A Grumpy Survey: April 20222 The Results

The Results are in, thanks to the 128 respondents who kindly took part in the survey.  The results are as follows, I will indicate how I voted as well as I go.

Q1: Who do you hold responsible for the cost of living crisis?  68.8% (88 respondents) held the Tory Government at Westminster responsible for the cost of living crisis currently facing the whole of the UK. 2.3% (3 respondents) felt that it was the energy and other companies, 2.3% (3 respondents) the Ukraine / Russian War, 7.8% (10 respondents) indicated Brexit as the cause, and 18.8% (24 respondents) felt it was down to greed. Personally I went with the Tories due to their absolutely crap response to this crisis facing  millions across the country but it could be argued that greed and profiteering is playing a part and a bit of all of the options but the Tories could be doing a hell of a lot more to support families starting with a wind fall tax on energy companies.

Q2. Who do you plan to rank 1 in the May Council Elections?  0.8% (1 respondent) indicated they will vote Tory in May, 0% the Scottish Labour Party, 1.6% (2 respondents) the Independence for Scotland Party (ISP), 3.1% (4 respondents) the Scottish National Party (SNP), 0.8% (1 respondent) the Scottish Liberal Democrats, 87.5% (112 respondents) the Alba Party, 0.8% (1 respondent) the Scottish Green Party, 3.9% (5 respondents) indicated an independent candidate, and 1.6% (2 respondents) other. Personally I will rank Alba number 1 in May in my area. I am surprised the SNP didn’t do better in this survey and suspect they will do a lot better in the actual vote. Scot Goes Pop has advised that yes supporters should rank all independence supporting candidates, including the SNP, no matter how much some of us may have to hold our noses, personally I won’t be ranking the SNP, a clear message has to be sent to this party now even if it means we end up with more unionists as they have went all Scottish Labour, but it is not too late in some ways for their members if they have the will to save them.

Q3. Who do you rate as the best First Minster Scotland has had since the beginning of devolution?  0.8% (1 respondent) went for Donald Dwer, there was 0 votes from respondents for Jack McConnell, Jim Wallace, Henry McLeish, Nicola Sturgeon, with 99.2% (127 respondents) going for Alex Salmond as the best First Minister Scotland has had to date so far. Personally I went for Alex Salmond, the level and competence of our Governance since Alex Salmond has been very poor at best, I would also put Donald Dwer second even though I never really took to him. Certainly, like him or loath him, Alex Salmond is the only First Minister to date who has achieved much of anything, and it is little wonder that yes has not really gotten above on average 47% if any voters are using the Scottish Governments record as to wither they support yes or no.

Q4. If there were a General Election tomorrow who would you vote for?  3.9% (5 respondents) indicated they vote for the Scottish National Party (SNP) in the next General Election, 0.8% (1 respondents) the Scottish Liberal Democrats, 2.4% (3 respondents) the Independence for Scotland Party (ISP), 92.1% (117 respondents) indicated they will vote for the Alba Party, 0.8% (1 respondent) the Conservative and Unionist Party, there were no votes for the Scottish Labour Party, the Scottish Green Party, independent, or other. Personally I will vote for Alba in the next General Election as there really is no one to vote for other than ISP who I would vote for if there were no Alba candidate, the SNP lost my vote a while back and that is not returning ever. They have betrayed the yes movement with incompetence and their slow gradualist/unionist approach to the cause of independence. Not surprised the SNP were low but maybe not that low.

Q5. Putting aside for one moment the legal arguments, or the constitutional make up of the UK, what would be your preferred route to Scottish Independence? 7.1% (9 respondents) chose a Referendum as their preferred route to independence, 25.2% (32 respondents) chose a Plebiscite Election, 49.6% (63 respondents) a Repeal of the Treaty of Union, and 18.1% (23 respondents) a Declaration of Independence. Personally I went for a Plebiscite Election as my preferred route although I would have no issue with the Repeal of the Treaty of Union either I just don’t think the SNP have the balls to take it on in any shape or form.

Q6. Even if it caused serious hardship to you as an individual should the EU/West stop purchasing all Gas and Oil from Russia?  53.6% (67 respondents) said yes they would be willing to face serious hardship to stop buying Russian Oil and Gas, 46.4% (58 respondents) indicated no. Personally I went with yes as I am just against war in all shapes and sizes and definitely against bullies like Putin but whomever they are. The West are not blameless in this war with all of the politics of it and NATO expansion etc but the failure of our politicians should not result in the murder of innocent people who are always the ones to suffer the most.

Q7. How well do you think the SNP/Scottish Green Coalition are currently governing Scotland? 0 respondents indicated Very Well, 0.8% (1 respondent) Well, 3.1% (4 respondents) Good, 9.4% (12 respondents) Average, 27.3% (35 respondents) Poor, and 59.4% (76 respondents) Very Poor. Personally I went with very poor. I think Nicola Sturgeon  has been a disaster as First Minister, how many hundreds of millions of pounds have been lost to vindictive Court Cases, waste of time enquiries, the Ferries, the Children’s Hospital, the list is a long one indeed. Our standard of governance is at an historic low and it is only the constitutional question that keeps the SNP in power right not it is certainly not their competence or that of Sturgeon.

