Bits and Pieces Friday 15th April 2022

Carrots and Mandates – NICOLA Sturgeon will today urge voters to turn the local elections into a referendum on Boris Johnson and his record as she starts a 21-day countrywide “cost-of-living” tour. (The Herald)

More carrots and more mandates without action on independence is the proposal here. Local councils have no control over the main levers that are the cost of living crisis but Sturgeon is depending on people not knowing that when she says

“In the midst of an unprecedented cost of living crisis, the May 5th election was already shaping up to be important – but after an extraordinary week people across Scotland will have the opportunity to cast their verdict on the law-breaking Prime Minister and Chancellor, and the shameful attempts by leading Tories to defend them

“With less than three weeks until Scotland goes to the polls, the SNP are out campaigning for every vote – in every community across Scotland.

“We are using every power at our disposal to help families in tough times, and the top priority of every SNP councillor elected will be to help ease the cost of living squeeze – supporting those on the lowest incomes and tackling fuel poverty.

Sadly local elections which should be about our schools, our streets, our care services, youth services, cleansing, roads, facilities, will be turned into a national like election. Maybe that is more unavoidable this year due to the many things we have faced but it will result in real local issues being lost in the headlines, the issues that really do effect us daily.

I will rank candidates in order of how well I think they will represent me in my local area and that will mean that Liberal Democrat Baillie Fraser Macpherson will rank high, not because of his views on independence, but on his work as a local councillor over the years which has been excellent in Dundee West, always putting the issues of local people ahead of national arguments. I would also urge voters in Dundee Strathmartine Ward to consider Daniel Coleman of the Liberal Democrats, Daniel would be an excellent councillor and would put local issues first ahead of the national debate. Likewise my son, James Hosie for the Family Party in the Lochee Ward, would work very hard to represent local people.

Fake Outrage –  I heard some of liar Boris Johnson speech yesterday and the reaction to it from the opposition leaders of Labour, the Liberal Democrats, and the SNP. For me it was all fake outrage to grab a headline. The Tory Government sending refugees and asylum seekers to Rwanda will appeal to many people down south, not least of all those who see people arriving in their local area every day in their hundreds. The problem is no one has any answers to how we support people fleeing war zones that we helped create, I have some sympathy for people living near the channel in England as how do their local services cope with the demand when the UK is on it’s knees in pretty much every area of our economy and our services but the answer surely is not to send people to another country, even though countries like Denmark and Australia also have this policy.

I have no answers to this problem other than urge all the parties to work together with local councils and charities to find a solution, I also accept that it is clear there will be some arriving in the UK who are economic migrants but not all. So while I accept there are no easy answers to this issue, I also accept that the Tory response stinks of racism, the reaction of the opposition in sound bites is just as bad. The other party leaders need to come up with a clear plan on how to support these people arriving in the UK and dealing with the issue longer term, when all they do is sound bites then are as big a part of the problem in my opinion.

Labour are just unelectable –  Labour Manager Keir Starmer of the Sir has said that “Labour won’t do a deal with the SNP at any level of government, council or otherwise”. Why does Starmer feel the need to come to Scotland to send a message to voters in England, surely he could just do us all a favour and just not visit at all anymore for all the use the man is. What it does do though is give a clear message to voters in Scotland that it really doesn’t matter who you vote for, which MP you elect, you will not be allowed to influence the English Government at Westminster because at the end of the day your vote just does not matter and Labour would rather the Tories in Government than have a coalition that could have representation from Scotland, not that the inept Labour Party under Starmer can win anyway. We are destined for never ending Tory Rule either way because as we know, what English voters want Scotland gets. You YES yet?

Short memories but do people really care – So 1300 lost their jobs yesterday at HMRC in Cumbernauld but who noticed and more importantly who really cared. This was a battleground for Better Together in 2014 when they argued that if Scotland voted YES then these jobs would go, there would be unemployment for all of the staff working in Cumbernauld.

