come into the real world. A world where Scotland is being reduced to s second rate poor colony. They will be on Facebook in force saying great Nicola lets go for it. AGAIN. Come Friday no I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt, come Monday it will be back to now is not the time, and the sheep will agree will all bleat.

    • Lara

      I am the same now to be fair, she is shameless and incompetent. The state that Scotland is in now just turns people off, I know people who were strong yes and who are now on the fence because of the state of Scotland and that is down to Sturgeon. I don’t believe there will be a referendum next year but the lack of preparation is an even bigger concern. If we do ever have another independence campaign the yes community need to keep the politicians away because any campaign will only be won by the ground up.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. duncanio says:

    I never read the interview. You now beforehand that its’ going to be full of platitudes, virtue signalling and hand wringing.

    From the snippets you have provided it is full of ‘Me’, ‘Myself’ and ‘I’. She clearly believes her own publicity … the first sign of madness.

  4. Alastair Bryan says:

    Sturgeon is a d ead duck Leader more interested in her self interest than the people she was put in power by. It’s all about her sick narcisum, let’s take another selfie while Scotland starves and our nation is raped by corporate carpetbaggers ,the old and vulnerable cant heat their homes and go hungry. While the Torys crime syndicate role about in abject wealth ripped of form the Taxpayer unwilling to govern as a good government should for it’s people, they only care about their own enrichment. Yet they can find billions for 160 new nukes, who are they defending, cause this country is not worth it. Desolve the Union.

    • Alastair

      Don’t disagree, Scotland is a mess and the UK a bad smell. I don’t pretend to understand the complexities of the Ukraine conflict but we can find hundreds of millions to send in arms to help them, but there is no money to feed the hungry and heat the cold. I am not saying we shouldn’t help Ukraine if that is the correct thing to do but I’m sorry not at the cost of our own people having it worse, you look after your own and when they are strong they will help you look after others. Sturgeon is a disgrace and as bad as Johnson as far as I am concerned.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. panda paws says:

    From the article

    “and increased benefits by much closer to the rate of inflation.”

    Except Adult Disability payment which is only increased by c3%. Why? Because SNP dilly dallying and delay in taking over the benefit means that most are still in receipt of DWP’s PIP and you decided (rightly) it wouldn’t be fair to have a higher rate for ADP than PIP. So everybody loses because you didn’t decide to top up PIP did you…

    Well done not!

    • PP

      I don’t know much about the rate of benefits but I know my brother gets PIP and it is not great to be honest and as you say it will not go as far as we have not seen the worst yet in the cost of living crisis if the analysts are correct that interest rates will go up to curb inflation but that will also curb buying and employment, we are really in for a hard few years, I’ve always thought that starvation would wake up the sheeple, now I am not so sure.

      Thanks for commenting.

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