If there is one constant in the world

If there is one consistent in the world –  it is that the Tory Party hate the poorest and most vulnerable in our society. That was clear today when the Chancellor of the Exchequer presented his mini statement in the face of the worst cost of living crisis certainly since the 1970’s, and definitely in my life time.  Cuts to petrol tax is welcome but let’s be clear here this is not a give away when you consider that Petrol and diesel are among the fuels that are subject to fuel duties. Each is an important revenue source for the government. There was a £28 billion increase in fuel duty for 2019-20 alone.

There was nothing in this statement for the weakest people in our society who are going to have to decide if they eat or heat as the year goes on, maybe both, probably both. Sunak also raised the threshold at which workers start paying National Insurance from £9,600 to £12,570. According to Sunak this amounts to “a £6bn personal tax cut for 30 million people across the United Kingdom, a tax cut for employees worth over £330 a year,” said the chancellor. It is estimated that the UK Government raised £3.1bn extra in VAT receipts in 2021-22 alone from energy. Borrowing has also been lower and taxes higher across the board so lets be clear here this is no give away in any shape or form. This is the worst kind of politics.

Councils get another £500m for the Household Support Fund from April, designed to help vulnerable households with rising living costs.

That is a plaster on an amputation where the poorest have to go cap in hand for any help they might receive, they will be expected to jump through hoops to get the help, while leaving their self-respect and dignity at the door, while also hoping they live in a local authority area that doesn’t take 6 months to process the application, good luck with that one.

It is not often I agree with Blah Blah Blackford but he is correct on this one, this is a national emergency and what do we have as the answer to our problems

we have this buffoon and I agree with Jim 100% it is time the SNP got on with it and started moving on getting Scotland out of this living nightmare.


Sunak is an old-fashioned Tory Chancellor who wants to slash spending. After 12 years of gross economic incompetence and savage, brutal austerity, most people in the UK are worse off by thousands of pounds. This is not an accident.

This is the inevitable outcome of the Tory class war.

Alan Hinnrichs

The time is now, there will never be better time to make the moves that will give the voters in Scotland the opportunity to make a decision on where our future lays. If the SNP continue to not act that is a betrayal of the worst kind, and if an opportunity does come along, no matter how unlikely and we don’t take it, well we deserve everything we get from these Tories.

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3 Responses to If there is one constant in the world

  1. Yes being in the Union is like being a battered abused wife your money is stolen from a coercive partner who dips your purse constantly. He takes what he wants in acts of constant violation , he gives nothing in return except servitude and humiliation. He tells you you have no rights and your not getting a divorce, this is your lot accept it ,Really.
    Read the Scottish bill of rights published in Yours for Scotland.interestingly the SNP knew they could end the Union at anytime and the people of Scotland have complete Sovereignty . Why have they pursued a section 30 and not desolved the Union.

    • Alastair

      The Tories do this every time, the media portray as some sort of big give away when they giving away nothing, it’s our f money and people keep falling for this crap and the SNP do nothing to end it. The Tories are scum but the others are fats catching them up if you ask me.

      Thanks for commenting.

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