The UK is not just a laughing stock it is a shit hole

Boris Johnson should resign but he won’t –  he will continue on as he always does and as we have come to expect blah blah Blackford gets yet another opportunity to actually make a point wrong. Ian Blackford was put on the back foot when quizzed on why the SNP stayed quiet when Nicola Sturgeon was found to have misled parliament by a committee of her peers (Scottish Express).

He was asked on BBC Scotland by Gary Robertson why “you and others were notably quiet at that moment? You didn’t feel that misleading Parliament at that point was a resigning matter?”

The Ross, Skye and Lochaber MP responded: “Well, let’s be clear because the First Minister was held to account by independent inquiry and she was cleared in that inquiry. I mean, these matters of misleading parliament are very, very serious.”

The UK is a laughing stock all over the world, we have thousands of lorries sitting in Dover with rotten food, nothing works anymore, there is not enough border staff to man the airports, the streets are filthy, the NHS on it’s knees, food prices through the roof, a deregulated energy market that profiteers at the expense of the most vulnerable, our public transport is crap, our taxes are high, our wages are low, our standard of living even lower and we have Blackford and Sturgeon.

The UK is not just a laughing stock it is a shit hole

Wings Over Scotland  posted today that nothing has changed since Sturgeon became First Minister but everything has changed, we are governed by the worst bunch of right wing incompetents in the history of the UK and yet what has Sturgeon achieved, what has Blackford achieved, NOTHING. I used to always say that I hoped my kids would not experience what I did in the 80’s, how wrong was I, they are having it worse.

Johnson should be forced to resign, but he won’t be forced to do anything. The Tories have no lacky in line to replace him, the media, and in particular the BBC, won’t challenge anything the Tories do anymore, Labour are a joke. The SNP have never had a better opportunity than now to show why Scotland should be an independent country, and where is Sturgeon, no where to be seen. Here are a couple of comments from WoS:

gordoz says:

The failure is there for all to see, except the idiots & 5th column of the fan club.
The damage is heart breaking.
She needs to go and go now !

Garavelli Princip says:

What is all the fuss about? Nikla is doing a great job for her sponsors!

Her Brit Deep State handlers can rest in their beds knowing that this woman, so proud of her English heritage, is doing her level best for her country!

Sturgeon has got to go, along with Johnson, before it is too late. How shit does Scotland and the UK have to get before something gives.

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2 Responses to The UK is not just a laughing stock it is a shit hole

  1. We all need to campaign outside Holyrood for a change of Leadership is the SNP along with her cabal that are running the party. Everybody must see that the SNP are getting their orders from Westminster. Sound bite is all you get from them. The party maybe compromised beyond redemption. Let’s vote the Unionists rats out and vote for other independence parties.

    • Alastair

      Something had to happen before we are all doomed that is for sure. The UK is a mess and there surely can’t be a better time to get the stupid referendum legislation through Parliament and heap the pressure on the Tories now before it’s too late and they recover. If Sturgeon doesn’t act she has got to go.

      Thanks for commenting.

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