You YES Yet?

Tory MPs at Westminster are Liars, Corrupt, Morally Bankrupt, In Human Scumbags – But Johnson the LIAR will live another day –  Boris Johnson as he flees to India today will survive this vote to decide wither he should be investigated into lying to parliament. You can’t fucking make it up anymore in this shit hole of a so called country and democracy. Why even have the vote or Prime Ministers Questions at all this week when all the Tories will do is roll out some Tory drone to take the flack for that lying scumbag.

From 128,000 deaths due to Covid – 19, to the cost of living crisis, to the racist refugee policy, to the weakest economy in the western world, to corrupt contracts that the Courts said were illegal, to enriching their pals, to austerity, to food banks, to hypothermia, to the highest taxes on the poorest in 70 years, to the NHS and public services on it’s knees, to being funded by Russian billionaires, to removing responsibilities from the Scottish Parliament, to Brexit, to a magic money tree for wars, the list goes on and on and on……….

The English (UK) Parliament is broken beyond repair, it has lost any moral authority to govern anymore, and when the Tories vote down any motion today to try to hold that Lying Bastard Johnson to account as he slithers away like the snake he is to India we should, every single one of us, hold our heads in shame, especially every single person who voted no in 2014. This is what this union has become, this is the result of that no vote in 2014. We are governed by liars and not even good ones at that, they are lower than slugs in the food chain and yet what do we get from the opposition and the SNP?

I don’t want to hear any grand speech from blah blah Blackford, I don’t want to hear any bland statement from Sturgeon, I don’t want to hear the likes of Cherry and Whitford saying they were elected on a Westminster ticket, I don’t want to hear Starmer choose his words carefully because the dark ages procedures of Westminster don’t allow for an MP to call Johnson, or any Tory MP, the liars they are.

How many times do we have to ask the SNP to do something, to do anything, how many times do we have to scream to get Scotland out of this nightmare. How much longer do we have to put up with this level of shit governance in Scotland and our colonial governance from the English Parliament. If you regard yourself as sane and are still no to independence then vote Tory, plaster your house with the butchers apron, buy Windsor plates and mugs and accept you are colonised to the extreme. Listen to LBC in the morning and caller after caller who support the Tories, support Johnson, and these are ex Labour voters and not just your usual knuckle draggers, if that doesn’t convince you then your are as much a part of these knuckle draggers as Johnson and his drones are.

If something doesn’t give soon on the constitutional issue then we might as well all give up, Sturgeon and Johnson are no better than each other, we are all being treated as scum and we accept it from these people, the UK has no credibility anymore and democracy has been shat on for far too long by the Tories and the SNP with their lack of action are complicit. I cannot be more disgusted today in our colonial status than I have ever been, talk about being ashamed of being Scottish.

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15 Responses to You YES Yet?

  1. Stuart MacKay says:

    The source of the problem is that we can see exactly how things really are, because the political class cannot be bothered to maintain the pretence any longer. I would say that the charge that “Parliament is broken beyond repair, it has lost any moral authority to govern anymore” also extends north of the border but to a lesser extent and we’re also slow to realise it – after all it’s the same “sort of people” that inhabit both houses. The only question left to answer is whether people care sufficiently to do anything about it.

    • Stuart

      I don’t think enough people care anymore and it is heart breaking. The UK and Scotland are a mess, governed by total charlatans and idiots, they are all liars as far as I am concerned now and I really will walk away if we don’t see some movement soon on the constitutional issue. I am not getting any younger and getting more frustrated at the state of things and that lack of spine in the SNP. I don’t think I have ever been as disgusted as I am now with this country and our colonial status.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • lorncal says:

      Something will give, Stuart, and, because the prevailing thought is that the Scots will never rise against elite rule from Westminster, endorsed by our own Unionists and the anti independence elements in our midst. That is their stupidity. They thought the same about Ireland, NI and every colony of the Empire. It is precisely when everything seems to be in the doldrums and the self-interested are all smirking in smug delight that things will kick off. That is always how it happens.

  2. larawanda2004 says:

    Good morning Bruce. All so true you didn’t miss any of them including the SNP traitors. To think how close we were, and eight long suffering years later we are still trapped in this vile corrupt toxic, what is laughingly known as the U.K. Like the Tory Johnson worshippers the Sturgeon idolizers will still make excuses and stand firm with both of them. Mean while the sane ones amongst us suffer daily under both of these lying snake in the grass con merchants. When oh when will we be rid of these poisonous self serving egotistical liars.
    Saor Alba.

    • Lara

      I have never been more ashamed of being Scottish than I am now. If things don’t change soon then I will seriously just think about walking away as I have pretty much had it with all of the politicians now and those who refuse to even consider what is going on around them. Totally sick of the cowardice of Scottish voters and the racism of too many voters in England. Sturgeon should go and Johnson should be in jail but the drones will make the excuses as you say and nothing changes other than those os us with a brain get more angry and more people suffer because of those lying wankers.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. duncanio says:

    I think you called it accurately Bruce – they’re all lying scumbags.