Q8. Nicola Sturgeon took over from Alex Salmond in 2014 what do you believe she has achieved in that time? 1.6% (2 respondents) felt that Nicola Sturgeon’s domestic record on education, health, climate, social security, and justice was her greatest achievement, 0.8% (1 respondent) felt her handling of Covid-19, 0 on moving Scotland closer to independence, 0.8% (1 respondent) protecting Scotland from the Tories and Brexit, 2.4% (3 respondents) GRA and the Hate Crime Bill, 26.2% (33 respondents) Baby Boxes, and 68.3% (86 respondents) no significant achievement to date. Personally I went for no significant achievement to date because I just don’t think there have been any. Sturgeon is a disaster as First Minister.

Q9. Should a referendum not be held by the end of 2023 should Nicola Sturgeon? 0.8% (1 respondent) felt that Nicola Sturgeon should remain First Minister even if a referendum on Scottish Independence is not held in 2023, 98.4% (125 respondents) feel Nicola Sturgeon should resign, and 0.8% (1 respondent) don’t know. Personally I went with resign, I just cannot see how anyone in the yes movement or the SNP could accpet Nicola Sturgeon remaining as First Minister if no referendum , her policy, is held by the end of next year. I think she will try to hang on for dear life if she doesn’t have a cushy number to go to but there is no way she should be allowed to, I think she should go no to be honest.

Q10. Would you support a wealth tax on all savings over £4 million pounds?  99.2% (127 respondents) said Yes they would support a wealth tax on savings over £4 million pounds, and 0.8% (1 respondent) said no they would not agree. Personally I went with yes. The wealthy have done very well since Covid – 19 in the main, many share holders have seen rising dividends, and the wealthy do very well under the Tories so there is no excuse not to ask them to pay more, one off or every 10 years to support the country as a whole, how much money do you need.

Q11. Should Scotland be an independent Country?  99.2% (127 respondents) said Yes to Scotland being an independent country, with 0.8% (1 respondent) saying no to Scotland becoming an independent country. Personally of course I am yes all the way and not surprised at all by this answer of course but the question still remains, when will Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP get off their arse and do something about it other than ask for never ending mandates.

Well huge thanks to all who took the time to respond. Not scientific but a bit of fun if a bit more hard work for myself putting it all together in this form. Sorry the images are not better, still not figured that one out that doesn’t involve maybe photoshop but either way I hope you find some interest in the results.



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8 Responses to A Grumpy Survey: April 20222 The Results

  1. panda paws says:

    Thanks for your hard work putting together the poll, I was looking forward to the results. Of course I completed the survey! I’ve posted the results of q5 over at Yours for Scotland’s latest post as there is quite a debate btl about that very issue.

    I think those that read the bloggers will be very well informed about the issues. Unfortunately the general voter hasn’t a clue and still thinks that Sturgeon will deliver a referendum in 2023. What will happen when she doesn’t I don’t know. MSM are putting the boot in re GRA Reform and Lorna Slater’s latest appalling comments are front page. Whether that moves pro indy voters to Alba/ISP or to the unionists is the £64000 question…

    • PP

      Thanks, they are just a bit of fun. I haven’t read Slaters comments yet but will try to catch up but you would hope the sheeple would see the light before long but I won’t hold my breath to be honest. I do think some will open their eyes after next year no matter what excuses Sturgeon comes up with, her time is coming to an end, I wish she would go now but either way her time is running out now I think.

      Thanks for commenting as always.

  2. Angry Weegie says:

    Some interesting though not unexpected numbers. I was particularly impressed by your graph of the result of the Russian oil and gas question. Do you think you might have complained if it appeared in a unionist publication?

    • AW

      I tried to fix that but the website that I used wouldn’t allow me to, I have no idea why it wouldn’t. Would I have complained probably not the Scottish Lin Dems do it all the time with their charts.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. 100%Yes says:

    I was looking forward to these results, thank you Bruce for doing the poll. I also went for a Plebiscite Election rather than to Repeal the Treaty of Union, the reason being, what is the point of democracy if we don’t allow people to say what they want. I personally think if asked again I don’t think Scots will say NO so litghly with what has happened in the last 8yrs and the way England runs the UK.

    • 100%Yes

      I don’t think the pills will shift from there current state unless there is an actual campaign for something and there won’t be a campaign any time soon. The SNP at best are a gradualist party now and I actually have less of an issue with that if they would just be honest about it, I would never agree with it but I could respect it. It’s the carrots and the lies I can’t stand, it’s the hidden motives like GRA that they are forcing through without any real debate and discussion if they don’t like the other voices. Plebiscite Election with a clear manifesto saying that is my preferred option irrespective of the legal arguments.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Alastair Bryan says:

    Good results, I am glad that their are others who think like me. Scotland gu br’ath

    • Alastair

      Not a balanced scientific poll but I always find them interesting but accept that many taking part may also read the blog so come from a similar place politically but interesting all the same. I was surprised the SNP were so low though, I would have thought a little higher up in the questions.

      Thanks for commenting.

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