Not often I agree with Douglas Ross

Douglas Ross has written Nicola Sturgeon’s speech for her own conference – It really isn’t often I agree with anything that ever comes of out of the mouth of Tory scumbag Scottish Branch Manager Douglas Ross’s gob but his speech to the Tory Scottish Conference could have been written for Nicola Sturgeon and himself. There really is a lot of truth in this speech, there is honest. Ross will say that

Scotland has become a “far more bitter and inward-facing”

After 12 years of Tory and SNP Government you can bet your arse that Scotland is far more bitter. The scumbag Tories have slashed the safety net and driven millions into poverty and potential hunger while Nicola Sturgeon has become a gender warrior, handled Covid-19 badly, and has done little to further the cause of Scottish independence, in fact she has made it more difficult to achieve by embracing the agenda of the likes of Douglas Ross.

Ross will say that “Scotland has been gripped by the “dead hand of nationalism” , yip British nationalism has pretty much saw Scotland continue to be robbed of it’s resources, be lied to constantly, treated like a colony, infected by political illiteracy,

We are becoming worse off, both economically and intellectually, because we are stuck with a government that won’t take any responsibility.”

Yes, 12 years of Tory Government does that every time, and 15 years of the SNP in charge of education, the Tories and the Tartan Tory SNP under Sturgeon have delivered abject failure for Scotland in virtually every way possible. They always say judge on us on our record, well if you make people starving and stupid they have pretty much bigger problems to consider and the politicians get away with it, job done really when it comes to the colonised of Scotland doesn’t it.

So yes, I agree with much of what Dougie says, maybe he is smarter than we think if somewhat off target in many ways. I suppose it doesn’t really matter though does it, even if the sheeple in the SNP were suddenly to abandon Sturgeon they would probably vote Tory anyway.


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3 Responses to Not often I agree with Douglas Ross

  1. duncanio says:

    Of course the first half of the 15 years of SNP government in Scotland did achieve some significant improvements including free NHS prescriptions, Council Tax freeze for 10 years, eliminating road bridge tolls, free university education (scrapping of the graduate endowment) to name a few.

    However, baby boxes, gender distortion, virtue signalling, corruption, fraud, malicious prosecutions and Stalinsim have been the themes since November 2014.

    • duncanio says:

      And the 2007-14 government delivered an Independence Referendum on the first mandate where there was a majority of pro-Independence parliamentary representatives returned (Holyrood Election 2011).

      Since November 2014 there have been a majority of political representatives returned in 3 Westminster polls (2015, 2017, 2019), 2 Holyrood polls (2016, 2021), 1 Local Authority election (2017) and 1 European election (2019). So far no advancement on self-determination. No campaign. No plan. No strategy.

    • Duncanio

      There were achievements like free at the point of need medication, I don’t like to call them free as they are not free, they are paid for through taxation and saying free also is unionist trick as well, but a decent achievement all the same. Council tax freeze while being welcome in many ways did also result in a huge reduction in local authority employment, there in lays the problem. At every turn we have to take steps back to mitigate Westminster policy resulting in a crap First Minister and a return to poor governance and the politics of the first Scottish Parliament which were pretty tame in some ways and very niech politics as seen with the gender debate today. The speech though could have been for both of them it was so general and lacking in any substance at all, just the shit politics we get fed in Scotland now.

      Thanks for commenting.

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