    The UK cabinet members are crooks, swindlers and racists – they should be marooned on ST Helena and abandoned forever.

    In Scotland, the leadership of the SNP, for different reasons but mainly for betraying Scotland’s Cause, should be put behind bars. One day soon, it is my fervent hope, they will get their comeuppance once the facts about events over the last 5 years are finally in the public domain.

    • Duncanio

      I’m sick of them all now. They are all liars and have taken us all for scum. The SNP are a joke and Sturgeon a disgrace, but she is no better than liar Johnson, just different reasons. If the SNP don’t act soon and I mean very soon then we might as well give up. I’ve pretty much had with the people who vote for those assholes as well, never been more embarrassed to be Scottish than this last year that is for sure.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • lorncal says:

        Please don’t give up, Bruce. If you have to, just take a step sideways to preserve your sanity because all is not lost. It just hasn’t reached tipping point yet. It will.

        • Lara

          I am surprised that all of us aren’t losing the will just now with both the SNP and the Tories lying scum bags, I am just so pissed off right now and so sick of seeing things around me. I am a Community Worker and see what is around me and yet people refuse to shift to yes, are we that indoctrinated and thick as shit, it truly is heart breaking.

          Thanks for commenting.

  4. Every word true Brother withdraw the PMs and Disolve the Union.,we have had enough and are
    Sick of SNP lies and their constant capitulation to our colonial masters..Its time to assert our sovereignty and end our subserveance to the English state …

    • Alastair

      Totally agree, what will it take to get the SNP moving and the idiot voters who just refuse to shift to yes. I would like to leave my children with hope when the time comes, what hope is there in this shit hole anymore with those bastards in charge and in charge for years and years to come with the racist vote in England.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • lorncal says:

        During my lifetime, I have made studies of the French and Russian Revolutions, of the colonies and their independence movements, of the British riots, of American independence and so on, and, in every single case, there was a trough of despair, anger and helplessness – till there wasn’t anymore. The Unionists and sundry other pro UK factions just don’t seem to understand that there is always a point when despair, anger and helplessness erupts into action, and the momentum carries right into real change. I have to say that social revolutions are not to be advocated as they invariably eat their own children – as the Stonewall/trans lobby/ will discover soon enough – but we are looking at independence, and, although often hard for a few years, also almost invariably leads to a better outcome for future generations. I’m a realist and pragmatist, Bruce, and history teaches us that there are always the doldrums before the storm breaks. We are in the doldrums right now and stagnation is all we see around us, but the storm will break. The Unionists and sundry pro UK factions have all but guaranteed it by allowing the independence movement to fester, while doing nothing to alleviate the pressure of so many wanting independence.

        • Lorncal

          Thanks for that and you are probably correct. I’ve always thought we have to take our independence as no one is giving us it on a plate, the SNP don’t want it but you have noted are people who took it back and we will have to be no different I think but the journey is really testing my resolve and my patience but what else can we do. I know I will never ever trust the SNP again, they are worse than unionists for me now.

          Thanks for the information.

  5. Ian says:

    Others (Fortune Magazine no less) could see the hard realities of independence for Scotland and the ‘UK’ back in 2014.

    The gap between Scotland and the ‘UK’ has widened significantly since then, partly because of the increasing importance of the renewable energy that Scotland has such massive potential to benefit from and partly because of the ‘UK’s’ overwhelming desire to live in a backward looking delusion*.

    *A delusion is a false fixed belief that is not amenable to change in light of conflicting evidence. It is distinct from a belief based on false or incomplete information, as individuals with those beliefs are able to change their beliefs upon reviewing the evidence’. – wiki

    Whereas England remains strongly resistant to change regardless of the evidence (support for Brexit is still high), Scotland will change if the evidence supports it. According to polls, support for independence in 2010 was at 23%, four years later it was 45% (higher if Sep 2014 poll figures are used). That is a huge change. Right now and increasingly from now on, the hard economic realities of remaining part of the UK will become clearer and harder to avoid to even the most blinkered.

    So while a UK (with or without Scotland) will simply continue it’s decades long stumbling from one economic crisis to another (with it’s beloved ‘austerity’), an independent Scotland does have the potential to have a much more stable and prosperous future. What is needed for this to happen is to provide the evidence, which the independence ‘doubters’ have made clear, depends on them being convinced that an independent Scotland would prosper as an independent country. The UK’s continued economic and social decline is unchangeable. What is needed is to make the equally strong case for a prosperous Scotland as well.

    • Ian

      It is heart breaking how many lies were told by the unionists, the BBC, the media as a whole and lazy Scots couldn’t be bothered to open their eyes in enough numbers and the pensioners were scared in many cases out of their whits. How to steal a referendum and what did people expect, the British have been doing this for hundreds of years and yet the likes of Sturgeon have not learned a single thing from 2014, she might as well be unionist, as well as useless.

      Thanks for commenting.

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