While this is just another lie in a whole encyclopaedia of lies we have had to endure since 2014 the lack of reporting, while not surprising, is yet another sad reflection on where we are now in Scotland. The SNP Government should have been making this a huge issue yesterday. This betrayal was brazenly announced pretty much straight after that stupid no vote in 2014, HMRC announced the Cumbernauld site would close. The UK Government said the 17 Scottish sites would be cut down to just two, with plans to cut as many as 2300 staff in the process(The National).

Scottish workers were punished for daring to exercise their democratic rights with a slow death towards unemployment yet Croydon got 2800 new jobs as a result. English jobs for Scottish punishment, but again, did anyone in Scotland even notice yesterday because I’ll be honest if we cannot find the time to hold the Unionists to account on this one we don’t deserve our independence.


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8 Responses to Bits and Pieces Friday 15th April 2022

  1. Dave says:

    I was wondering what the smother story for the Partygate stuff would be when along came the Rwanda news. Let’s be honest, this will have massive appeal down south to an electorate convinced to vote for Brexit cos “all them bleedin’ foreigners are taking our bleedin’ jobs ain’t they?” I can’t believe we’re still joined at the hip to them, I really can’t. Makes me despair. Still, we should send them a message on May 5th that we really, REALLY mean it this time.

    I’ll be voting Alba 1 then stopping. They recommend voting for all the pro-indy candidates, but all I’ve got after Alba are a couple of SNP, a couple of Labour, same with the Tories, and a Lib-Dem. All of them are tainted by association with past non-achievement. Time to let Alba see what they can do. As long as the Alba candidate gets elected I don’t really give a rat’s arse what other ones join her. All equally useless and no good to Scotland.

    • Dave

      I am fortunate in that I have an Alba candidate who looks good and worth a vote and a Liberal Democrat who is an excellent councillor and one that really does put local issues to the front and local elections for myself have always been about local issues and my vote has always tended to reflect that. I probably won’t rate any SNP candidates, I never hear from them until they want my vote where as I hear from the Lib Dem councillor every single month with updates as to what he has been doing weekly in the ward, what are the concerns, how to contact him. His communication and work rate is excellent to be honest and while I am an Alba member I do consider myself a social liberal so it is not a huge issue for myself but it is about local issues for myself.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. nallyanders says:

    Glad you’ve got one decent Councillor Bruce but I’m with Dave on this one. Alba 1. end of.
    The rest of ’em are the usual bunch of non-achievers. In fact the SNP candidate (long term tougher’s) leaflet only listed the SNP general policy such as free school meals and free bus travel for under 21’s. Not a jot about local services at all.
    Such is the level of complacency, I’ve yet to receive fake promises from Tories, Libdems or Greens.
    I just consider myself lucky to have someone to vote for at all.

    • Nally

      I am lucky to have one really good councillor and totally appreciate that is unusual nowadays, how far we have fallen. I will go Alba 1 and Fraser 2 and that will probably as I don’t think I have an ISP Candidate in my ward and won’t rank Labour or the SNP or the Tories. So that will be it for myself I think this time. Sturgeon was in Dundee yesterday and it was national issues which really grates on me as this is about council services and how they are run. The only party talking about devolving more power to Councils are the Lib Dems as you would expect but it is a discussion that should be taking place.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • ObairPheallaidh says:

        more or less the same myself. I couldn’t give a toss about which unionist red, blue or orange. One of the SNP candidates are decent but as the party is a poison in Scotland now he loses my vote by default.

        • Obair

          I totally get it, I’ve heard a lot of people saying the same. It will be interesting to see how the SNP vote holds up which I think it will this time but I suspect patience is running out now for the party with more voters.

          Thanks for commenting.

  3. Penguin says:

    1 third of the population of Scotland is already foreign and you want to swamp us with more colonists just to virtue-signal how unracist you are compared to those evil tories? Fuck that. We’re being bred out of existence. NO more immigrants. Reduce the population. Have a future where there’s still some green land left.

    • Penguin

      Refugees are a fact of life all over the world and mainly due to the West and our desire for not only oil but control of the financial systems. Either way a solution needs to be found that people can accept and be happy with or it just gets worse. Most refugees don’t come to Scotland they settle down south but what would your solution be to the current crisis? Just saying no more refugees is not going to stop the problem.

      Thanks for commenting

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