A Grumpy Special Edition for the Sheeple

Auction for the right to build wind farms off New York and New Jersey raises a record $4.37 billion.

Have a read sheeple and weep We should all weep shouldn’t we. The City of New York can raise BILLIONS of dollars from renewable potential around their City and the best that Sturgeon and the SNP can get is £700 million from around a whole country, think about that for a minute, think about how brilliant a strategist your leader is, how astute she is, how she can do no wrong.

Bought and sold for British gold.

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16 Responses to A Grumpy Special Edition for the Sheeple

  1. panda paws says:

    That is SHOCKING! We knew we’d been had and tbf even NY and NJ had been had because you could make that yearly, but the Scotwind thing had a MAXIMUM bid ceiling on it. Fecking gave it away. Sickening.

    Neoliberalism is private profit for public assets. It’s the same asset stripping post Soviet era that brought about the Oligarchs.

    • PP

      We were robbed as we always are, helped by the politicians we elect to protect us. We will go down in history as the thickest country in the history of man, we really are buttoned up the back in Scotland, born victims.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. twathater says:

    I saw this report about a week ago ( can’t remember where ) but if this info was/is published Scotland wide with the forthcoming rises in energy I would have joined everyone in a revolution , at 71 I am desperate for someone to organise one
    This piece of scum and her deviant perverts are DESTROYING Scotland , and her moronic apologists and sycophants deserve ridicule for supporting her destruction of Scotland

    • Twathater

      We are perpetual losers and will be remembered as such. Yo just can’t make it up, we have been getting robbed for hundreds of years, supported by the politicians and yet we sit on our hands and beg for more of the same. I have zero sympathy anymore for Scotland, we get what we deserve.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Ian says:

    So the US Government gets $4.37 billion (£3.4 billion) for the sale of offshore wind leases that are expected to produce up to 7 gigawatts of energy, which works out at £480 million per gigawatt.

    The Scottish Government gets £800 million for the sale of offshore wind leases that are expected
    to produce up to 25 gigawatts of energy, which works out at £32 million per gigawatt.

    The US will get 15 times as much per gigawatt as Scotland will. Had Scotland got the same price per gigawatt as the US has, it would have got £12 billion instead of £800 million.

    If these are leases are directly comparable, the Scottish Government have either been mugged or they are treating the people of Scotland as mugs.

    First Minister Nicola Sturgeon described the ScotWind auction as a “truly historic opportunity for Scotland’s net zero economy”.

    • Ian

      Sturgeon should be forced to resign, it is a national scandal and the sheeple will lap it up. Robbed yet again just as we were with Oil, they see us coming everytime. Do you think Alex Salmond would have sat and taken that, I certainly don’t.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. ngataki5 says:

    Sturgeon and her gang need to be deposed before more irreparable damage is done. 700 million; it doesn’t bear thinking about. What will it take for the cult faithful to get their brains jump started?

  5. larawanda2004 says:

    The big energy company’s who bought our wind farms, paid out more in dividends than Sturgeon got for all our assets. They paid out billions, we got millions. Another first for the unionist FM. Still she can do no wrong acordiy to the sheep.

    • Lara

      This is a scandal and she should be forced to resign. I am so sick of the damage that Sturgeon and the SNP are doing to Scotland while they help the British inflict more and more by their inaction.

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. duncanio says:

    Good spot Bruce – people should circulate this VERY widely. First stop: The National!

  7. duncanio says:

    One further point, if I may.

    In New York a world record amount of $4.37bn was raised by the sale of 6 licences to produce “up to” 7 gigawatts of “clean” energy once fully developed. Assuming the quality of energy is the same as that of the Scottish offshore wind energy, and allowing for the current £:$ exchange rate of 1: 1 32 (17th March 2022), this equates to £3.31bn. The gigawatt rate for the New York sale is thus £472 and compares to the Scottish gigawatt sale rate of £28, that is, 25 gigawatts for £700m. (See Robin McAlpine’s article: https://robinmcalpine.org/scotland-gives-away-its-energy-future/)

    If my assumption is correct the context here shows that ScotWind really was sold off for a pittance.
    It is astonishing and just goes to demonstrate how out of their depth and utterly incompetent the Scottish Government were in agreeing the ScotWind auctions.

    The SNP ‘negotiators’ are truly rank amateurs.

  8. wullie says:

    she has no legal right to sell our resources. buyer beware. The supposed £700 million she got will be taken off the deceitful block grant, so in actual fact she has given away our resources for nothing.

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